A Beginner’s Guide To Getting An Erotic Massage

Asian massage therapist

Have you always wanted an erotic massage but have no idea what to expect? Well if you are stressed out at work, dealing with problems at home or struggling to feed your sexual cravings it might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Though it’s sometimes painted with sleazy connotations, the bodywork actually has much more depth than horny middle-aged men getting their fix. In this day in age erotic massage therapy could be a benefit for everyone. And here I am to tell you more…

Massage parlours are everywhere…

If you live in a city centre you probably walk past an adult massage parlour on a daily basis, built up areas are saturated with them! Some salons you may even be familiar with and can’t help but wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Erotic massage is often seen as a taboo subject but I can’t stress more that despite contrary belief it is NOT illegal! The service is popular with businessmen, who often opt for an erotic massage on their lunch break and after work.

They often blend into the surroundings

One of the reasons erotic massage parlours are discreet is to protect their clients. Many maybe married, have kids and are thriving professionals who obviously don’t want to be associated with sexual services. Therefore many erotic massage providers are often masked as ‘Thai massage shops’ or are based in private houses to blend into the surroundings

They destroy any evidence of your booking

Most erotic massage parlours advise you to call to book before your session, but don’t worry about any information being leaked – evidence of your booking is usually erased straight after your session! You can always give a fake name and hide your number if you really want to.

You get the choice of girls

The first time you arrive at the parlour might be nerve-wracking. A delicious mix of masseuses will stand in front of your very eyes waiting to be chosen for your hour of thrill – you’ve probably never felt as overwhelmed!

It’s ok to be nervous

Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy, erotic masseuses are used to first-timers on a daily basis and will do all they can to put you at ease. Some parlours even have a reception where you can sit down and chat to the girls to get a feel for your favourite beforehand. You might even be offered a glass of wine to steady your nerves.

They will adjust your massage to your personal preference

Once you’ve selected your gorgeous therapist you will be shown to the bedroom. Your gorgeous girl will discuss with you beforehand what you want from your session. The beauty of erotic massage is that the style can be moulded to suit your personal preferences, whether you fancy some relaxing romance or something more adventurous.

All erotic massages are performed with the receiver and therapist both naked, but if you’re feeling a little nervous then do inform your masseuse –they’ll be able to undress to the comfort level as the session gradually progresses.

The session starts with a non-sexual full-body massage

The masseuse will place a towel down on the bed and lie you down as she warms your skin with massage oil. Though the purpose of erotic asian tantric massage is to arouse, the massage doesn’t actually start sexual. The masseuse will commence with a full body massage, similar to the soothing strokes derived from the classic style.  She’ll begin to work on your tension built in your neck, back and shoulders which will calm release all the unwanted stress within your muscles. This part of the massage is considered as the starter, there’s plenty more of this sensational feast to come!

Chinese tantric masseuse
Image: Asian Massage Therapist

More sensual strokes will be introduced

As your masseuse gently moves you onto your front from your back she will use what is known as an ‘edging’ technique. To perform ‘edging’ she will start to run her tantalising fingertips from your chest to erogenous zones (sensitive points), getting closer and closer to your manhood each time.  As your toes begin to curl and your body starts to shake she will manoeuvre her soft hands back to the top of your physique. This will send rushes of orgasmic pleasure down your spine and will be repeated until you’re at a point of no return.

The session does include sex

How sexual does the session get? Will I get a happy ending? Does the massage involve sex? These are common questions surrounding erotic massage and the answer depends on which masseuse or parlour you go to. You may-be familiar with the terms ‘happy ending’ and ‘full service massage’ but are maybe unsure what they mean. However, once you’ve had an erotic massage you’ll become accustomed to the services. Erotic happy ending generally means the naked massage with hand relief, while full service is exactly what it says on the tin and is the full she-bang. Not only will the masseuse pleasure you with her hands, she will also introduce oral and penetration as part of your experience.

You should always remain respectful

Although an erotic massage often progresses to being super sexual it’s important you are respectful to your masseuse at all times. French-kissing, pleasuring your therapist and oral without condom are often considered as extra and should be discussed with your therapist at the beginning of your session. They’re usually more than happy to adhere to your requests! Many erotic massage parlours also operate 24 hour hotlines where you can ring and discuss your queries before making your appointment.

Everyone should get an erotic massage..

You may think it’s a little naughty but there are SO many reasons why everyone should get an erotic massage. It can boost your sexual stamina, provides escape from life stresses and unwinds your tired and worn out muscles – it really is a no brainer! There’s guaranteed to be an erotic massage parlour in your area, so why not try a session today?

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A Bittersweet Romance In A Roman Holiday

Romantic movie Roman Holiday

A friend rang me up last week and during the conversation, he said that he was holidaying in Europe this summer. Among the cities he was visiting in Europe, one was Rome. The first words that came to my mind was Roman Holiday.

Movie Review: Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday (1953) is a bittersweet romance between a princess and a journalist, lasting only for a day. Roman Holiday is a film you can watch countless times and you will never get enough of it. I bet you will fall in love with Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn). Love has many shades but with her, it is a sublime one. This was Audrey’s first film, and she sparkled. Petite, captivating, pensive, polite, gracious, charming, delightful, genial, courteous – one runs out of adjectives to describe Audrey Hepburn in this film. She is alternately majestic and naïve. Her sad expression when she stands, watching the man she loves and then turns her head to walk away from him is an absolute contrast to the marvellous ecstasy in her eyes when she realizes she has found true love.

Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), a Hollywood icon, offers a restrained thwart to her cheekiness. His attraction to her keeps him in turmoil with his professional impulses. Yes, he walks away from her finally, restraining himself with dignity. If the love had a happy ending he would become the prince of the princess. But no, you realize that the man of his stature could have done no less than restrain himself. Roman Holiday is a blend of being romantic but with a sweetness that will not make you diabetic, it’s humorous but not a slapstick comedy, it is tender like a tulip but does not deteriorate.

Roman Holiday princess scene
Image: Princess Anne

When the chemistry between Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn lights up, the city of Rome becomes beautiful and the Vespa scooter that they ride becomes awfully romantic.

If you ever make a list of romantic films, Roman Holiday would top the list. It is impossible to watch this film and not fall in love with Anne and Joe, or the whole idea of falling in love. It is impossible not to wish for such love, even if the ending is so poignant.

If there is one scene that symbolizes the saying ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’, it is the last scene where Joe indirectly promises Princess Anne that her faith in him will not be deceived, and the look on her face when she knows it is goodbye. It is the only way the film could have ended. Finally Joe tells Anne, “Life isn’t always what one likes, is it?”

You are missing something unfathomable if you have not yet seen this film.

Interesting Movie Facts About Roman Holiday

  • At the beginning of this movie Audrey Hepburn was an upcoming British actress having starred successfully on Broadway. She was almost rejected during the audition for this film. During the audition, the cameraman kept the camera running even after the director called “cut” and her exuberance off-camera charmed the director.
  • Cary Grant was originally offered the role to play Joe Bradley. Grant felt that he would look too old opposite the young Hepburn and declined the role.
  • Gregory Peck insisted that the “introducing Audrey Hepburn” line be removed.
  • Gregory Peck said Audrey Hepburn should be given top billing alongside him.
  • Gregory Peck predicted Audrey Hepburn would win the Oscar for her role even before the film released, and he was proved right.
  • The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won three.
  • Audrey Hepburn won not only the Academy Award for best actress that year but also the BAFTA award and the Golden Globe for best actress for her portrayal of Princess Anne.
  • The Vespa ride scene is so iconic and influencing that the Vespa sales had risen to over 100,000 after the film released.

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Dr. Bendigiri holds a Ph.D , MBA, M.Com, B.Com, DPM and has corporate experience relating to human resources and public relations. He was a Director at Deogiri Institute of Technology and Management Studies, Aurangabad of Maharashtra State, and was also a Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. He currently works as a freelance consultant. He writes passionately about love, marriage and growing together.

RISE Above And Rescue Sex Ed

Sexual health education

Today I am going to discuss something I feel incredibly passionate about, something that I feel is important for all people to have awareness around and that is sexuality and relationship education for young people. It is no secret that there exists a huge lack in the sex and relationship education that is provided to children and teenagers today, with the school system offering the bare minimum of a sex education program for what should be a priority.

How Big Is The Sexual Health Education Problem?

The fact that rates of several sexually transmitted infections have markedly increased over time, as well as the unacceptable rates of sexual violence and assault happening all over the world should be enough to draw attention to the fact that the education that young people are currently receiving is not good enough. These are some of the negative repercussions of a lack of positive sex and relationship education and the extent runs so much deeper than rates and statistics of STI’s and sexual assault. Relationships play such an important role in our overall health and happiness in our lives so knowing how to do them well can mean all the difference between a good and great life.

Most children and teenagers receive education related to sexuality and relationships from parents and school teachers, with the information they gain from this dependant on where they go to school and what their parent’s attitude towards sex is. Now, it is all well and good to leave this education in the hands of parents and school teachers to deliver however when they are not equipped to do so, the consequences of poor sex education can be troublesome.

Talking to parents can be a great way to learn about sex for children and teenagers if their parents have positive views of sex, which unfortunately is not always the case. If parents have negative views and attitudes towards sexuality attached to a history of negative unresolved experiences with sex and relationships, then they are not in the greatest position to impact their children in a positive way. I am not yet a parent but one thing I have come to notice is that the children who grow up with positive views of sex and sexuality have been exposed to parents who are confident and empowered in their own sexuality.

A study completed in 2010 by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society showed that many school teachers offering sex education in their classes (usually PD/H/PE teachers) felt ill equipped to offer such information to their students, with the majority having no or minimal training in sex education. So despite their best intentions, school teachers can often lack the necessary skills to educate young people on sex and relationships.

Many young people growing up today are exposed to pornography early on in their sexual development (sadly before sexual development for some) and this can have some negative repercussions to what they come to believe about sex throughout their lives.

Pornography displays an unrealistic portrayal of sex, with the clips easily accessible on the internet intended to entertain rather than educate. When young people are exposed to pornography without the awareness of its true intent (i.e. entertainment) they come to believe that the way that sex occurs in porn is the only way. Considering that a large proportion of pornography depicts violence against women, this spells disaster. The actors in porn are having sex in a way that excites the viewer and not in a way that is necessarily pleasurable for them. Pornography does not make for appropriate sex education. Teachers and parents often lack the skills and qualities to teach it effectively so what needs to be done?

Relationship, Intimacy And Sexuality Education Program

A greater emphasis on young people learning about relationships and sex is necessary if we are to see better outcomes for young people. For this reason, I, along with my partner Nic Tovey, have decided to create an educational program specifically for young people to learn skills that will equip them with the confidence to navigate the world of relationships, intimacy and sexuality in a healthy and empowered way. Focusing on and then expanding on the relationship with oneself, this program will teach young people embodied tools and skills that will empower them to make healthy decisions when it comes to sex and relationships.

Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Education program
Image: Rise Program

We are running a forum in Sydney, Australia on March 15th to ascertain the desires and feelings of parents and their teenage children when it comes to sexuality and relationship education. We want our Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Education (RISE) program to be informed by the very young people we will be teaching and this opportunity gives parents a say on what they feel is important for their children to learn. The event is open to parents of teenagers and teenagers 12-16 years of age. Event details can be found on Facebook’s RISE forum event page and on Adultsmart’s RISE forum event page. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

It’s all well and good to notice that changes in sex and relationship education is necessary but if we do not take action, we will see no progression in the way that young people are learning about relationships and sex. There is no better time for change then right now!!

Author: Stephanie Curtis – Sexologist, BA Nursing

Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.

My Very First Secret Trip To A Nude Beach

3 Nudist Women

I like clothes, I used to sell them; I can often be seen wearing them. I feel comfortable and protected in clothing, and for me I see it as a way of self-expression and exploration.

I like being nude. I was born nude; I am often nude and if you’re unlucky you may see it. I feel free and open when I am nude and for me I see it as a way of self-expression and exploration.

I think you needed to know these two things about me before I start my story, because for some the desire to go nude, let alone go nude in public around other people, who are also nude, seems damn near insane. But that’s what I did.

My husband and I were sitting on the couch together, we were talking about things husbands and wives talk about when their alone (bills, other people, etc.) when an idea literally popped into my head. I turned to him quickly, “do you wanna go to a nude beach tomorrow?” I asked almost as surprised by the question as he was. “Yeah” was his simple reply.

Side note: My husband is a very nude dude.

I love the beach, my husband however doesn’t. I see his point when you figure in the travel time, the traffic, the crowds, and the cost of parking (if you can get it) a beach day can turn into a pain in the arse. For me the payoff of being in the ocean makes it worth it, but not for him. So when he said yes to my nude beach plan I was happy, it seemed like I had planned a beach trip that he would enjoy.  But I quickly had to ask myself, would I?

While my husband was a very nude dude, I have had quite a different relationship with my naked body. As a child I always wanted to be nude but as most children learn early that is not “ok” so I dressed as I was told. As a teenager I grew big boobs overnight that got me a lot of attention, caused me a lot of pain and changed my body into something I was meant to like (big boobs are awesome! Everyone wants them) to something that I didn’t recognise. I would get in the shower and stare down at these massive balloons on my chest covered in stretch marks and veins and think, no this isn’t what they are meant to look like! I spent most of my teenage years mad at my body for not turning into the nude image I had in my head. As an adult plus size woman I have to be honest in saying this relationship has only recently started to improve, why now?  I don’t really know, maybe age? But I’m going with it.

And going with it is exactly how this chubby girl found herself pulling up in the carpark of Cobblers Beach the next morning. My husband was eager, to him this experience was exactly what he had been looking for, a chance to feel open and free… me on the other hand, I was sweating.

This seemed like such a good idea when I suggested it but as I walked down the rocky path towards the hidden cove I was cursing myself out “this is dumb turn back!” said my brain, “your giant gross titties will freak out all the nice people and they will run like that scene from jaws!!!” I tend to get somewhat overdramatic when I am nervous.

As we rounded the corner we began seeing people, naked people and the second I saw that I was calm. I forgot for a second that at a nude beach, everyone was nude and there is something very equalising in that. No matter what the body looks like there an undeniable vulnerability in being nude with others. It’s a, “we are all in this together” type of thing that helped me forget my hang ups and start paying attention to what was happening around me.

What was happening around me were a bunch of smiling nude people who seem really happy and relaxed. What will surprise you the most about a nude beach is how normal it is, some people were snorkelling, others were sun bathing and many were just enjoying a swim. People were in various stages of undress, some still fully clothed hanging out with their nude friends.

Nudist Women
Image: Nudists

We picked our spot and dropped trow, well the husband did, I thought topless was enough for my first visit. We walked away from our area and I was expecting people to look at my pale chuddy self and recoil but they didn’t even notice, or if they did, I didn’t notice them noticing me.

We spent a few hours swimming, reading in the sun, exploring the rock pools and I can honestly say it was the best day at the beach I’ve ever had. It was odd to me that as a chubby girl I felt more comfortable on a nude beach than a normal one but it is true, it felt more accepting and less about how you look and more about how you feel. I felt empowered and a little sunburnt.

The husband was in his element and I think he realised that the beach wasn’t the issue, it was that we kept going to places he couldn’t be comfortable, for him being able to be nude and unjudged was a very big thing and it changed the beach from this pain in the arse thing his wife likes to do to something we can do together.

But the real question is would I go back?

My answer…

Why wouldn’t I?

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Unspoken Signs Of Love

You may find that in a relationship a man hardly utters the words “I love you” even if a woman wants that assurance from him or she craves to hear these three words. Men do fail to understand women in the romance section and this was very true for a generation before mine. Here is a short story about this issue.

Three Magical Words

The other day there was an argument between my son and his wife. The reason she said it had happened was because he was not spending quality time with her and he was so busy he didn’t even notice her new dress. The last time he had said “I love you” to her was half a decade back, so she complained. And so the exchanging of words continued in a heated manner until it finally settled on a compromise where he had to take her on a long drive, have a lunch in a downtown restaurant and finally conclude with a movie, that Sunday.

I remembered how my grandparents loved each other. My grandparents to which my son could attribute his legacy. Whenever my grandmother was with me, she used to tell stories about how she met my grandfather and how they used to converse with each other. The stories were in a fragmented manner. Like how she never entered his room rather she would doze off in another room, she never looked up into his face and exchanged words once in a while and that too was on rare occasions. But whenever she said all these words, a faint smile lingered on her face and sometimes she would even blush, making her so attractive!

I wondered how this woman could love a man who always frowned; spoke in a low voice that was almost a growl which could frighten anyone. It baffled me, how two people who had been married for 5 decades could still be so much in love with each other. How my grandma could so clearly have this crush on my grandpa, how she could find him the most incredible man in the world when they had shared so many years of up and downs and perhaps so many of their own flaws and differences.

How could an old woman like her light up like that, when speaking of her husband? How could she smile and blush as though she was in her teens when she knew so much about the world and had made so many sacrifices for this person?

And I am sure he had never said “I love you” to her.

I love you message
Image: I love you leaf

Adultsmart’s blog is proud to announce the newest expert Dr. Satish Bendigiri to our blogging team.

Dr. Bendigiri holds a Ph.D , MBA, M.Com, B.Com, DPM and has corporate experience relating to human resources and public relations. He was a Director at Deogiri Institute of Technology and Management Studies, Aurangabad of Maharashtra State, and was also a Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. He currently works as a freelance consultant. He writes passionately about love, marriage and growing together.