Tee Bee Cis Author

Meet Stephen, aka Tee Bee Cis Author, a vivacious cis-gendered gay man whose life revolves around his two feline companions and indulging in the pleasures of Tim Tams. Beyond these delightful distractions, TeeBee is a self-identified sex-positive advocate with a profound commitment to issues close to his heart – gender equality, disabilities, sexual education, and broader social concerns.

Tee Bee Cis Author
Tee Bee Adultsmart Author

Opinionated and bold, TeeBee fearlessly speaks his mind, tackling subjects others may shy away from. His dedication to fostering dialogue on crucial topics is evident in his writings, which delve into social issues, sexual education, queer matters, and the realm of fetishes and the absurd.

Armed with a double Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and literature, along with a Masters in Education, TeeBee is not just a prolific writer; he’s a well-qualified authority in the field. His insatiable yearning for knowledge and experience in all things related to sex has led him to develop content for numerous informative Sexual Health and Wellness websites.

TeeBee’s articles are not mere words; they are a reflection of his passion and commitment to fostering understanding and acceptance. His unique perspective, informed by academic prowess and personal experiences, creates a tapestry of insights that transcends conventional boundaries. TeeBee invites you on a journey through his vibrant mind, exploring the intersection of pleasure, education, and social consciousness in a way that is both informative and refreshingly bold.

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Tee Bee Cis Author
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