8 Things to Discuss with Your Partner before Engaging in Strap-on Sex

strap-on sex

This probably isn’t your first time having sex with your partner. But it is your first time talking about strap-on sex. It’s great that you’re interested in exploring different sexual activities, but it’s also important to talk to your partner beforehand. Not everyone likes surprises, and when it comes to sex, those surprises won’t necessarily end well. Talking to your partner before trying out a new activity in the bedroom will give them time to process and decide if it’s something they’d like to do. Sitting down for a strapon chat is crucial, but what are you going to talk about? Here are eight topics to discuss with your partner before having strap-on sex.


Have they tried it before?

Unless you ask, you don’t know. Maybe your partner has already tried strap-on sex before. If so, ask them how they felt about it and their experience. Their past experience has a lot to do with how they feel about strap-on sex in general. If they had a negative experience, then they may not be up to try it again. Knowing their history with strap-on sex will give you a better idea of how to approach the subject.


Do they want to try strap-on sex?

Before you even think about anything else, you need to get their consent. Is your partner even interested in strap-on sex? Though you may want to give it a try, it doesn’t mean they share the same interests. Before ordering your strap-on kit, sit down with your partner, and see how they feel about this. Enthusiastic consent is essential. If they’re not excited to try it, then don’t push the subject further.


Their thoughts about it

You need to know how they honestly feel about trying it out. Your partner deserves a chance to express their feelings. Yes, you brought it up, which is courageous, but if this is an equal relationship, then they need to be able to speak their mind. Who knows how they feel; perhaps they’re curious to give it a try, but they’re scared. Or, they could be entirely on board with the idea.


What are their boundaries?

Remember, sex is different for everyone. Though you may be more open about strap-on sex, your partner may not share the same feelings. If they’ve agreed to give strap-on sex a try, then the next step is discussing the boundaries. Since they’ve never tried strap-on sex before, their boundaries may not be solidified. But, there may be some acts which are off-limits for them. Regardless, a safeword should be picked beforehand; giving both people an out if one of you reaches a discomfort.


Why you want to try it

There are many reasons why people want to try strap-on sex. Some are curious, others are interested in a role reversal, and others want to try a sexual taboo. It doesn’t matter why you want to explore strap-on sex, but you should explain your reason to your partner. It’s very easy for people to assume the reason their partner wants to try strap-on sex has something to do with their lack of sexual performance. Make sure your partner knows exactly why you want to give strap-on sex a try.


Talk about the fears involved

Up until now, strap-on sex was seen as a taboo. This is because there are a lot of myths surrounding it. For example, men who enjoy strap-on sex are gay, strap-on sex is really painful, if a woman likes it she’s secretly a lesbian, and so on. So, your partner may be curious to try strap-on sex, but these myths may be preventing them from trying it out. By talking about these fears and discussing them with your partner, you’ll put these fears to rest.


The importance of communication

Even though you’re excited about trying strap-on sex, you’re probably a little nervous as well. And this is completely normal when trying something new. However, the difference between a positive and negative experience is communication. If your partner is interested in giving it a try, then you two need to agree on communicating during the experience. If you’re not expressing what’s feeling good or bad, it can ruin future experiences.


Respect their boundaries

If your partner isn’t into strap-on sex, you need to respect their decision. Sometimes people just need space to think it over, in that case, give them the space they need. Strap-on sex could be overwhelming for them as well, try to start off with small sex toys such as butt plugs or your finger to let them test it out.


Strap-on sex can be a great sexual experience, but only if your partner is interested. This is why it’s crucial you sit down with your partner and talk about it. No one said the conversation was going to be an easy one. But regardless of the answer, you’ll be able to learn more about your partner, and vice versa.



The best solutions for overcoming an addiction to cybersex

porn addiction

There is thought to be a direct relationship between cybersex addiction and lack of intimate relations in an individual. That is the opinion of a group of psychology and sexuality experts published on the RightStep portal. Cybersex addicts use the internet to compensate for their dysfunctional sexual behaviour in real life. 

Comparison between cybersex addiction and pornography addiction

Although they often go hand-in-hand, cybersex addiction is not the same as porn addiction. While the first is normally driven by social interaction disorders, the second is a compulsive behaviour with a mechanism similar to gambling addiction.

However, in both cases, the individual loses their capacity for control, despite the mental, physical and social problems that brings. They can even be present in people in a stable relationship. However, they are much more common in very shy single people and/or those for whom it is difficult to have real one-on-one contact.

A practical solution for very reserved people could be to use their holidays or trips to “get out there”. For example, on a business trip to the UK, gorgeous escorts in London can fulfil your desires, guaranteed pleasure with total discretion. Of course, you must always behave responsibly and use protection to avoid consequences. 

Also, it is important to seek professional psychological help if a person feels they cannot control their impulses. Assistance groups and psychotherapy can also be very useful.

What are the symptoms of cybersex and pornography addictions?

To begin with, it is necessary to identify if there is a problem or not. In this kind of condition, the most noticeable evidence begins when an individual is leading a double life. As with drug abuse, people go to great lengths to hide their addiction from family and/or work colleagues.

The honesty of people affected (with people they trust) is key to beginning the road to recovery. Another worrying sign is erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation. You must bear in mind that erectile problems may derive from a variety of factors (physical illness, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and others).

But sexual dysfunction can be induced by pornography or cybersex if the person easily becomes aroused in front of an internet-connected device, but not in a real-life situation. The correlation is that people around the addict stop being attractive to them, which eliminates the possibility of having a real relationship.

A cybersex or porn addict may identify themselves as such when they realise they have recurrent thoughts. This occurs when thoughts begin to occupy their mind when they should be thinking about work or other daily activities. That is when the affected person gets stuck in a vicious cycle where their performance in other areas suffers and they may feel bad (or hate themselves). In this situation, it is very important to seek help.

How To Overcome Cybersex Addiction

Overcoming cybersex addiction always starts with recognizing the fact that there is a problem. The therapist or doctor can actually identify different underlying problems that might have left the appearance of this depression. This includes low self-esteem, fear of relationships in real life and depression. 

Fortunately, not all addicts of cybersex have serious problems like the ones mentioned above. However, if those problems exist, treatment is always vital for recovery. 

The person that is addicted to cybersex has to go through these steps in order to recover:

  • Completely eliminating or at least limiting time spent on computer. In the event that you need to go online, go just for the essential activities like using your email for work purposes. 
  • In order to block the sex sites, use parental control software. You want to have someone else set the password. This will stop you from changing user settings and still accessing the websites. 
  • Finding new activities that can be pursued. You want to choose at least one that will keep your free time occupied. Some examples that can be mentioned include reading, exercising or cooking. You should plan to do such activities during times when you would have normally been online. 
  • Find family members and friends that can help you. This is always possible if you are comfortable about discussing addictions. Talk with people that really care about you and let them know that you want to quit. They can actually plan some outings so that you can remain busy. Also, find someone that can be trusted and can be called whenever the cravings you feel seem to be unbearable. 
  • Look for a cybersex support group. There are countless sexual addition support groups that you can find in major cities. Also, although it can be a little dangerous because you would still use the computer, online cybersex support groups do exist and can be really useful. 

Do not think that you can overcome cybersex addiction alone. Ask for help and there are people that will help. 


No fap benefits

With a title like that, you’d automatically assume that this is click bait. Firstly, how does any good come from not masturbating and what would I get out of not getting that instant gratification and pleasure that masturbating gives me? What type of weakness do you even associate with masturbating? It’s one of the best things man has invented since Nutella! And how can not masturbating help create a great asset in my life?

A little bit of a backstory for this blog post. Firstly, I am notoriously in-consistent. Consistency and I have a very turbulent relationship. Put it this way, you can literally visualise my consistency levels as a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. The plane goes really fast up into the air to gain momentum, then it maintains a steady pace for 40 minutes and then it slowly descends and comes to a holt. I start things really fast and get all excited and motivated, then it slowly mellows and then comes to a complete stop in a short period of time.

How does this tie in to masturbating? Around 3 years ago whilst I was working in the oh zone adult shop, I was told by a fellow staff member that masturbation is healthy for you because it clears out your epididymis (this is where your sperm is held in your body), so immediately I began masturbating once a day (another weakness, I’m an extremist) and then slowly it sort of became a mini addiction and I would do it religiously (Keep in mind an addiction is not consistency). Fast forward 3 years, I have a girlfriend now and have cut it down to 4 – 5 times a week which is also significantly a lot. I came across an article which was about a Reddit movement known as #NoFap, in other words they are pretty much on a masturbation strike. I found it really interesting so I read over the benefits of it and realized that it is exactly what I need at this moment of time in my life.  I would also reduce some of the negative symptoms of constantly watching porn and masturbating that were slowly creeping into my life. I came up with a plan to kill two birds (My inconsistency and masturbation problem) with one stone (The NoFap challenge).

So how does it work and what are the benefits of it? Well first I’ll talk about what it has done for me in regards to my inconsistency. Every single day (I am day 53 now) I wake up with morning glory like every other male on the planet however I do not act on it. I created a set routine that I have to follow which will prime me for my day and keep me on track to not fapping. I wake up first thing I do is have a big glass of water, wash my face, brush my teeth, make my bed and do 4 sets of push ups. Now keep in mind, I never used to do this 54 days ago but I knew that If I do the exact same thing every single morning, I can prime myself and keep focused on a goal I want instead of having my thoughts all over the shop. By doing this simple routine, it has kept me grounded and also consistent. I have for the first time in a long time, built a consistent base of habits that benefit me. Being consistent has made me much more confident in tackling long term projects and achieving goals that are longer than 1 to 2 weeks. Plus the push-ups have my chest looking smick.

How has not masturbating or watching porn helped me over the last 54 days? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! Not only are my energy levels up, I feel 5x more confident, more focused with less mind smoge, my workouts are a lot better because I have more testosterone running through my body, my sex life has improved dramatically because the hunt switch has turned back on so instead of being lazy and just masturbating, I get excited for sex much more now instead of being tired or not interested. Not masturbating has literally done wonders for all aspects of my life. I’m not just floating through life, I am driven, I am focused and my mind is much stronger.

In conclusion, I think that not masturbating has literally lead to all the positive habits that are slowly but confidently being executed into my life. Since I’ve stopped, I have become more consistent with the gym, my actions at work and really found a new appreciation for my sex life with my partner. It has reassured me that everything in life is fueled by choices, positive ones lead to positive results, negative ones lead to negative results. How ironic, I know get more satisfaction from now cumming then I do from cumming. PS. Don’t think that because you don’t masturbate this means you have to abstain from sex also. If anything, it pushes you to have more sex. Good hunting.



Best Video Chat Sites!

Adult Chat

There are heaps of video chat sites out there. The problem is that they’re not all created equal. You have to seek out the ones that will really give you what you’re after. When you want to find the really sexy girls who love to get naked and play with their toys on cam, you need the best. You can’t just point your browser at any live webcam site and expect to get everything you want. Your goal may just be to get a show to find a girl to keep in touch with on whatsapp to get her nude pics. Either way, these sites are where you can get it.


One of the biggest mainstays is always going to be Omegle. This is a roulette site that lets you chat with total strangers. You don’t have to give any of your information that you don’t want to share. You simply work your way through the chatrooms and talk to the people who seem interesting. You’re always in control of the conversation. The problem is that you can never find the people you like again. You have to get their skype or kik information from them if you ever want to talk to them again.


Shagle is another good one. Once again, it’s all random and you remain a stranger. You can share your kik or skype info if you want, but you don’t have to. It’s all on a roulette system, so you can jump from person to person. You can end up talking to someone down the street or someone on the other side of the planet. That’s what makes it so much fun. You never know where a chat is going to take you. The girls are sexy and they love to get naked. If you really want to get the most out of them, get nude yourself. You might be surprised at how responsive they are to it. They may just break out their toys and give you a real cam show. It’s all live and it’s all hot. It’s not used quite as much as Omegle, but there are still plenty of people on it. All you need is a webcam to get yourself going. You don’t have to pay or create an account. Simply get on the site and start having any kind of fun that you feel like having.


Another fun one is Fruzo. This one lets you use your cam in the chatrooms as well as use it like a social media site. You can share anything that you feel like sharing. You’ll never run out of things to do on the site. You can even share your whatsapp is you really want to. Anyone will be able to start talking to you whenever they want. If you really like to talk to strangers, this is one of your better bets. Anything is on the table for you to talk about. You just need to want to have fun.


Finally, we come to Arousr. This is the best that you can find on the internet. What makes it so amazing is that its main purpose is to get you cam shows. Women get on Arousr when they’re horny. That’s when you should be getting on it, too. You don’t have to pretend that you’re after a real conversation. The people here just want to cum. You’re going to see a ton of naked women and a whole lot of orgasms. It’s why the site exists in the first place. Best of all, the women are hot. They know that they’re going to be on cam. They make sure they look good first. They keep their bodies and their holes ready for anyone to use. If you really want to get off with someone, this is where you do it. There are tons of toys and plenty of naked girls. They don’t waste time, either. They start off by sitting on their cams in the nude. You don’t have to convince them to take off their clothes. They just want to see a nice dick while they masturbate. They’re more than happy to show off their tits and pussies in return.

Check it out now

If you check out any of these sites, makes sure you check out Arousr first. That’s where you’re the most likely to get exactly what you want. You won’t have to go anywhere else once you start using it. You’ll be connected with horny Arousr Video Chat girls right away. You can even get a few kik names to stay in touch with them. They love to show off and you get to be the one they show off to. Go and help get a horny girl off right now. You won’t regret it.


Of course if you are horny after your video chat encounters why not visit the adult lifestyle centers for all adult product needs.

Reasons to Celebrate Masturbation Month

Masturbation Month May

Believe it or not, May is actually celebrated as National Masturbation Month! It’s something that nearly everybody does, but is hardly ever talked about. There are numerous benefits to masturbation, both mental and physical, so it’s something to start celebrating! Below are just a few of the best advantages of self-pleasure.


  1. Improve sexual performance


For both men and women, masturbation can improve sexual function. Feeling your own body helps you learn your likes and dislikes, which can then be communicated to your partner. Masturbation is also its own form of foreplay that could help you to last longer during sex with your partner. For men who struggle with finishing too quickly in the bedroom, there are several techniques that could help with premature ejaculation, such as the “stop-start” or “squeeze” methods during masturbation. While self-love is inherently pleasurable, it also works great as a training ground for the big leagues!


  1. Reduce stress


Whether you’re just reading a book, taking a hike, or indulging in some self-pleasure – taking time away from the outside world to focus on yourself helps to distract you from stressors. Masturbation can specifically help to reduce stress by releasing hormones called oxytocin. During orgasm, oxytocin is released into the body, which in turn lowers levels of cortisol. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, masturbation essentially helps to lower stress levels. Starting with a self-love session in the morning can prepare your mind for the day.


  1. Relieve pain


Since pain is the opposite of pleasure, it only makes sense that masturbation would help reduce pain. However, it’s actually much more scientific than that. Among the chemicals and hormones reduced during masturbation, another is dopamine. Also released during orgasm, dopamine can help relieve chronic pain, which could be why many men and women report headaches being cured by masturbation or sex. Additionally for women, sex therapist Judith Golden told Best Health Magazine that “the strength and intensity of an orgasm can help relieve cramps.” This is helped further by the increased blood flow that occurs during masturbation. It’s not a guarantee that masturbation will fix your pain, but it can certainly help when paired with traditional medicines.


  1. Fall asleep faster


The science is still out on whether masturbation can lead to better overall asleep, but surveys have shown that at the very least, some self-love before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster. Two things that prevent people from falling asleep are an active mind and pain. We’ve already established how masturbation can reduce stress and relieve pain, so it’s only natural that it would help you fall asleep. However, there is another reason to consider. Orgasms cause the release of serotonin and vasopressin, among other chemicals. These chemicals follow melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Plenty of people already take melatonin supplements before bed to help them sleep, so perhaps a natural release like masturbation is worth trying.


  1. Improve self-esteem


Pleasure in any way, shape, or form is something to strive for. But when you’re the one giving yourself the pleasure, it can help boost your self-esteem. You can achieve a sense of accomplishment for making yourself feel that way. Furthermore, masturbation can help with your body image. Seeing yourself naked is a huge part of becoming comfortable with your body. Masturbating in front of a mirror can help, especially if you enjoy seeing yourself getting turned on. Overall, masturbation can help you become comfortable with your sexuality and boost your confidence if your sex life is lacking.


While there is a stigma surrounding the discussion of masturbation, there shouldn’t be. Masturbation is healthy, natural, and brings numerous benefits to our well-being. Like any habit, masturbation should be done safely and within reason. Myths that say masturbation causes blindness or balding are just myths, and should not dissuade anyone from pleasuring themselves. Next time you’ve had a long day or just need some alone time, think of all the benefits of some self-love!