Her Private Invitation in Clementi, Singapore

Singaporean Woman with Parcel Photo

The invitation came in the way that she’d grown to expect them. At exactly 10:00am, a man in a dark suit knocked softly on the wall of Liya’s cubicle, a tiny space stuck in the middle of one of the Tower office blocks in the center of Clementi, Singapore. He slipped his hand into his pocket and wordlessly removed a small envelope. He handed it to her and she took it from him as her hands trembled.

“Thank you” she said softly. He said nothing, just nodded in acknowledgement and walked away.

Liya tried to force down the blush that had already crept up her neck. She glanced nervously around, but all of her nearby co-workers were busy at their computers, who had not paid any attention to her or the heated flush of desire that she wore like a scarlet letter. The envelope was not sealed. She opened it delicately to savour each second of exquisite anticipation. Inside, inked in his now-familiar hand were the words:

My place. 9pm. Dress to be provided.

She felt the arousal wash over her. She took a deep breath, then another as she tried not to think of the liquid heat that filled her every time she got one of those little envelopes. She put the card and the envelope back on her desk and walked down to the cooler to have a glass of water. That always seemed to help. Liya slowly walked back to her cubicle and tried not to smile or think of what would happen that evening.

The rest of the day went by in fits and starts, blurry hours of productivity, lazy minutes spent transfixed by the clock. She willed the time to be later. By 4:53pm she shut her computer down. At 4:58pm her purse was on her shoulder and at 5:00pm she was in her car. The drive home past Clementi’s famous steel truss railway bridge was uneventful, even though it was filled with the beauty of tropical scenery. She pulled into a parking spot and walked up to her apartment. The humidity sweltered around her, she barely noticed that her skin grew faintly damp on the brief journey from car to front door. Her preoccupied mind was focused on what she knew was inside. The key shook slightly as she unlocked the door.

It was the same apartment she’d left in the morning – same living room, same couch, same everything. But there was a large white cardboard box, four feet long by two feet wide, a foot high, that sat on the coffee table in her living room. She lifted the top off of the box. Inside, as expected, was a sheer, diaphanous black dress, cobweb-fine black lace panties and matching bra, silken thigh-high stockings and sumptuous black suede pumps.

She smiled as she looked at the clothes. Her fingers lightly brushed over them and her long lashes closed. She thought about how he him packed them, the delicacy with which he had folded them and how he arranged the tissue paper so that nothing would become wrinkled. She checked the clock, it was 6:34pm. It was easily two hours before she had to leave and the clock continued to crawl at what seemed like a snail’s pace. She ate some fruit and leftover satay as she watched some TV to distract her.

At 7:30pm Liya took a quick shower then left her chestnut hair to dry in long, loose waves as he liked it to be. Satisfied with her hair, she turned to her makeup, expertly highlighting her almond shaped eyes and flawless skin.

At 8:15pm Liya checked her reflection in the mirror for what seemed to be the millionth time. She began to pace, the dress flowed around her lithe frame, made of gossamer-fine silk that accentuated the sensual lines of her body. She forced herself to stop to drink a glass of water in an attempt to steady her nerves. She paced some more.

It was now 8:30pm. “Close enough” Liya thought as she walked out of her apartment, the heels clicked on the tiles of the entryway. She locked the door behind her, walked to her car in the sultry evening heat and drove to his place. She loved this drive; tonight was no exception. The lights of the city around her glowed brightly, it displayed the hustle and bustle of the busy hawker food stalls and wet markets busy with hungry patrons even in the sticky evening heat.

She pulled into his driveway, the tires of her car crunched on the gravel. She got out and walked to the front door, all thoughts of her everyday life disappeared with each step. It was open just a crack, she pushed it and the large, heavy oak door swung easily on its hinges. She walked into the large front hall and closed the door behind her quietly.


Business Man in Chair Photo
Photo: Business Man in Chair


“In here.”

Liya heard his deep voice from the direction of the living room. She felt her body instantaneously react to his voice. First every muscle in her body immediately tensed then with a soft sigh which released gentle relaxation that only intensified the sexual desire that pooled deep within her core. She steadied herself and walked towards the sound of his voice and entered the elegantly appointed living room. He sat in a large leather recliner, his suit jacket tossed on a nearby ottoman. His crisp white dress shirt was unbuttoned at the neck and his black silk tie was a slightly loose at the base of his throat. The cuffs of his shirt sleeves were rolled up his arms to just below his elbows. Liya felt another wave of unbridled need crash through her slender body at the sight of him. There was a tumbler next to him with scotch and a crystal bottle full of shimmering amber liquor sat next to the glass.

He smiled when he saw her and said “The dress looks good on you.” She felt her cheeks blush but she didn’t try to hide it. She closed her eyes once, slowly to savour the feel of his eyes which traced each accented curve of her body.

“Thank you,” she murmured demurely.

“Let me see all of you.” He commanded. He knew the request would not be refused. She walked in front of him and turned slowly to enjoy the silk which slid on her suddenly sensitive skin. She stopped to face him with her eyes lowered, a couple of feet from his chair. He let his eyes slide slowly over her to claim her without a single word or motion. He nodded once, a tiny gesture of approval then moved his index finger in a simple motion downwards. Liya knew already what it meant. As he took a long sip from his glass, she sank to her knees, the dress puddled around her. She slowly kissed his leg upwards from his knee, her lips slid over the fine wool of his suit pants. She reached his crotch and voiced a soft moan at the warm hardness she felt through the cloth. She looking upwards, she found that his eyes slightly clouded by the scotch, were locked on her as he watched everything. She loved this.

She kissed her way up the fly of his trousers then unbuckled his belt, never taking her eyes off him. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then reached in and slid his cock out of his boxers. It was already hard like silken skin over steel. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and slid the head into her mouth. She move her hands to his thighs. She took him into her mouth. Slowly she slid her mouth up and down. Quickly, droplets of his sweet precum mixed with her saliva to lubricate his cock.

She knew what would come next and craved it. She felt a wet heat run through her as it happened. His hands slid into her hair and tightened. He began to fuck her mouth with increased urgency. She relaxed and gave in to let him use her mouth for his pleasure. His cock pushed deeper with each thrust and he let out a guttural moan as his head pushed against the tight rim of her throat. One more push and she felt his orgasm pulsate in her mouth. She felt the thick ropes of his cum, squirt after squirt, slide down her throat and fill her mouth. She barely managed to keep it all in her mouth before he slid his shaft which throbbed from her reddened lips. His grip relaxed on her hair and he gave one more soft moan. She swallowed quickly and smiled up at him. He graced her with a smile that broke across his face like the sun.

“Lovely Liya” he said “Stand up.”

She stood gracefully, on legs made shaky by what was yet to come. He drained the rest of his scotch, stood and took her by the hand. His hands were large and strong but his skin was soft against hers. He led her down the hall to the master suite’s marble bathroom. She had used it before but never been in it with him. She looked up at him, confused by this new turn of events. He turned her around and kissed the back of her neck as he slid the zipper down on her dress, then slipped it off her shoulders. Her body trembled at the touch of his warm lips and the coolness of the silk dress sliding over her skin.

“Step out” he instructed.

Liya did so without hesitation and he draped the dress over a nearby towel rack. He went to the large, old-fashioned claw foot tub and turned on the faucets. It began to fill, steam rose off the water. He rolled his sleeves up a bit further, slowly and carefully, until they were above his elbows. He stood behind her, unclasped her bra and draped it over her dress. He slid her panties down her long legs and she stepped out of them. He knelt before her and gently placed his hands on her left calf. Taking the cue, she lifted her leg slightly and he slipped her foot out of her suede heel, her hand on his shoulder for balance. He did the same with the other heel then rolled her stockings off. She stood naked before him.

The claw foot tub filled quickly. He removed a blue glass bottle from the medicine cabinet and emptied it into the stream of running water. Bubbles formed rapidly and there was soon a thick layer of perfumed bubbles covering the warm water. He tested the water with his fingers then turned the water off.

“Is the temperature alright?” he asked quietly.

She bent down, her distracted mind barely registered the temperature and nodded silently. He gestured to the tub, and she got in. It felt wonderful. Her eyes closed in bliss as she sank into the mountains of jasmine scented bubbles. The heat from the water soaked into her skin, into her bones and she let out a deep sigh of relaxation.

“Enjoy,” he whispered. “I’ll be back in a little while for you.”

He turned off the light and closed the door. As the door shut, all of the light from the master suite was cut off and she was left in complete darkness. She slipped down in the bath a little, letting the warmth work into her muscles, it drained every ounce of tiredness and soreness from her body. She felt like she could barely lift a finger. The peaceful restfulness was so deep. She opened and closed her eyes to see if she could make out anything in the room, but the room was perfectly and completely dark. She let her eyes rest shut and allowed her other senses to wake up. Her hands found their way upwards over her skin, feeling the slight lubrication of the soap as her fingertips caressed the dips and curves of her frame. Liya breathed in, slowly and deeply, the exotic scent of jasmine flowers filled her nose. She let her mind and hands wander aimlessly, without any purpose other than to experience each sensation to its fullest.

Before long, the bathroom door was quietly opened, a faint light from the hallway spilled in. He was back. He turned on the lights with a dimmer to keep them low, courteously letting her eyes adjust from the darkness.

“Hello again” he said with a smile. “It’s time to get up. Stand, please.”

She stood without question. She moved slowly as her relaxed muscles regained their lost strength.

“Sit on the far edge of the tub, facing me.” He commanded.

She did as he asked. Beyond the edge of the tub there was an alcove which gave her a comfortable nook to sit in. He turned the lights up a little bit and opened a cabinet beside the double vanity sink. He removed a dark wood box and opened it to reveal an old-fashioned shaving kit, complete with a lather brush and a shiny, silver, single blade razor.

“I’d like to shave you.” He said, his voice little more than a whisper.
She looked down at her neatly-trimmed mound and her brow furrowed.

“You don’t like this?” She asked him.

“I do like it. But I want to shave you.”

She understood and nodded slowly in acquiescence. He removed a small tub and a bottle from the shaving kit. He poured a honey-coloured liquid from the bottle into his hands. He rubbed it into his hands and she could see them glisten in the warm, dusky light. He leaned forward and she closed her eyes at his touch. Liya felt his oiled hands slide over her. She exhaled a shaky breath as his fingers slid over her mound, her lips, her perineum, down even between her cheeks to rub the tiny puckered hole. The oil felt slick and warm. She wondered if he could tell how sexually aroused she was by just this simple erotic massage.

His hands left her skin and she opened her eyes to find him walking to the sink to wash the oil from his hands. He picked up the brush from the wooden box and returned to her, his eyes hungrily devoured her naked body. She watched him with languid eyes as he ran the brush under the hot water that flowed from the bath faucet, dipped it in the tub of lather cream and leaned forward.

“Spread your legs for me, Liya.”








The BEST A-Spot Sex Toys!

We’ve talked about the elusive G-Spot, we’ve fantasized about female ejaculation but have we learnt about the Anterior Fornix which is also known as the A-Spot?

The fornix is an internal erogenous area in the vagina and is located on either side of the cervix, however it is the anterior fornix which is located at the front of the vagina and is the spot which’ll get you soaking. It was Doctor Chua Chee Ann who discovered the A-Spot. You can hear him talk about his discovery in the YouTube video at the bottom of this blog post. He discovered that stimulation of this ‘deep’ zone in the vagina can lead to accelerated lubrication and heightened sexual arousal. Scooping motions, windshield motions and stroking motions, similar to those used to stimulate the G-Spot are also recommended for stimulating the A-Spot.

A-Spot Image
Diagram: A-Spot


Is there a difference between the A-Spot and the G-Spot?

Aside from 6 letters, yes. Whilst they’re both located on the front wall of the vagina which is the opposite wall to your anal canal, they’re located a few inches apart. The G-Spot can be found 1-2 inches into the vagina, while the A-Spot is located usually 4-6 inches into the vagina. The two provide different sensations and cause different ‘typical’ reactions. The G-Spot is known for having a ‘pee’ like sensation, where you feel an intense need to urinate. This quickly passes and is sometimes replaced by female ejaculation. The A-Spot is known for causing fast natural lubrication.

How do you stimulate the A-Spot?

The A-Spot is almost impossible to reach by yourself, your fingers just aren’t long enough to reach it – Sorry, hun! You do have a much better chance of getting a partner to reach the erogenous A-Spot by inserting 1 to 2 fingers. They are able to comfortably lengthen their arm and hand which allows them full insertion of the fingers. Stroking and scooping motions in the area will be well received.

What if you and your partner can’t reach or find your A-Spot?

Don’t worry! I have your back. Here’s a list of FIVE of the best adult toys which are the perfect length, size and shape to stimulate your new favourite spot:


A-Spot Sex Toys Photo
Pictured From Left to Right: Fun Factory Lady Bi, NU Sensuelle Curve, BS Atlier G-Spot Dildo, Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator and Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2


  1. Fun Factory Lady Bi: Fun Factory Lady Bi is a rechargeable rabbit vibrator made from 100% body safe silicone designed and imported from Germany. It has the PERFECT length, girth and curve at its tip to stimulate the A-Spot. The Lady Bi was designed with this erogenous spot in mind and has been proven to stimulate the A-Spot perfectly, take my word for it. It uses FlexiFUN Technology so it can comfortably bend and shape to fit your body yet it is firm enough to apply the much needed pressure for pleasurable stimulation. It has 6 vibration levels and 6 vibration modes. It is 100% waterproof and can be travel locked.
  2. The NU Sensuelle Curve: ​NU Sensuelle is an award winning brand designed within Australia. The NU Sensuelle Curve is a rechargeable vibrator made from 100% body safe silicone. It has that recurring length, width and a curved tip that you need to stimulate the A-Spot. It is well known for having 20 vibration modes for pinpoint stimulation and a run time of 1 hour. It is also 100% waterproof for bath and shower fun.
  3. BS Atlier G-Spot Dildo: BS Atelier create their dildos from 100% pure silicone that is hand poured for quality craftsmanship. They are made and imported directly from Spain. ​I know, I know… “G-Spot Dildo” is within the name but I’m telling you it can stimulate the A-Spot, take it as a blessing! This little beauty strokes both spots perfectly. This toy is slightly larger and girthier than the other two toys mentioned, so take care using this one for A-Spot stimulation.
  4. Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator: ​Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator is another toy that was specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation but is also fantastic at A-Spot stimulation. What are you waiting for? Put that sweeeet fully adjustable curve to use!
  5. Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2: Tantus craft their products from their own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone that is hand-poured into moulds. Just like that annoyingly smart kid at school, we already know Tantus are good at everything, so it’s probably not a shock to you that they made it onto my list! The shape and length of the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 make for a great soft toy to experiment the A-Spot with.

You now know what the A-Spot is, where it is located and how to stimulate it. To start with, I’d highly recommend exploring the area by yourself or with a partner in a relaxed setting. Happy finding!!


About the author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres







Review: Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager

Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager Sex Toy Photo

I am in the process of field testing this amazing vibrator in our store named Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager… on my back… don’t get the wrong idea! Body wands are not usually my thing. I can tell what makes a high quality wand and I have no trouble recommending them to people seeking a sex toy with intense vibrations. I just have never really enjoyed a vibrating massage… until now that is!! The Lady Bonnd Wand is my new best friend with rumbly, strong and deep vibrations that make for a really pleasurable massage.

Lady Bonnd is a new brand of sex toys available at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, designed by a Swedish man named Eric Kalen who I discovered is the founder of LELO!! This for me says it all as LELO is a top of the range sex toy company. These toys instantly caught my attention with their sleek and sophisticated packaging. With so many pink and purple products available, black sex toys really appeal to me. The Body Wand Massager comes in a classy black box which is a perfect place to store the vibrator. Inside the box you will find a USB charger, an instruction manual and the wand itself.

The Lady Bonnd Wand measures just under 30cm in length and is light in weight at 330 grams which makes for easy maneuvering as you massage yourself or a partner. The handle is made from hard plastic with a textured silicone curve which is very comfortable to hold. There are 3 buttons on the handle, on/off, + to increase vibrations and – to decrease.

As mentioned previously, the vibrations of this wand are incredible. I am a very sensitive person and can easily be irritated by high frequency and ticklish vibrations. These are deep, rumbly and are able to be adjusted to different levels by holding in the + or – buttons. There are 7 vibrating functions which is enough to find the one you’re most in the mood for. Even when used at the strongest vibration intensity, the Lady Bonnd wand is very quiet especially when compared with other wands on the market. This wand is rechargeable and once fully charged, it will have approximately 2 hours of usage before the battery runs out.



Lady Bonnd Attachments Sex Toy Photo
Image: Lady Bonnd Attachments From Left to Right – Bubble, Caress and Bunny


The body safe silicone head of the wand is rounded with ridges all around and measures approximately 6cm in length. The silicone is a bit of a dust collector so just ensure you give it a bit of a clean before use, especially when using it on intimate areas. The neck of the head is flexible which means it can really get into all those tense spots when used as a body massager. As a sex toy, the flexible neck is perfect when used with one of the three available attachments.

The head of the Body Wand is perfect for a body massage and direct clit stimulation. However the attachments can be used to change the head to provide stimulation to different areas of the body. The three unique attachments are named Bubble, Caress and Bunny. They are placed directly over the head of the wand. This proved to be a little bit tricky to master at first because of the drag of the silicone but nothing really to whinge about.

The Bubble Attachment is reminiscent of small anal beads, with 3 balls gradually decreasing in size measuring 6cm in length from the base. It is safe enough to be use anally and vaginally as once placed on the head is very secure. This attachment is also firm enough to be great for direct clitoral stimulation.

The Caress Attachment is a peculiar looking shape, it has a longer head with an oval base with little nodules. Difficult to explain however trust me when I say this would be perfect for all over stimulation, especially on erogenous zones such as your nipples or clitoris.

The Bunny Attachment feature 2 curved stimulators, one bigger than the other. Perfect for vaginal and clitoral dual stimulation. Think of this attachment as looking like a bunny with odd ears.

The Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager is an affordable sex toy and can be purchased from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. The attachments are available at a low price to which means you’ll have no excuse but to mix it up with all three of these unique and quirky beauties. The toy comes with a 12 month warranty and is sure to please anyone looking for a high quality, diverse and classy body wand. I highly recommend this toy, come in quick to get yours as they won’t last long!!

About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







Review: SONO Penis Sleeves with Extensions and Stroker

Sono Sleeves Image

I have decided to do a double whammy review this week on our prized SONO mens sex toys including their Penis Sleeves with Extensions and Stroker. SONO are manufactured and distributed by the U.S. company Shots America who also produce other familiar products that we stock like Shots Toys, Loveline and Bad Romance to name just a few. The second week that I worked at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, we received new stock to place on display which included SONO products. I normally check and test products that look interesting or that I’m not too familiar with, I decided to check these bad boys out.

All SONO Penis Sleeves and Strokers have a lusciously soft almost ‘Cyberskin’ jelly feel. They don’t come in a huge variety of colours but the ones which are available are simple and sophisticated transparent, grey and black. Transparent is best chosen for those of you that like to watch yourself in the mirror like that infamous sex scene in American Psycho staring Christian Bale.

SONO products are made from soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) a hybrid of both rubber and plastic which cross-link and bond their structure, making them effectively stronger than the normal one dimensional plastic or rubber products out there. This material is velvety soft, jelly like in texture, easy to clean and very, very stretchy. SONO products are also Phthalate free. For those that don’t know about the harm caused by Phthalate products and exposure of Phthalate plastics to humans, Phthalate toxicity have been shown through clinical trials to cause changes in hormone levels and even cause birth defects.

SONO products are 100% waterproof making them usable in the shower, bath, spa or pool which giving it a wet and wild feel with added suction. SONO products all have their own numbers between sizes and styles. The Penis Sleeves with Extensions and Strokers range between numbers 17-23. There is even a realistic dong that is ribbed worm-like with a soft P-spot butt plug attachment which is great for beginner hetero and gay men looking to start anal training while maximizing comfort, girth, and length in a straight forward style.

Due to the design and texture of the SONO range, they cause no discomfort to the user or partner which is a step forward. Some extenders and strokers can cause slight to extreme discomfort and/or irritation during and after use. The SONO Penis Sleeves with Extensions can fit penis sizes from 3,5 inches to 9,5 inches’ shaft/sleeve length and a ball circumference of 57mm. They also come in both thin and thick with added extension at the tip or head of the penis of approx. 2cm additional to his natural length. For the partner’s both male and female on the receiving end of these extenders this means a new deeper penetration to invoke untouched areas of the vagina or anus that may not have been stimulated and reached otherwise.


Sono N.23 Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Sono Stroker No.23 – SONO Penis Sleeves with Extensions & Strokers Review


The SONO Stroker No.23 possesses a unique feel and design with its tight massaging tunnel. Coating the shaft of the penis with a good quality water-based lubricant and squeezing a few drops inside of the tight hole for an incredible slick feel as you squeeze past the tight and stretchy unisex opening. The specially designed tapered tunnel that is ribbed from end to end, it becomes deeper the tighter you go. By placing your palm over the open whole you can also intensify and increase the suction for that harder suck which all guys love!

The TPE quality of the stroker is firm enough inside for the user to feel the full effect of every single ridge against their penis while remaining flexible enough to drastically increase the pressure against the shaft and tip of the penis by squeezing with your hand. You are in full control of your orgasm. The TPE material is not only body safe but hypoallergenic for those who may be sensitive to certain materials. The Stroker No.23 is also conveniently temperature responsive too and can be warmed or cooled in some hot or cold water before play.

The stroker’s length is 150mm/5,9 inches with a width of 71mm/2,8 inches, comfortably fitting penis sizes from 3,5 inches to around 8 inches maximum. It has a total weight of 10.83 ounces which is 307 grams. The design of the stroker isn’t sexualised so it may also appeal to some men that live in share houses or with their parents and for people who may be a little shy to go for the more visual throat, pussy and anal products that the SONO Stroker No.23  is nestled against on our shelves.

For general care and tips for SONO sex toys they can be cleaned easily by washing with a hypoallergenic body safe soap or sex toy cleaner and warm water after every use. There is no mention of powder required for the SONO Stroker which may appeal to those that may not want to buy extras for preparation and care. Storage wouldn’t be much of an issue as it isn’t bulky at all and being so soft, can be easily compacted if needed.

In summary, I have fallen in love with these products, the simple innovative and proven effectiveness is a positive attribute. You will always be content and happy going home with these purchases. If I had a penis, I would use these products daily, they may even be considered a healthy addition daily exercise, if you know what I mean! It’s a great gift for someone and considerably affordable overall for their excellent quality. You can purchase these sex toys from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres at affordable prices so they won’t break the bank. Very nice!


About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres










Amazing Sexual Desires Of Amputee Admirers

Viktoria Modesta Photo

What an interesting, diverse and wonderful world we live in. I am a massive fan of anything inventive, unusual or even just plain funny when it comes to sex. I thought on this rainy afternoon I might search the web and delve into the world of Amputee lovers.

I could begin the post with a few “It’s just a bit of armless fun” jokes.. or “she was completely legless at the time” quips but this one is a fetish that is no joke. With quite a big following, it even warrants a section of its own in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres adult movie catalogues. So I thought I would do a bit of research and find out a little bit more about it. Firstly let me tell you, there are a lot of fetishes I have looked into and found very difficult to research, every google search leads back to the same old overused article. The amount of stuff I found to read about this one though was far more enlightening and is testimony to the fact that this isn’t as an unusual sexual preference as you may think.

If you fantasise about physically caressing, worshipping and spending intimate time with a stump then you might just be an “Acrotomphile”. They seek out partners with limbs missing in the same way I might seek out a partner with muscular legs. The lovers of this fetish often describe amputees as having “cute little stumps” and that they want to “rub the nub”. They love the way breasts jiggle when a girl walks with one leg. The girls describe seeing their man’s stump as a huge beautiful rigid cock. These are normal people with an individual take on the human form. Generally  don’t wish to amputate a perfectly limbed partner for their own sexual pleasure.

Then there are the slightly more unusual Amputee fetishists labelled as “Apotemnophiles”. These are defined as those that are aroused simply by the missing limb. Most ‘pretend’ to lose a limb themselves whilst some are aroused by the actual removal of a healthy limb. This may sound extreme but having delved into their online chat forums, I can only liken this desire to extreme body modification. I may wince at the thought of an innocent nipple piercing. There are a few out there willing to sacrifice much much more for their lovers or themselves. There are a few who crave the attention that a missing limb gives to such an extent that they would sacrifice one of their own and those that think nothing of removing a limb to make themselves more attractive to their partner.

Male Amputee Model Photo
Buy Now | Sex Toy Store With Realistic Butts And Vaginas

Apotemnophiles seem to be the bane of the amputee’s life on the dating scene. It seemed to be an ongoing concern for those missing limbs, that potential suitors were interested in only what was left of the body part and not the person attached to it. Girls with big boobs will relate to that!

There are other big ‘phila’ names given to other subsections of this fetish too, for instance, an “Abasophile” looks at a neck brace, crutch or wheelchair in the same way most guys look at a push up bra.

If I had lost a limb, it goes without saying I would most likely think myself less attractive and I would think the world felt the same way too. In this age of transsexuals, pansexuals, sadists and masochists, why shouldn’t an amputee enjoy a sexual following too?

Those who find limbless people attractive fall into different categories. Many view the stump as a very phallic object similar to a dildo that they literally want to fuck or caress. Indeed, there is a far greater demand for a missing leg with a stump at the knee than missing arms, hands or feet. According to some studies that can be related to a latent homosexuality in men. More convincingly as far as I am concerned, is the age old sexual attraction people have to someone helpless or in need. This is just a more extreme version. Ideas of domination or caretaking often seem to come into play on the websites I visited while doing research. There are also some people who are simply aroused by the bizarre and abnormal.

It is wonderful that regardless of who you are or how attractive you feel you are, there is always going to be someone out there interested in you. While you may think nature has short changed you by leaving you limbless, nature also provides all the interesting people in the world that find that very thing completely desirable.

When it comes to sex, as long as it is consensual and involves mutual respect then bring it on.

Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave


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