Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant
Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant
Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant
Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant

Key Features:

  • Organic all natural aloe based lubricant
  • Long Lasting Non-sticky natural lube
  • Works with toys
  • Great for sensitive skin

Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant

Manufacturers: Gel Works

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Product Description

Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant

Welcome to the world of Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant – where sensitivity meets sensuality, and even the most delicate surfaces get the royal treatment! This lube is like a gentle caress from a unicorn, designed especially for sensitive women's most sensitive skin. Picture this: Aloe Vera, the benevolent wizard of skincare, combined with a texture so fine it makes silk blush with envy.

Our lube is so kind to your delicate bits that it practically throws a tea party in their honor. But wait, there's more – we've pH buffered this magical elixir to a sweet pH 4.0, ensuring that it's your partner in crime during those times of maximum kindness. It's like having a tiny spa day for your nether regions, but without the awkward spa music.

Now, let's talk upgrades. We've ditched the old-school citric acid found in most lubes and brought in the lactic acid buffer. Why? Because we believe in keeping up with the times, darling! This lactic acid magic mirrors the way a healthy woman's body balances pH naturally. It's the VIP treatment for your VIP areas. Plus, it's got natural deodorant properties – because who says a lube can't multitask?

Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera isn't just a lube; it's a wingman for your lady bits. It's a good vaginal moisturizer, ensuring your nether regions are never parched. Whether it's extra moisture before or during the act or some good ol' sexual play, our lube is up for it. Think of it as the fairy godmother of lubricants – granting wishes and ensuring a happily ever after.

And if you think size doesn't matter, think again. We've got options – the 90g tube for those who like to keep things discreet, and the 1kg pump for those who believe in going big or going home. Because when it comes to pleasure, we believe everyone should have choices.

But that's not all, folks! Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant is not just a name; it's an ARTG-approved wonder. The ARTG Number is 94373 – because we believe in making our mark in the lubricant hall of fame.

So, if you want a lube that's softer than a kitten's belly, more delicate than a dandelion, and as kind as a grandma's smile, Wet Stuff Aloe Vera Lubricant is your new best friend. Get ready for a lubricating experience that's so delightful, you'll wonder why you haven't tried it sooner. Because life's too short for subpar lubrication – go ahead, treat yourself and your sensitive bits to the luxury they deserve!


At Gel Works, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in sexual safety, offering an extensive selection of over 70 thoughtfully developed personal lubrication formulations. Our commitment is to enhance your intimate moments by providing meticulously crafted lubes that prioritize not only pleasure but also safety.

Gel Works takes pride in its innovative approach to condom technology and public health research, ensuring that you can trust us with your sexual well-being. Our range of premium personal lubricants is a testament to our dedication to excellence, as each formulation is carefully designed to elevate your intimate experiences.

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When you choose Gel Works, you're choosing more than just a lubricant – you're selecting a brand that prioritizes your safety and satisfaction. Unleash the potential of your intimate moments with Gel Works, where cutting-edge research, premium formulations, and a passion for sexual well-being come together to redefine your expectations. Visit Gel Works today and indulge in the ultimate fusion of pleasure and safety.

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Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 07-15-2019 

I loved this! & love the fact that it’s Natural! Will purchase again.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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