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Hookup on The Batu Batu Cave Tour Malaysia

Sex In Malaysia

Sex was the furthest thing from his mind when he boarded the Tourist bus in Kuala Lumpur.  The destination was the famous Batu Batu Caves in Malaysia.  Aishah, an illegal Taiwanese prostitute sat beside him and when he dozed off she decided to pick pocket him.  On awakening he saw what she did and the threat of reporting her to the authorities made her do whatever he asked that day.  And sex in the Batu caves was on his mind…..

Malaysian Sex Story!

Malaysia Raves

Kuala Lumpur is a hot spot for many types of party goers.  There a night clubs that offer a variety of forms of partying from rock n roll to raves.  Young people are ignoring the draconian laws of the government and drinking alcohol and having sex out of marriage.

Read this erotic story set in Malaysia of the sexual exploits that young people get up to.

A Sexperience In Malaysia!

Malaysian Escort

A month after breaking up with his girlfriend Vivian was still locked up in his room pining for his lost love.  His mates decided it was about time he got out of his relationship rut and shouted him a trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  Heading out to a local nightclub he met up with Isabella a Singapore Hooker.  After somewhat of a tempestuous meeting they connected and a whole new lot of loving was experience.

It just by chance happened to be the best experience of his life.  Read about this erotic Malaysian story ……

My Malaysian Sex Tutor

Sex Lessons

Sometimes as hard as you try you cannot get the results you strive for.  A student at the UCSI In KL, Malaysia just could not get his head around the math.    His parents wanting their son to have the best opportunities in life sought the services of a tutor to help him with his grades.

The tutor had not only and insatiable thirst for knowledge but also of you Malaysian male cocks.  So began some lessons that would be hard to forget but always raising a smile when remembered.

Check out this free Malaysian adult story…..

Pimping At The Sky Bar Kuala Lumpur!

He was a waiter from Indian working at the Sky Bar Kuala Lumpur trying to make enough money to support his family.  Working hard he was barely able to make ends meet until he met her.  She was enchanting and beautiful but her sexual needs were not being met.  She had married a 65 year old for him money and he could not meet her sexual needs.  In the prime of her life she was looking for more.

She met him in the bar and it was there that the arrangement was made.  He would provide his sexual services to her for money.  And now he was making more in a month as a male pimp than he did in a month working as a bartender.  Read his male gigolo of malaysia story….

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