Vlog Interview with Tony Tse – Womanizer

Tony Tse Corva Technology

The Adultsmart Vlog was lucky enough to interview Tony Tse the director of Corva Technology Ltd the manufacturer of the best-selling woman’s sex toy the Womanizer.

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Tony Tse talks candidly about this exceptional product, the companies goals and new products that will appear in the marketplace very soon.


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Vlog Interview With Steve Traplin – Zumio

Adult Vlog Zumio

Steve Traplin from Zumio a revolutionary new sex toy for women kindly gave us his time at the AdultEx 2017 on the Gold Coast Australia.  He discusses how the product came into being and how he believe Zumio will become one of the most popular adult toys for women on the market.


From Zumio Website –

‘Women have always known that the best way to pleasure themselves is with the circular motion of a fingertip. Zumio makes that proven motion even better, so you can experience a wide variety of new, wonderful sensations.

“Different and more intense than anything else.”

“Wow, it sure lets me hit the right spots.”

“Mind-blowing! An orgasm in less than a minute and three in under ten!”

Follow this proven recipe for a 60-second quickie or explore for a unique pleasure experience each time.

It’s play time!

Go solo or use Zumio with a partner, even while making love.

Zumio’s light weight, small tip and slender, non-vibrating handle make it easy to hold in one hand. So you or your partner can enjoy in many positions, and while making love.’

Orgasms With Zumio
Zumio Orgasms



Vlog Interview With Luz Brand Manager For JimmyJane Products

JimmyJane Vlog

Luz brand manager for JimmyJane Products was kind enough to allow herself to be interviewed for the Adultsmart Vlog regarding the companies products, visions and future developments.


‘JimmyJane views sex as intricate and personal as fingerprints, thus the need to concentrate resources, time and expertise in coming up with tailored products that can serve people satisfactorily. This makes it a people oriented company and not a market oriented one. Sex is people’s lives and when dealing in that specialty there is nothing left to chance. It is a company whose equal you are not likely to find.

Ever since its conception and eventual launch in 2004, the company has been on the front row in redefining the perception and context of sexual well-being, a broad subject that most companies shy away from. As such, the company combines sophisticated product development techniques, 21st century proprietary knowledge and a clear understanding of the target market when coming up with its products. This explains why it has been the all-time leader in this industry ever since launching. The accessories promote excitement and connection without compromising personal values, well-being and style.’

JimmyJane has done some remarkable collaborations.  Here is one with Dave Stewart – musician.

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Vlog Review of the Bi Stronic Fusion by Fun Factory!

Illustrated Review of Bi Stronic

Fun Factory is a german company that designs and makes sex toys in their factory in Germany. Designed and engineered in such a prestigious Country you know their adult toys are going to be good. The Stronic’s are a revolutionary adult toy and here the illustrated reviewer takes a look at the BiStronic Fusion For Women!



Video Review of the Bodywand Range of Sex Toys!

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The Bodywand range of sex toys is a bestselling line of body massagers ready for your erotic play. Coming in mini, average and maxi sizes and with a speed or strength tailored to everybodies tastes it is no wonder these popular toys continue to be best-sellers year after year. Enjoy this video review at the adultsmart vlog.