Prostate Massagers for Beginners

The world of sex toys is truly one of the most fascinating things out there. And, if you think that sex toys are only an option for females, you’d be completely wrong. The male sex toy industry is also booming, and today we’re going to discuss something called a Prostate Massager. So, let’s get into everything a newbie would want to know about Prostate Massagers.

What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-shaped organ located inside the male anus. That’s right, it’s not a typo, it’s located in the male anus.  It’s located almost three inches inside, between the bladder and the penis. The sperm that men ejaculate passes through the prostate. But, the real information you need to know is that massaging the prostate can give you an orgasm more intense than what you’d get by stimulating the penis. That’s the big draw card of prostate play, better orgasams!  The prostate is also called the male P-Spot and if you’re a kinky fella that’s into anal play, prostate massagers are just what you’re looking for.

Is Using a Toy Necessary?

You might be wondering why you’ve never heard of massaging the prostate as a general activity. This is because many straight men have issues with sticking things up their butt.  Also, even though the finger can get the job done, using a prostate massager is much more comfortable and pleasurable. So, instead of dipping your finger in lube and reaching down there, the better option is a prostate massager.

Other than that, the second reason why Prostate Massagers are necessary is because they are specifically shaped to touch the prostate in the right way. That’s what sets these massagers apart from butt plugs. They look weird if you’ve never seen one before, but they know how to hit the right spots. If you tried to stimulate the prostate with a standard dildo or butt plug, it just doesn’t work as well.

How Can You Use a Prostate Massager?

The first step is to lubricate the massager. The type of lube mostly depends on the material of your massager. Most people prefer an anal-based water lubricant since it works well with silicone (common material used to make prostate massagers) and keeps your toy in a durable condition for a longer period of time.

The best position to use a prostate massager would be to lie down on your back and prop up your feet vertically. Another position is to lay on the side and tuck your feet into your stomach. These are just some positions that most men like. You can of course experiment on your own to see what feels most comfortable for you.

The next step is inserting the toy. If you’re new to anal play, we suggest going as slow as possible and buying a thin prostate massager. The toy might feel a bit overwhelming if you pop it right in, so just insert it gently. Once the toy is in there, start massaging it in a rubbing motion. Try to remember which areas feel nice and how much pressure you need to get going. This stuff is purely up to your liking, so there’s not much we can tell you to do here. If you need somewhere to start, just gently use the massager without putting too much external pressure onto it. You could also slowly increase the pressure as you get closer to climax.

There’s another way of using a prostate massager, but it requires way more expertise in the field. It’s sort of a hands on approach and once you master the technique, you could get an orgasm purely from clenching and releasing the muscles and move around to stimulate the prostate.

What I strongly recommend!

My recommendation is to purchase a vibrating prostate massager.  They’re specifically designed to hit the right spot for you without you having to do a great deal.  They’re absolutely the best option for beginners and even guys with lots of experience.  They’re more expensive but over the lifetime of the product the extra cost is tiny in comparison to the pleasure you’ll get.  You can check out my favorite prostate massagers here.

Aneros massager

Safety Precautions

Using a prostate massager might seem easy but it does have its fare share of risks as well. Here’s a few safety precautions you should know about using prostate massagers.

  • The toy should always have a handle or a base that prevents it from going completely inside. Prostate Massagers are small and losing them in your anus might seem funny, but it possible; and extremely dangerous.
  • Remember, Lube is your best friend. You need to use plenty of lube to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort after the anal session.
  • Prostate orgasms are a marathon, not a sprint; don’t rush too much.
  • If you have some sort of anal condition, then you should never use a prostate massager. You could be putting yourself at a risk of a serious medical problem.

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Adultsmart Clearance

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A Sex Doll Saved My Relationship!

I know exactly what you’re thinking. How could sex dolls possibly save a relationship? If anything, they’re harmful to relationships, right? Before you pass your judgment and write these off, just give me a few minutes to show to you that sex dolls can actually improve or even save a stagnating relationship.


This will teach you about what sex dolls can add to your relationship, how they have changed throughout the years and fun things that couples can do with these dolls. By the end of this, you might want to get your own to surprise your spouse.


Sex Dolls Past and Present

Many people think the only type of sex dolls available are those ugly inflatable ones that had a terrible face and a few holes. The other view that many people have is that only unattractive men living in basements use these dolls. Both are very wrong.


Sex dolls have advanced wildly since these old inflatable versions. While the inflatable ones are still around, the most popular ones are silicone and TPE models. I urge you to look at any of these dolls and tell me they’re not beautiful. These materials feel almost like skin and have allowed manufacturers to create very realistic dolls.


Not only do they look and feel real to the hand, but many people report that it’s nearly identical to being with a real person. Some models are even having AI installed to make them move realistically or to react to your movement or pressure.


Due to this, men and women of all sorts own and use these dolls. They are significantly more expensive than the inflatable models of old, but they are so worth the price. Singles and couples have been using these type of sex dolls for years because they fulfill so many fantasies.


Overall Benefits

Sex dolls have benefits, and I don’t just mean how well they work in bed. They help you fulfill some very wild fantasies, which I will touch on later, but let’s talk about the many people who commonly use and own sex dolls.


Widows and widowers have been faced a hard blow by life. They still have sexual needs but aren’t ready to emotionally move on from their partner. They cannot invest themselves into a person, but they want an outlet for their feelings and needs. A sex doll is perfect. They look and feel like people, which gives widows and widowers healthy reassurance, while also giving them a safe space to release their urges. The dolls act as a stepping stone to help them cope and move on.


Homosexuals who are worried about coming out of the closet but still want to be with someone they find attractive will find that sex dolls provide them discretion and the confidence to have sex with who they want. It will give the person a space to express themselves without worrying about what others think of them.


Singles who want sex but aren’t ready to commit, or those who are worried that their looks may turn others away, can also receive some comfort from these sex dolls. Since they are so realistic, these people will get to enjoy their lives without feeling like they are missing out.


That leads us to couples. One of the many problems that couples face is that they get bored. You can try different positions, toys or new fetishes, but things will get boring if you don’t change anything. Sex dolls change that. It gives both of you a chance to have a threesome without any emotional investment. You can also both talk about what you want from the doll. How should it look? What types of features and body parts should it have? This is exciting, and both of you will be able to enjoy that excitement for years after finally getting the doll.

Erotic Doll


I’m talking about fantasies in two different ways here. I’ll first cover what you can do with the doll. What have you always wanted your partner to do? Many people love oral sex, but their partner may not be willing to do this, or they don’t do it very often. You can also experience rough fantasies, role play with costumes and accessories and so much more.


Sex dolls are basically adult toys, and their use is limited only by your imagination. Using the sex doll as a couple makes this even better as one partner can control the doll or use it to really add to the fantasy. No matter what you imagine, the doll can really add to it and many couples find that they become more expressive and creative with their sexuality.


The other aspect of fantasy that I want to cover is how the sex doll looks. I’m sure you love your partner very much and that’s not being called into question here, but everyone has an ideal body type that they drool over. Maybe you like certain parts really big or very small, or maybe you’ve always lusted over a certain celebrity.


No matter what your picture of the ideal human body is, sex dolls can be made to fit your fantasy. Many are made with common fantasies in mind. Aside from bodies that are almost impossible to find in real life, you can also experience fantasies that truly are impossible.


There are sex dolls made to look like elves with pointy ears and petite bodies, anime dolls with those iconic large eyes, furry sex dolls that are animal-like with human facial features and so much more. There are even custom dolls that allow you to take the reins of how the doll looks.


When it comes to couples, you might be surprised to know that shemale sex dolls are often the most popular. Coming packed with an anatomy to satisfy both partners, no one will feel left out. Some sex dolls are already made with this type of anatomy while others can easily be converted to have both parts.


What makes sex dolls so unique and interesting is that they can look however you want, and they add so much to your relationship. They can do whatever you want, no matter how crazy or weird the situation or fantasy.

Love Doll


I know a lot of people have misconceptions about sex dolls and it’s easy to see why. Many people still picture unattractive basement dwellers using ugly and vaguely human inflatable dolls in a desperate bid to satisfy their needs. The reality is that silicone and TPE sex dolls are truly beautiful and can be made to satisfy all your fantasies. Whether you’re looking for a shemale sex doll or anything else, these can help spice up your relationship and prevent either partner from feeling bored.


Talking about sex and admitting that you are bored can be difficult. Many people will go their whole lives without openly talking about these issues, but that’s unhealthy and it won’t help your relationship. Sex dolls have evolved dramatically throughout the years to the point where they are highly realistic and even therapeutic. Give them a try and you’ll see just how much good they can do for your relationship.

The Ultimate Pulse In Your Pocket!

The pocket pulse would have to be the perfect product for any guy looking to add a little bit more to their masturbation but are unable to use a masturbation cup due to a restricted foreskin ( a foreskin with minimal movement)  coming from somebody who has a restricted foreskin I feel that it is perfect for me to explain why I enjoy the toy so much 😊

Firstly – The pocket pulse has 2 greatly sized motors in it with incredible vibration patterns. 100 percent waterproof for all your showering pleasures. Known as the [powerful guybrator the pocket pulse can be use flaccid or erect

Packaged amazingly with a classy rose gold box this product certainly stands out, created by hot octopus in Great Britain this product not only feels amazing you can also see the quality and time put in just from a glance of the packaging.

Made from skin-safe silicone, does not contain phthalates or latex. The pocked pulse is only to be used with water based lubricants just like all other silicon toys, inside the packaging you will find your pocket pulse with a charging chord you will also see a beautiful silk travel bag with an information booklet to help you understand the amazing features of your new toy 😊

Holding down the plus sign on the toy for 3 seconds will turn your pocket pulse on and holding down the – ( negative ) sign will turn the pocket pulse off, there are 7 vibration speed to assure you wont be bored.

Before using your pocket pulse you must charge it for 4 hours then charge your pocket pulse after each use to ensure its ready to go when you are 😊

One of the main reasons why I love this toy so much is because having a restricted foreskin I cannot move my foreskin back or forward so when it comes to masturbation time I slight vibration or pressure to the head of the penis is where the most sensitive parts are, once the pocket pulse is in place wrapped around your shaft you can squeeze it to add pressure to the head of your penis and this gives an amazing stimulation feeling. One of the motors in the pocket pulse has a small shutter to it and the other motor runs a constant vibe, feeling them both work together does wonders.

I’m happy to say that this toy is great for all guys unlike some of the masturbation cups that are specifically designed to retract the foreskin which myself and other guys with the same problem may find difficult to use.

The pocket pulse is perfect for partner play it can also be used to your imagination, with a remote available for purchase my partner really got the most out of this toy.


hot octopuss

A short true story I would like to share: –

I woke up one morning and was ordered to put on my chastity cage, I immediately tried to get out of it but my partner already had plans in order and there was no backing out of this game .  once the chastity cage was applied she told me to go and get dressed for a day of shopping in the city.

After about half an hour of getting ready we were off, 15 minutes into our trip my partner began to act very cheeky and was trying to get me as excited as possible won our way , by the time we arrived into the city I was regretting putting it on she had teased me so much in the car that it hurts to stand up, she then quickly rushed me out of the car we arrive at the first store my partner wanted to look at, she begins to tease me by trying on some of the sexist outfits I have ever seen I beg her to let me out of chastity she just laughs and says “ stop your winging we’ve only just begun “ after purchasing a few outfits we head towards another store but before we walk in she tells me to go to the bathroom and put this over my chastity “ she throws the pocket pulse at me “

I rush to the bathroom dressed the toy over my chastity cage, after I meet back with my partner we head towards a shoe shop, thinking about my foot fetish I knew I was doomed, she sits on the chair and points at a few pairs of shoes on the wall ‘ don’t just stand there idiot get them for me” she says to me in front of everyone, she then begins to take her shoes off and points the ground in front of her, she orders me to get on my knees to apply the new shoes they fit perfectly.  walking back and forth past me like a runway model to see how they fit I was speechless, she then pulls out a remote and begins to press a button I feel a slight vibration on my chastity device she begins to increase the vibrations, she can tell I’m trying to keep my face strait, she laughs and whispers in my ear, be strong baby you don’t want a wet patch on your pants do you?’ looking at her with a smirk I knew I was screwed.



Popular Sex Toys In Australia!

Just recently, a major online sex retailer based in the United Kingdom, and currently extending its business deals mainly in Australia and United States, found out that women in Australia purchase more sex-toys compared to men.

A recent survey carried out in Australia this year during the National Masturbation Month shows that out of 472 women and 715 men, 65% of them prefer sex toys during masturbation, and 23% owned more than 11 sex-toys in their home. In addition, the research indicates that over 50% of all Australian citizens possess more than 5 sex-toys and only around 2% of them have never bought even one.

Another research conducted at Sydney University showed that self-masturbation can prevent various diseases including diabetes, cystitis, and prostate cancer. They found out that ninety-four percent of men confidently admit that they do masturbate, as compared to eighty-five percent of women – the thing babies usually do even before they are born!

Due to a great many benefits of masturbation, which range from preventing UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), relieving stress, and being able to last longer, the use of particular sex toys has become very popular among the Australian people.

The following features the most frequently used Sex-Toys-in-Australia and the reasons behind their taste.

#1. Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit-vibrator is very different and unique kind of vibrator compared to the initially used penis-shaped vibrators or dildos. What is even more lovable about this vibrator is its ability to simultaneously pleasure the clitoris while being inserted into the vagina using the internal stimulating shafts that are almost shaped like rabbit ears. Possibly, this is why most people in Australia have fallen in love with these unique devices.

People use these vibrators most frequently due to the fact that they are able to stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time, combining orgasms. You can hardly find the vibrator that can combine all these tasks together. That’s why rabbit-vibrators tops to this list.

Rabbit-vibrators are a necessary requirement for every sex-toy collection. They come in different varieties of features, colors, and sizes, and so there is a high chance of finding the one that suits you.

#2. The Bullet Vibrators

Bullet-vibrators are one of the most frequently used sex-toys in Australia today. They are created using either metallic or plastic material. In general, they are shaped like a real bullet, and they are very powerful when being used.

Much like egg-vibrators, bullet-vibrators form the basic necessity of almost every adult in Australia. These vibrators are quite popular and usually affordable. They are mainly designed to stimulate the clitoris and

They are designed to short and narrow to improve portability and people cannot easily notice them when carried in public. Most of them are water-proof, rechargeable with a long-lasting battery, and can be cleaned very easily – with just water and soap. Moreover, they can fit perfectly into anyone’s arms, and their performance is excellent.

Also, most bullet-vibrators can be disguised easily as mascara or lipstick. Their popularity falls in all these features.

#3. Dildos

This type of a sex-toys have been used since the historic times. Possibly, they are the first sex-toys to be used in the whole world. Still, dildos are as frequently used as ever today. Some people find them boring, but they don’t have to be.

Today, dildos are designed in many different varieties. They come in different shapes, materials, colors, sizes, and texture. Generally, they are made specifically for internal stimulation. The quality and design of today’s dildos are quite impressive and this makes them very popular.

Majority of couples go for dildos in situations when they want to introduce a sex toy into their relationship. Others go for them when they want to have a little fun when their boyfriends are away or when they are far away from the country for business trips. Still, other people go for these toys to survive a break-up and indeed, they make a very good couple.

In Australia, operated-dildos (work without batteries) are more popular since they are discreet and not noisy. They include realistic, ultra-realistic, unicorn, king cock, and beginners dildos. It’s fun to play with a perfect dildo no matter what material it’s made of. They closely feel like a real thing when being used.

Dildos are created to perform specific purposes. For instance, G-Spot dildos are curved at the tip to enable them to touch the g-spot for a powerful sensation every-time they’re being used. Anal-dildos are designed specifically for anal stimulation and are made in such a way that they are safe to use for the anal.

This are many other reasons makes dildos among the most frequently used sex-toys in Australia.

Australian Sex Toys

#4. Strap-Ons

Strap-Ons are not only used by women but also men. They are designed to give both vaginal and anal pressure. When purchasing these sex-toys, one need to buy a dildo that is made of a non-toxic material and a harness that is free from phthalate. This ensures that one is kept free from cancer and hormonal disruptions.

One of the major reasons why strap-on sex-toys are very popular in Australia is because they create great sex-positions, suitable for prostate massage, allows for hands-free and double penetration, and even makes it easier for people to masturbate. They can be used to manage erectile dysfunction in men.

These sex toys are mostly preferred by women when they want to have oral, vaginal, or anal sex in absence of a male partner. Men can also use them either anally or orally in absence of a female partner. And both of these parties can use them for masturbation. Men use then, particularly for prostate massage.

Strap-Ons can also be used alongside other sex-toys when masturbating for improved sexual orgasms. They can give pleasure to both parties at the same time and there is physical body contact during the action – improving sexual intimacy.

#5. Egg Vibrators

These tools are similar to bullet-vibrators but they are smaller, more round and discreet. They have a tear-drop shape – a shape that looks like that of an egg. Mostly, they come with a remote connection wire or simply wireless.

These vibrators are easier to handle and move about directing vibrations to the parts you want. The devices, no matter smaller in size, are very powerful and usually focus sexual sensations better as compared to some other sex-toys.

Egg-vibrators perform many other functions including vaginal stimulation, anal use or even clitoral stimulation during masturbation or sexual intercourse.

In Australia, many adults use these kinds of vibrators and other sex-toys.