Getting Dirty In Pleasures Resort!

When Ben got into the office of the Singapore Resort,  he slammed the door hard that he could feel the vibration in his bones.

He was mad and there was no denying how he felt. As he began to pace around his office, he could feel his chest heaving up and down underneath the long sleeve Polo he was wearing. He always kept fit by going to the on-site  gym and in the city gym on weekends for workout sessions that lasted at least two to three hours a stretch. This fact was evidenced in the bulging biceps and wide thick chest underneath his Polo.

But he was not mindful of his admirable physique as he paced to and fro inside the office like a caged lion waiting to pounce out into freedom.  He was furious and he clenched his fists tightly and began to shake his head. He stopped in front of the window. looking at his reflection as he ran a lose hand through his hair which reminded him of a well cut garden of black grass.

What was he going to do, he wondered. What had happened was simply not acceptable and he had to do something about it.

He stopped pacing around and pulled out his leather chair from behind the wide desk. He sat down heavily and starred up at the ceiling.

Just then, he heard a knock on his door.

“Who is it?” he hollered.

In response the door opened and a Singaporean woman popped in through the ajar door. She came in and closed the door behind her. Ben sized her up. She was wearing a black and white apron which served to conceal and perhaps protect whatever attire she had underneath. In her hands were a brush and a napkin. He felt slightly annoyed at himself that her work tools reminded him of something a little more erotic than just cleaning utensils. She was always with them, just like the other resort cleaners, ready to clean up any mess that they found anywhere in their Pleasure resort.

“Nina, what are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be busy at work?”

The woman smiled, revealing a set of white teeth accentuated by her asian complexion. “I have already completed my round of chores for this morning. I decided to come and check up on you.”

“I see. You’re welcome then,” Ben replied as he studied her briefly.

She was petite to medium sized and no matter how tall she stood, Ben knew she would always end up under his chin, which made her at least five foot tall. Her legs were straight and firm and reminded him of athletes who were good at athletics and other sports – obviously a result of being on her feet all day. He remembered her easily. She was one of the several cleaners that worked there. She was a native of Singapore and he always seemed fascinated by her round face, slanted eyes and broad smile.

She smiled again. “I am really sorry about what happened back there.”

“You mean with that guest?” Ben asked before dismissing the talk with the wave of his hand. “It was nothing.”

“But I saw you were quite angry, sir.”

Ben sniggered. “Angry? No, I wasn’t angry. Or was I? Hell no, I wasn’t. I was as mad and angry as a raging bull.”

As he said this he slammed his fist down on his table, an action that startled Nina. She backed away and held her brush and napkin close to her bosom like a frightened pet.

Ben saw her reaction and shook his head. “I apologise. I mean, I didn’t mean to startle you or anything like that. But the truth is that I don’t like how Mr. Mendez treats us staff like we are…we are…we are…” He was searching for the right word but could not just get it.

“Trash or dirt?” Nina offered.

He snapped his fingers. “Exactly. Yes, you got it right – trash, dirt, scum of the earth. What does he take us all for?”

“Dirt,” Nina said simply and he noticed that she seemed a bit more relaxed, as she lowered her hands. “He owns this resort, doesn’t he? So everyone working in here must be his dirt, to be trampled on anyhow.”

“Really? That is wrong, completely wrong,” Ben insisted. “I mean, everyone could see that it was the guest who was at fault. He should have booked for a room in advance. I mean, who ever does such a thing – to come to a resort as big as this and just begin to expect and demand for a room of your choice?”

“Well, he is Mr. Mendez’s…” Nina began to say.

“Bosom friend or associate,” Ben offered. “Who cares if he is our employer’s father? The fact is that there were already other guests here. What am I supposed to do – throw them out simply because he is in town and needs a room?”

“I think you did the best you could do by pointing all that out to him.”

Ben nodded. “Yes. I know I did my best. I was very polite too. But clearly he did not like my approach. And what does the douche bag do? Right in front of me he calls Mr. Mendez. And what does our employer do? He orders – Nina can you imagine that – he actually orders me to get him a room at all costs. At all costs, even if it meant moving our VIP guest or even worse sending them away.”

Nina shook her head. “Sometimes, Mr. Mendez could be difficult.”

“Sometime or all the time?” he repllied.

“Let me get you something to cool off with,” Nina announced and stepped towards the cabinet opposite his table. As she moved he caught sight of her hips as they undulated underneath her apron. He could not help but wonder if she was really as endowed as he imagined. Or was it just her apron that was making him see things?

Ben had always seen her as a dedicated staff of their resort. Right from the first day that she was employed to join the cleaning department, she had always been on his mind. He couldn’t quite place it. She was very hard working, willing to take instructions and corrections, and even work late.

But he knew there was something more to her than her diligence and willingness to work.

Maybe it had to do with her looks. Like all the other female Singaporeans he knew of, she was good looking, if not quite beautiful.Her eyes, her lips, and her long strong legs seemed to stir something in him whenever he happened to encounter her.

And then there was her companionship. Nina was fond of coming around to see him in his office. At first he had felt that it was unusual, because none of the other cleaners came to see him in his office except when he specifically asked them to. But with time, he began to get used to seeing her around.

The first time he had asked why she bothered coming around; she had simply smiled and said that she was grateful to him for selecting her to work in the resort. He hadn’t thought much of it and he had made her know this. But on her subsequent visits, he began to think more about her and her looks.

Of course he did not yet think of anything else could be behind her visits. He didn’t want to be involved with anyone in the resort, not to talk less a junior female employee for that matter.

But now, as he watched her lean over and check through his cabinet, he could not help feel a strong urge to reach for her and a stirring in his pants.  Her ass seemed to be jotting out at him, perhaps touting him or even daring him to make a move for her as she scanned through the shelf in the cabinet.

Ben licked his lips. It was as if he had suddenly woken up from a long slumber. Damn, this girl had got some ass, he muttered silently to himself. If she had been inanimate like one of those sex dolls, he was sure he would have ravaged her with abandon right here and now. And with her napkin and brush at the ready just reminded him of some knky sex toys.

Nina, Nina, Nina. She really looked like one of those asian love dolls for sale. Did she like sex toys as well, he wondered.

“Which of the drinks would you prefer?”

Ben seemed shocked at her question. He blinked away his gaze from her backside and tried to concentrate on her face as she turned to look at him. “Anyone would do,” he managed to say.


“I think the champagne is okay. Give me the champagne.”

As she nodded and stood up, he felt his manhood twist some and then rise hard in his pants. He frowned at himself. He was getting aroused already and there was no need to ask what was the cause of it.

“You only brought one glass?” Ben noticed as she began to pour the drink for him.

She smiled. “I don’t drink while I am working.”

Ben grinned at her. “But you are not working in my office now, are you?”

She handed the drink to him. “You can say that I am. After all, I am here, am I not?”

Ben nodded. “Yes, you are here. But are you working here or what?”

“You can say I have come to see my boss and sympathize and comfort and encourage him.”

Ben took a sip of the drink. “Yeah, thanks so much. I really appreciate that, Nina. Everyone knows we all need support sometimes, if not every time. Especially when you work for such a resort.”

Just then, Ben began to cough. He had taken another sip too quickly and the drink had gone down the wrong way.

As he sputtered, Nina came over to him and patted his back. As he dropped the cup on the table, it toppled and fell on the ground, spilling the bubbling drink all over the tiled floor.

“Damn, how careless of me,” Ben muttered.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of it,” Nina said and in a flash she was already on the floor in front of him.

As she began to clean the drink with her napkin, Ben felt his manhood stir again. He did not have to wonder why. This was the second time in less than two minutes that he was staring at her ass. And this time, it was close up.

Instinctively, Ben sat up in his chair. As he watched her scrub the drink from the floor with her napkin, her ass began to undulate like a sachet of water. Her ass was bobbing up and down like a ball on a wave of water.

He smacked his lips and sat up. But this time it wasn’t because he wanted to get a better view. He needed to adjust himself because of the bulge that had risen in between his legs. His erection was straining against the fabric of his trouser, like an animal caught in a trap, struggling to burst free.

Ben cursed. All the emotion he felt inside him from the incidence with the guest seemed to want to burst free just like his demanding cock. He wasn’t sure he was thinking when he unzipped his trouser and let his erect cock out to get some fresh air. As his member literally jumped out, he grinned to himself as he studied the one-eyed monster.

“Do you need help with that too?”

Startled, Ben looked up to see Nina. She was still on her knees. But this time she did not have her back turned. Rather, she was facing him from the floor. There was a coy smile on her face as she watched him holding his erect cock like someone with a whip wondering what to do with it.

“I don’t know –,” Ben began to say.

“Don’t worry, sir,” Nina cooed. “If you don’t know, then let me help you out.”

Ben was agape as he watched her crawl up to him on all fours. She was not in a hurry, but rather took her time to approach him, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. By the time she got to his chair, Ben was already panting heavily with anticipation, like a tired wild animal that had run out of breath and strength.

She pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock with both hands. To Ben, his huge erect cock in her small hands seemed like a child holding onto a huge pink snake. He knew that Nina was small sized, like so many other Singaporean women he had met. But he didn’t know just how small she was until just now that she was so close to him.

It was as if she was holding a massive dildo like the ones he has seen used by some of the women on line by bad dragon.

But if he thought that his size was going to be a problem, Nina didn’t seem to bother. She did not blink an eye as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to sock.

Ben threw his head backwards and slapped his forehead. He gasped softly as she began to suck him with so much passion and experience. While she was sucking him, she groped underneath and grabbed his two balls. She then began to squeeze them softly, and then stroke them at the same time.

Ben looked down at her bobbing head and gasped in ecstasy. Nina was killing him with so much pleasure. But there was something else he wanted. He caught sight of her ass as it lay behind her, curled away out of sight.

Singapore Panties

No, you are not going to evade me this time, Ben said to himself. He reached down and grabbed a pound of her backside in his hands and squeezed it. She squirmed and pulled away from his dick. “What are you looking for?”

Ben grinned. “You don’t know for how long I always wanted to do that.”

“Is that all you have always wanted to do?”

Ben did not need any further urging. It was crazy he knew, but this damn, crazy things do happen. Just like in the reception with Mr. Mendez’s friend. And now here in his office, with this smoking hot girl called Nina.

He kicked aside his trousers and turned her around. He then lifted the hem of her apron to reveal the silly thin black thong she was wearing. With two fingers he pushed it aside to reveal a pussy that was not only pink, but moist and glistening.

He remembered how many times she had come to his office in the name of offering companionship, gratitude, and today, comfort. He wondered how long she had been waiting for him to make this move.

He did not wonder anymore as he knelt down behind her and thrust his dick inside her pussy. He did not know if he was going to fit in properly. But surprisingly his huge dick fit in well.

At first, he went in gently, not trying to be hard or rough. But Nina wasn’t playing for hard and soft. She wanted him and she wanted all of him. With her hands placed firmly on the floor, she moved her huge ass backwards forcing his dick to sink deeper and deeper into her. And then she pulled out slowly. She then moved backwards again and he went deeper.

Ben shook his head in disbelief. It wasn’t just that she was riding him in reverse cowgirl. It was how she was taking him all inside her without wincing a bit. How deep was she, he wondered.

As Nina rode him, he grabbed her ass and held on as if for dear life. After a couple of more thrusts, he could feel he was going to soon explode. Nina felt this and continued to thrust her hips.

Eventually, Ben let out a soft moan as he exploded inside her like a volcano.

When she pulled off him, all he could do was grin.

She cleaned him up by expertly wiping away his dick and herself with her napkin.

As he picked up his trousers and pulled it up his legs, she poured him another drink.

“There,” she said as she handed it over to him. “I am sure you would be fine now.”

Ben grinned. “Fine? I am better than fine now. And it’s all thanks to you.”

She smiled. “I was only doing my job, Mr. Ben.”

He threw a gaze at the floor where the drink had spilled. It was sparkling clean. You mean with cleaning up dirt?”

She smiled at him. “What has dirt got to do with it?”

Sugar Daddy Dating in Singapore With ‘Secret Benefits’!

Asian Sugar Ladies
Singapore has grown into one of the most modern metropolitan cities on the globe offering endless options for cuisine, culture, pleasure, and entertainment. The women of Singapore are also some of the most stunning babes on the planet.  If you are seeking an alternative to escorts while in Singapore with a hottie that isn’t going to watch the clock or charge you by the hour, sugar dating may be just what you’re looking for. Often called the Tinder for older provides a platform where young women seek out older men to pamper them and maybe help with a couple of bills. In exchange, these sugar babies provide their daddies with companionship and intimacy. You don’t need to be rich, you just have to be a gentleman that likes to treat a woman right.
You may already be familiar with sugar dating to a degree, but today, there are many facets that make up the diverse sugar world. In other words, this is not your daddy’s sugar dating.
Since online dating blasted off, it’s rapidly taken the place of traditional newspaper personals, dating agencies, or even a friend hooking you up with some chick they know. The web has allowed sugar daddy dating to go global and open up to all walks of life. For instance, younger men are choosing to live the sugar baby life, as much as powerful women are choosing to act as sugar mummies. The age gap that might come to mind is also closing in. Economic and societal trends are encouraging younger sugar daddies as well as older sugar babies, respectively in their 30’s and 40’s, to look towards sugar dating for a less inhibited and modern relationship experience.
As expected, there are agreements of all sorts and varying degrees, but the general consensus is one acts as the benefactor (the sugar daddy), and the other person acts as a dependent (the sugar baby). It could be a date for the night, a casual relationship where you might see each other when possible, or even a live-in relationship. It could be agreed upon as an ultra discreet experience or even a wide open, glitzy, cameras in your face, arm candy type of relationship. The possibilities are endless.
Let’s also get the elephant out of the room. Intimacy and sex are up not necessarily involved, and it should not be assumed.  Sometimes, there is no physical intimacy involved at all when sugar dating. Again, anything is possible.
So how do you coast into Singapore and find yourself a sugar baby in the big city? Here are the top tips for landing yourself that sugar baby you always wanted, but never knew exactly how to get:
Be a Gentleman
It’s no wonder why this would be an important trait to have. It seems like it would be a given, but a lot of guys get lost sometimes along the way, and they need that reminder. In other words, do what your mamma told you. Not only will you get further when you are aware and respectful of the woman you are interested in, but you will have a better experience all around. This naturally makes a woman feel comfortable and more likely to join you the next time you come calling.
Be Honest About What You Want
It’s generally understood among those dating in the sugar world that honesty with your desires is the best policy. This is especially true with what you are looking for in a companion. What you want with your sugar baby should not be a mystery. This will help attract the kind of woman you really want as well as allow for a much more carefree and enjoyable time while you are together.
Be Open to What They Want
As you can imagine, there are countless reasons why women look to sugar daddy dating. Because of that, pay attention to what your potential sugar baby is looking for. It could be anything which includes, but is not limited to, financial support, all expense paid dates, mentorship, intimacy, travel, industry connections, nice gifts, a one-time date, or a long-term relationship. Just remember, fulfilling desires and needs is an upfront and 2-way street when it comes to sugar dating.
Be Aware of Your Surroundings
The more you understand the way people live, think, and love in Singapore will go a long way. The Lion City definitely has a diverse, multi-ethnic society, and showing off a little knowledge of local customs and cuisine will impress. Perhaps even some Malay or Mandarin under your belt won’t hurt either. If you know your way around the city and know a couple of hot spots, even better. It’s a simple gesture to show you care and are in tune with your surroundings; this will in turn signal to your young companion that you may be in tune with all departments of life and love.
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Relax and Enjoy Yourself
Sugar dating gives you the opportunity to skip the regular relationship hurdles and get right to having the time of your life. This is your chance to be yourself and enjoy every moment with your new sugar baby at your side. Please, just don’t forget to loosen up and smile. You deserve it.  Take full advantage of what life in Singapore has to offer with your sugar baby. After all, we only live once!
Final Step: Find a Reputable and Active Sugar Dating Site
Making this all happen is best achieved using a solid sugar daddy dating site that provides an easy and active user experience. Most prefer to use sugar dating sites with a free and easy sign-up, no monthly charges, respect for discretion, and a responsive customer support team. It’s always recommended to do your due diligence and explore your options. A recommended sugar daddy dating website to get started with is Secret Benefits. They provide an excellent platform to check out the sugar dating scene and make your next trip to Singapore a memorable one!

Rough Sex In A Singapore Mansion

Couple drinking wine

My husband and I were in sort of a sore spot lately. Believe me; eight years of marriage can suck the fun right out of a relationship. Our sex life was sort of non-existent. We both have jobs back at home in Chicago. I’m usually home early, but Roger was always coming home late. Even when he did make it back on time, he’d be too tired to even cuddle, let alone make love to me. I was never the cheating type, but I certainly felt myself drowning in a pit of metaphorical celibacy.  I’d been using a vibrator I found recommended on Vibrator Vixen but there is no substitute for the real thing and I was still really sexually frustrated.

Anyways, I was relieved when he told me we were going on a vacation to Singapore. But, I didn’t know that even the vacation was work related. I was thinking about the quality time we’d have together after the rough patch for about a couple of years. I can’t say it really surprised me when he said that he was actually going to attend a seminar and I was the “plus one”. Saying that I was pissed off would be a huge understatement about how I felt. Eventually, he got through all his business things and we were invited to a work party.

Mansion in Singapore
Image: Singapore Mansion

The party was in a massive mansion that his boss owned. The place was massive and was doubly impressive because massive homes like this are very rare in Singapore.  I thought to myself, if the boss has this much money he should be paying my husband more!  Unfortunately the ‘party’ was not worth the travel. Even my husband looked bored. We were just sitting at the bar when he grabbed my hand and told me he had a surprise for me.

That really surprised me. Knowing Roger, he’d never miss a chance to suck up to his boss, let alone clearly embarrass him by leaving the party early. Anyhow, no one noticed as he took me down the hallway where we weren’t meant to go.

I had no idea what was happening, if we got caught in a part of the house we weren’t meant to be in I’d be fired.  My mind loomed to a fantasy I’ve always had. But, I didn’t think my husband was capable of this. I thought that we never even have sex at home, he certainly won’t be determined enough to do it at a work party at the house of his boss.

Well, I was proved quite wrong…

He opened a door and quickly checked around to make sure no one was watching and then he took me into the room.  I was still unsure about what was actually happening, till Roger picked me up and threw me on the mattress.

Now it was quite clear to me what was about to happen.

He said in a vicious tone, “I’m about to make everything up to you”.

My busy husband was about to relieve all of his built up sexual frustration that he clearly hasn’t had time to exhibit on someone else. He slowly lowered himself onto me while kissing me passionately. It was quite obvious that he wasn’t gonna stop there.

In just a few seconds, I was down to my bra and he was eating me out. Oh, it felt really good to finally experience something again. I never even knew that my husband was so good with his tongue. It was unlike something I’ve ever felt and I was close to an orgasm when he stopped.

He got out of his pants and shoved his cock straight down my throat.  And judging by how far he was pushing, I almost thought he wanted me to swallow his dick a couple of times.

He shoved his cock as far as it could go. I was gagging and choking. My eyes were watering but I loved every second of it.  I just loved how his velvety balls kept hitting my lips every time he pushed inside me.

He put both his hands on my cheeks and pressured him hard and screamed “Swallow it!”

And I did. He didn’t even feel like my husband. The anger and the passion combined felt like someone else was fucking me.

Once he was sure I swallowed every drop of that cum, he fiercely picked me up and threw me back down on my stomach.

I tried to tell him that I wanted him inside me. I tried to speak but no words came out. But, it was like he understood what I was about to tell him.

He thrust his cock right into my ass. He’s never had anal with me before and it was absolutely surreal. The pain was excruciating, I’m not sure but I think I started to get tears in my eyes from the pain halfway through it but strangely, even though I was in pain, I was loving it.

Again, it was like he’s practiced every stage of this, he flipped me over again and pushed me firmly against the mattress.

He whispered in my ear “Do you want more?” I nodded my head because that was pretty much all I could do at this point.

He started fucking me hard. I thought he was about to rip my pussy apart because that is what it actually felt like.

He let go when he cummed inside me. The pain I was experiencing in every part of my body overwhelmed me. I just laid on the mattress with cum reeking from every orifice. I thought to myself, “Maybe this trip wasn’t so shabby after all”…

Tantric Sex At MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore!

Kong Meng San Phor Kark In Singapore

I was about to burn out when I booked my holiday to Singapore. My job as a sales consultant was very stressful and my boss suggested a holiday with meditation in an Oriental Country. She gave me the contact details for a monastery in Singapore and also advised me to visit the  MacRitchie Reservoir Park. I decided to give it a go since my boyfriend recently dumped me and I felt that I had nothing keeping me from going. It sounded like a lovely experience but it ended up being so much more. I not only nursed my broken heart back to health, I learned about my own body and the desires it can have and how to do something about it…

Kong Meng San Phor Kark is the name of the famous monastery I stayed at. The monastery was so peaceful, I could feel the stress alleviate the moment we arrived. I had a wonderful relaxing time and I was ready to replace my stupid ex-boyfriend the moment I got back to my home town. After all the peace and quiet, I was almost human and ready to be on the market again. Single and loving life. I wanted to spend some more time in Singapore though and I was really looking forward to the reservoir park. I had never been to one before and it seemed like a very beautiful, serene place.

I had arranged for me to join another tour group on a hike and I was wearing hiking boots and a denim, and a little white spaghetti strap top. I did need a bra as the burn out had me eating a lot less and I was quite pleased with my figure. It was the only good thing my break up left me with. The hike began and I noticed a local staring at me. I decided to do the same. He was checking me out, and I was doing the same thing. And it was worth it. He had sleek brown hair and his eyes seemed darker than should be allowed for a normal human. With every stare he was undressing me and pulling me towards him. I could feel myself falling into a trap that I knew I was helping to dig.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park Singapore
Photo: MacRitchie Reservoir Park

The hike was stunning and we stopped to take photos constantly. There were many young people in the group of about thirty and I subtly made my way so that I could walk closer and closer to the man who kept staring at me. At one point I nearly fell over a large rock and he caught me by the arm. I thought he would let go my arm immediately, but he didn’t.

He gently rubbed it and then held my hand. ‘Better be careful!’ he said.

He smiled and I was lost in it. His touch was electric and the fact that he didn’t want to let my arm go was just the encouragement I needed to make a pass at him. I thought it was going to be more difficult for me to get out of my shell but it happened so quickly that I would have had to watch in slow motion had it been recorded. Maybe it was the fresh Singapore air, maybe it was my heart healing after many breakups.

He said his name was Alex and that his mother was also at the monastery. He was going to pick her up after the hike. He hiked without ever breaking sweat and I started wondering about his stamina. He seemed very fit, with veins and muscles any American would die for. We snuck to the back of the group in order to disappear a little bit later and get to know each other better. We finally had a moment, not too far from the end, and we wandered off. I was still asking him questions when he took my hand and spun me around.

He kissed me, as if he had been hungry for me all of his life. I knew that this was merely physical and I decided to enjoy every moment of it.

I took off my white top and he was visibly surprised to see my naked body. My denim flew to one side and he pushed me up against a tree. We fumbled and we danced long before we made love. He was fascinated by my upper body and his passion took me by surprise. My breasts had never felt so wanted. I started moaning and I just couldn’t help myself. I started touching him down there, with the innocence that a long lasting relationship brings. It makes you shy when you meet new people but Alex was a foreigner to me that I would never ever see again and that is why I grabbed his cock. It was already huge and the pulses I felt in my hand drove me nearly insane. I had never ever felt so desperate to have someone inside of me.

He was in no rush though, the reservoir park staying open until late. I touched myself to ease some of the pain but I wanted him so badly. He finally decided to let me have what I most wanted and he turned me around. With my naked stomach next to the tree I felt exposed and vulnerable but it was the most excited I have ever been. He gently and slowly put his stiff cock inside of me. I could feel how wet I was. He loved it and moaned with pleasure. He said something in his local dialect that I didn’t understand and I don’t even want to.

I know what he felt because I felt the same thing. Desperation. Powerlessness against our passion. He traced a straight line with his finger down my back and I decided to take control of the situation. I do not care if his preferred method is doggy, I was the one who was on holiday and nursing a broken heart! I was also the one who hadn’t had sex for two months but that was not something I would have liked to put ton my cv, if you know what I mean.

Woman Wearing A Singlet Top
Photo: Sexy Woman In A Singlet Top

He did not seem to mind at all when I turned around sucked him until he nearly exploded. I used every trick in the book and even thought of new ones. I swirled and I licked and I teased with my fingers and my mouth. The moment I realized that he couldn’t bare it any longer without relief, I opened my legs with my back next to the tree. His left hand grabbed a branch for grip and he started thrusting. His face looked like it was in agony but then again, who doesn’t ache? I came before he did. And then I came again. He was still inside of me, body limp and energy depleted when I started touching myself. I made sure to touch him as well. And just as I had hoped, my orgasm gave him new life. He must have felt how silky and inviting my insides were and his cock started growing again. We didn’t care about the mess or how we looked, we had tantric sex using our sexual instincts. I often think about what happened next when I am bored or making love to someone else.

His strong hard erection and stamina were definitely something worth writing about, it was almost as if he used a penis pump but he didn’t, he was all natural. On the one hand it was the most barbaric thing I had ever done, on the other, the most erotic and liberating. Alex pulled out and then he lit a cigarette. He offered me one but I declined. I stood there kind of awkwardly when I told myself, hey! You are on holiday. This man likes you and you like him. Why not let go for a while and see what happens? I decided not to dress myself immediately and I slyly started touching my breasts. When he looked up and saw that I was not getting dressed, he first checked his watch.

“We have another hour before I have to go get my mother… I was going to get
dressed after the smoke but now, I am not so very sure…’ he said.

He almost immediately started to stiffen again and he did not pull out of me for what seemed like decades as well as a moment too quick. We did everything imaginable and he only had one more orgasm, just before he had to leave. At some point we had to rush to find our clothes and ran a bit deeper into the non-designated area. Birds were flying away as we ran from the new hike group. It was the most fun I had ever had in the wild. We quickly chose a new spot and continued making love. He was slow at times, teasing me with the tip of his finger on my breasts or kissing my neck and other times he would get into a rhythm that made me think he was going to expire soon but Alex was a machine. The only difference was that he listened to my body and he was always just a bit too fast or a bit too slow. This drove me mad, I had never met someone with his kind of control over his body. He slapped my bum and the sound made insects and birds scatter. He took flowers and leaves out of my hair to grab hold of it tightly. At times I was in control of him, on top and touching myself. This had become my favourite position from that day on.

He whispered in my ear, ‘how do you want to finish? What will make you explode?’

And I chose to sit on top of him. After my heart was broken and my job nearly killed me with stress, I needed to feel in control of something and that day, I was in control of orgasms. He never stopped touching me and his hands were all over my breasts and face, and of course my clit. His tongue was in my mouth the moment I started to feel that I was losing control. I arched and I started screaming, Alex had to cover my mouth so quickly that I was afraid it would curb his enthusiasm but the break was perfect, I felt him thickening from the base and it was magical.

We came together, my hand on his mouth and his on mine. We exploded and writhed and fell down the rabbit hole together. We were sweaty and disgusting but we loved it. I had never had such synchronicity before and I loved it.

I had never had the wind in my hair or the grass under my bum when making love. This was an eye opener and I immediately decided to stop trimming my hedges at home for more privacy. Alex changed my life in more way than one. We cuddled and held each other for what felt like an eternity. We had to get up after a while and pack up and get dressed. It was a mess, luckily I had a little brush with me.

He kissed my lips just after I applied lip-gloss and I had to reapply. He kissed me again and I realized that we were saying goodbye. My heart! I thought. However, saying goodbye was not as sad as I thought. My heart had been healed and I think so had my body.

We saw each other a couple of times still after but it was just not the same. I left Singapore with a new lease on life and a new grip on my sex life. I am going back there with my family next year and I hope we don’t run into Alex. I am however definitely going to take my husband to the monastery as well as the reservoir. The children will be with their au pair and my husband is going to wonder why his lazy wife all of a sudden wants to start hiking. He will soon find out. Wink wink!





Sex In A Singapore Public Place!

We’re having coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters on Everton Park in Singapore. I’m having black coffee, he’s having a cappuccino. He is handsome. Brown hair slicked back, glasses that fit his face, hazel eyes and the most beautiful lips I’ve seen. He is well built, with incredible arms and a chest that stands out on this sweater. We’re standing in front of each other talking about our lives, what we want for the future, what we’re looking for on another person. He starts telling me that he has been rejected a lot of times.

‘Why Andrew?  You’re so handsome. I’d never reject you’, I say He smiles at me, biting his lip.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Everything happens for a reason right. But tell me, you wouldn’t reject me, would you Ana?’ He said.

‘No, how could I?’, I replied

“So, you wouldn’t mind if I kissed you right now?’ he said as I get closer to him and kiss him.

‘Next time don’t ask, just do it.’ I reply.

‘I like how you think.’, he said.

In the meantime, I start scrubbing my high heel in his leg, massaging it slowly. ‘What do you like in women? And, Andrew, don’t spare me the details.’ I ask.

‘I love determined women. Someone who knows what they want. Someone that won’t say yes just because I said yes. Someone who’s not afraid of trying new things,’ he says. ‘I’m never afraid of trying new things, especially when it comes to making new things in the bedroom’, I intimate ‘And I love women who are direct, who cut through the chase, like you just did. To be
honest, that’s a huge turn on.’

A Park In Singapore
Photo: Everton Park Singapore

‘Let’s go another place, shall we?’ I say as we walk to his car.  Soon we get in his car, close by the coffee shop we were at.  It is a brand new merc all shiny.

He asks, ‘Where do you want to go? ‘

‘Let’s go to the Marina Park, I love it there. It’s beautiful’, I say.

As we drive there we talk about how we ended up traveling through Singapore’s beautiful landscapes. He’s from Italy but now he teaches English to teens and kids here in Singapore. I tell him about me. How I was raised in a small village in the Trans Vaal of South Africa, with a traditional family but while I got older I knew that that place wasn’t for me, all the racial tension so I just bought a airplane ticket to Singapore and have been living there ever since. Funny how life works out!

We finally arrive at the park, where there are a few couples and many people just walking by alone, with someone or with a dog. While we walk, we keep talking.

“Have you ever been in a relationship? A serious one?”  He asks me.

“Yes, I have. Even though I’m only 24 and you’re 10 years older, it doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen in love and that someone hasn’t loved me back. But it ended, fortunately. It was actually a man from the city. “

From Singapore?”

“Yeah. It was…intense. You know, very emotional. He was not stable and I wanted stability”,

He asks, “What do you want now?”

“Can I be honest?”

“Yes, sure. I don’t mind honesty, I appreciate it”, he says.

“I have no idea. Maybe a relationship, maybe just sex. What about you?” – He kisses me. I gasp. I feel warm inside and am already wet down there.

He says confidently, ‘I just did what I wanted to do. Definitely something to repeat.’  He kisses me again, this time longer and harder.

‘You can repeat it anytime. But tell me.  What is it that you are after?’  I ask.

He replies, ‘I really want a relationship. You may not believe me, but I do. I’m tired of being alone. It can be fun just having sex with women, but I want someone to share my life with, have meaningful sex and to travel Singapore with. Maybe adopt a dog, have a kid, buy a house on the countryside and stay there until I die. You know… the cliché.’

I laugh as I reply, ‘That’s definitely cliché, but yeah, it’s normal. But I thought you wanted something more spontaneous, something less real’.

He says seriously, looking me in the eyes, ‘That’s what I say to most women. But I just told you what I really want for my life’.

I laugh. I start looking at him, staring even but then my eyes waver from his as I notice he has a great bulge, it has to be big – no huge – this man is certainly gifted. His arms are big and it’s possible to see his flat stomach from the tight sweater he’s wearing. He caught me staring at his cock and I blush, I look away.

He puts his arm around my waist and leads me along the walkway.  I motion for him to go ahead and I follow him, behind him so I can see his ass in his chinos. A bubble butt. It’s perfect. His phone rings and he answers it and he sits on a bench seat overlooking the Marina.  He is totally involved in the call and I sit on the grass next to him and I can hear a woman speaking and he seems agitated. I immediately conclude it has to be his wife. He answers mostly yes and no. He hangs up after 2 or 3 minutes.

He says, ‘Sorry about that. It was one of my colleagues asking me if I had a document in English so I sent it to her from my emails, because she needed it urgently.”

I said, ‘Oh, I assumed it was your wife.’

‘Hell, no I’m not married, I swear.’ He said.

‘If you were, you’d make her super happy.’ I reply.

‘What do you mean?’ he asks.

‘You’re incredibly handsome, successful, intelligent, have a great body and a cute butt and I couldn’t but help notice that bulge you had down there.’ He starts laughing like a kid.

‘I can’t believe you actually noticed my cock. But thanks!  I would love to see some parts of your anatomy and give you my opinion.’ He smiles.

‘I won’t mind showing all of it to you, and you have permission to do more than just look,” I state.

I cannot believe how forward I am being with him and he immediately kisses me, hard. His tongue on mine. I feel his breath. I put my hand on his head, caressing his hair. When we stop, we’re both out of air and I’m a bit wet.

‘That was too direct. You can’t say that to a man.”

‘But it’s the truth. You can.  I find you incredibly hot!’ I say.

‘Should we go to somewhere more private? Where you can show me your gorgeous ass?’ he asks.

‘Yes, but I’m not sure where.’ I say.

He points to some trees.

‘How about in the middle, there? Is that ok?’ He asks.

‘What if someone sees us?  It’s not like it is the middle of nowhere.  There are people everywhere.’ I say.

‘Maybe they’d want to join?’ – He laughs.

‘I’m not joking.  This is Singapore.  You know what the law and Police are like.  We could get into some serious trouble.’ I say.

‘No one will see us. Besides, we’re not going to do anything. I just want to kiss you while feeling that sexy ass. We’re not going to do anything we shouldn’t do. Don’t worry’ he says.

He gets up and helps me to get off the grass. While walking to the trees, we look at each other and I know I want him inside me – I don’t think a bit of slap and tickle is going to do it for me. When we get to the middle of the clump of trees, he starts getting close to me.  I look around and there’s no one near. Besides, I think to myself, we’re not doing anything less appropriate. Just some kissing and touching.

We start kissing again. He starts feeling my ass, grabbing it with his enormous hands.

‘Yeah, that’s a nice butt’, he comments.

‘Thanks,’ I reply.

He continues kissing me while feeling me up, but this time he moves his hands to my breasts. Then he moves his hands to my waist and I put my hands on him. He gets under my shirt and I can feel his skin on my stomach. He’s cold, but I’m hot. He caresses my stomach while kissing me. He moves his hands up a bit, touching my breasts and I immediately start getting wet. He gets closer to me and I can feel his boner. He’s hard and massive. I put my hand on his chest under his sweater. It’s hairy, just the way I like. I slowly moving it down until I can feel his bulge – it’s not just massive it is ginormous.

‘Wow, it feels huge,’ I comment.

‘It definitely is. Do you want it?,’ he says.

‘Here? Now?’ I ask.

‘There’s no one around… So, why not?’ he says.

‘I’m not sure about this. We’re in Singapore remember!’

‘It’s not going to be hard forever, you know. Make the most of it whilst you can.’

That does it for me. It’s true what he is saying. I get on my knees, he gets even closer to me, unzips his chinos and takes it out. And yes, it is big. The biggest I’ve ever seen – even in those porn magazines. I start touching it with my hands, it gets harder and harder. He’s uncut, something that makes me get even more wet. I start to jerk it off with my hands and I feel it, it’s heavy and veiny.

‘Not with your hands, Ana. With your mouth’ he says

Seductive Lips
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He touches my chin, then puts two fingers in my mouth. I suck them. He puts three in my mouth and forces his fist in my mouth.  I suck it, slurping and with saliva running down the sides.  This is really turning me on.

‘Now you’re going to do it on deal girl’, he says..

I start sucking it and he moans, pout load loud. I stop and look around to see if someone heard. My heart accelerates, hoping no one heard. If they did, we’re screwed.

‘No one heard or saw, don’t worry Ana. Keep sucking. Don’t stop,’ he says.

I keep sucking it while he caresses my hair and my face. He starts to put it deeper in my throat and I gag, then I gag again and he pulls my head up and looks at me and said, “If you don’t want to, let me know.’

I nod. I want it. I want him. I get up, after getting him as hard as a rock. I whisper in his ear, ‘I want that huge cock inside me.’

‘I don’t have a condom,’,he says.

I say, ‘Just don’t cum inside me.’

He unbuttons my pants, turns me around and takes my pants down. He turns me around and forces my head down and bum up.  ‘You’re so amazing. I’m going make you orgasm so hard. You’re going to remember me forever, Ana’ he promises.

He thrusts it deep inside, fast. I almost scream out loud – thankful that I am so wet otherwise I think he would have torn me apart. He covers my mouth with his hand. Then he thrusts faster and faster, deeper and deeper.  He is not fully in me yet but already I feel full with him.  His dick must be 14 inches fully erect – it is massive.  The he takes it out and puts it inside, teasing me. I feel each inch of him. Finally he thrusts and I feel his balls touching me inner thighs.  My god he is balls-deep in me.  Who would have thought I could take such a massive dick.  He squeezes my butt cheeks.

‘It feels so good. You’re going to make me orgasm so fast’ he says.

I say nothing. I want him to cum and I want to do it too at the same time. He keeps thrusting it so deep.

‘Let’s try it straddling,’ he says.

He sits on the grass, with his enormous cock hard and I sit on it facing him.  Slowly I let my we pussy lips hungrily take his cock slowly, inch after inch.  It feels like one of the best sex positions for my g-spot.

I say, stopping myself from screaming out, ‘My God, it’s so deep. It’s so thick, it’s opening me right up.’

I’m facing him, so we kiss. When we kiss I almost orgasm immediately. I get really warm by feeling his tongue on mine. I love it. It’s the best turn on for me. I am so close to cumming now and I can see he is too!  He thrusts even harder, moans while doing so. I look at him, he’s perfect and handsome. I start feeling his chest and getting closer to orgasm. I stop bouncing so hard, so I won’t cum without him.

He also slows down, gently caressing my chest. Kissing me while just being inside me, without doing anything. Then he starts pushing it in, but very slowly. I moan and he too, very discreetly, so no one hears. It feels amazing having him inside. I start bouncing on him faster and deeper, going up and down on him. We kiss passionately. I go faster and harder and so does he.

‘I’m going to cum’ I say.

‘Me too.’

‘Don’t cum in me’, I say.

He nods. I start feeling all that warmth while he thrusts deep in me, while he kisses my mouth and I feel him inside me orgasming. I don’t stop. I cum too, my vagina spasm and contract while I hear him moaning whilst he kisses me and grabs me. We both orgasm at the same time him inside me, and I feel the liquid warmth of his semen filling me inside. We kiss for a while then it

I say, ‘Are you stupid? I said not inside me.  I’m buttoning up and getting dressed quickly as I tell him.

He gets up,  ‘Sorry, I couldn’t just take it out. It felt so good. Are you on contraception or do you take the pill?’

I said, ‘Yes, but that’s not the point.  We only just met’.

He said, ‘Don’t worry then. I don’t have anything, really. I was tested last month for my sexual checkup and everything is fine.’

‘I hope so.’

‘Calm down. Lay on the grass with me for a few minutes.

He lies on the grass and Reluctantly, I lay down too. He puts his hands on his pants making sure he has straightened everything out as I think to myself how silly this whole thing was.  Thinking again what would have happened if we were caught.

He says, ‘That was amazing. You’re amazing. I can imagine doing this with you every day for the rest of my life.’

I reply, ‘I guess I could imagine doing this by not here that’s for sure.’

He sits up and I do too. He starts kissing me again. I know he’s not ready for it again, but he’s not leaving, which means he genuinely likes me. He caresses me. We touch again like young lovers feeling, learning about each other’s bodies.

‘You’re so beautiful. I’d love to get to know you better. Really. Know your fears, secrets, what you like to do, where you have traveled to, everything’ he says

‘You can. We just have to continue talking. You can always call and we can do this again.’

‘No problem. Shall we go? Maybe find somewhere to have dinner?’ he asks

I say, ‘Are you inviting me to dinner?’

‘Yes, why?’, he asks.

‘Well, you just had sex with me, why the hell would you invite me for dinner?  You got what you wanted.’ I say.

‘I meant what I said before, believe it and me. So, let’s go? Maybe Italian? I know an amazing restaurant. Il Cielo. Do you know it?’ he asks.

‘No, I don’t. Sure we can try it! Actually no I would love to try it with you.’ I reply with a smile appearing on my face.

‘After trying such an amazing exotic woman, Italian food sounds perfect.’ He winks at me.

He gets up and we drive to the restaurant. Making love with him in a public space was accelerating and scary, but I would do it again. And again any time.