Vibrating Bunny Enhancer
Vibrating Bunny Enhancer
Vibrating Bunny Enhancer

Key Features:

  • The enhancer is made from safe TPR
  • The stimulator is made from ABS with silver plating
  • Powered by 3 watch batteries, 6 are included
  • Enhancer measures 2.5 in (6 cm) x 1.5 in (4 cm)
  • Stimulator measures 1.25 in (3 cm) x .5 in (1 cm)

Vibrating Bunny Enhancer

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Elevate pleasure with Basic Essentials Vibrating Bunny Enhancer. Experience shared ecstasy with this couples' favorite. Buy now!

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Product Description

Vibrating Bunny Enhancer

Introducing the epitome of shared pleasure – the Basic Essentials Vibrating Cock Ring with Bunny Tickler, a sensational creation by California Exotics that redefines the art of intimacy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this versatile enhancer is not just a toy; it's an immersive experience designed to elevate the connection between partners.

At the heart of the Bunny Enhancer is a commitment to enhancing pleasure for both partners, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, support, and stimulation. Let's delve into the intricacies of this intimate accessory and explore how it can transform your moments of passion.

For Him: Comfortable and Effective Erection Support

The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer is engineered with the man in mind, offering a perfect fusion of comfort and efficacy. The stretchy design ensures a snug fit, providing reliable support for erections without compromising on comfort. This thoughtful construction is not only a testament to ergonomic design but also an invitation to explore enhanced performance.

Imagine a sensation that goes beyond the ordinary, a feeling of support that allows for unrestricted pleasure. The stretchy material adapts to the natural contours, creating a personalized fit that makes every moment more enjoyable. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a world where confidence and pleasure intersect seamlessly.

This enhancement is not just about elevating physical performance; it's about creating an atmosphere where pleasure becomes a shared journey. The Bunny Enhancer becomes a silent companion, offering support in the background, allowing him to focus on the shared ecstasy of the moment.

For Her: Tantalizing Bunny Tickler

For the woman, the Bunny Tickler takes center stage, introducing a new realm of pleasure and excitement. Nestled against all the right spots, this rabbit stimulator is a game-changer in the world of intimate accessories. Its purpose is clear – to tantalize and enhance pleasure, ensuring that every touch, every movement, is met with heightened sensations.

What sets the Bunny Tickler apart is its reusable and removable micro-stimulator, a feature that adds an extra layer of versatility to this intimate accessory. Couples can customize their experience, exploring different levels of stimulation and discovering what resonates most with their desires. It's an evolution in intimacy, where the boundaries of pleasure are expanded, and exploration is encouraged.

The intricately designed ticklers create a symphony of sensations, awakening desires and adding an element of surprise to every encounter. The micro-stimulator is a precision instrument, offering targeted stimulation that caters to the unique preferences of each individual. It's an ode to the diversity of pleasure, acknowledging that every person is different, and every moment deserves to be special.

A Fusion of Comfort and Pleasure: Materials and Design

Crafted from safe Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), the Bunny Enhancer prioritizes safety and comfort. TPR is known for its body-friendly properties, ensuring that both partners can indulge in pleasure without concerns about sensitivities or allergies. The enhancer becomes an extension of the body, a seamless addition that enhances without intruding.

The stimulator, made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with silver plating, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. ABS is chosen for its durability and safety, providing a sleek and elegant finish that complements the intimate nature of this accessory. The silver plating not only adds a visual appeal but also reflects the commitment to quality that California Exotics is known for.

Powered by three watch batteries, with six included in the package, the Bunny Enhancer is ready to fulfill your desires at a moment's notice. The inclusion of batteries is a thoughtful touch, eliminating the need for additional purchases and ensuring that pleasure is just a heartbeat away.

Compact and Travel-Friendly: Dimensions

Measuring at a discreet 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches, the enhancer is compact and travel-friendly. Its unobtrusive size ensures that pleasure knows no boundaries – whether at home, during a romantic getaway, or on a spontaneous adventure. The stimulator, measuring 1.25 inches by 0.5 inches, delivers precise stimulation where it matters most, adding to the versatility of this intimate accessory.

The compact design is a testament to the portability of pleasure, allowing couples to carry their Bunny Enhancer wherever their desires may take them. Slip it into a discreet pocket, pack it in an overnight bag, and let pleasure become a constant companion on your journey of shared ecstasy.

A Commitment to Couples: California Exotics' Promise

Indulge in the world of pleasure with the Basic Essentials Vibrating Cock Ring with Bunny Tickler—a testament to California Exotics' commitment to enhancing intimate experiences. This enhancer transcends the ordinary, offering a symphony of sensations that cater to the diverse desires of couples seeking to explore new heights of pleasure together.

California Exotics, a trusted name in the realm of intimate accessories, has curated the Bunny Enhancer with a keen understanding of what couples seek in their moments of passion. It's not just a product; it's an invitation to create memories, to explore desires, and to strengthen the bonds of intimacy.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Pleasure

In conclusion, the Basic Essentials Vibrating Cock Ring with Bunny Tickler is not just an enhancement; it's a catalyst for shared pleasure. It's a celebration of the connection between partners, a fusion of comfort and stimulation that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Elevate your pleasure with California Exotics' commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. The Bunny Enhancer is not just a product; it's a promise of shared ecstasy, a journey into the depths of desire, and a testament to the beauty of intimacy. Say yes to comfort, say yes to pleasure, and say yes to a new chapter in your intimate adventures.


Discover a world of pleasure with Basic Essentials by California Exotics, your passport to affordable and satisfying sexual wellness. Elevate your intimate moments without breaking the bank – our budget-friendly sex toys are designed to guarantee your satisfaction. Shop now and embark on a journey where pleasure meets affordability.

California Exotics is your trusted companion for happiness in the bedroom. Our commitment to enhancing intimate experiences is epitomized by Basic Essentials, a collection that redefines pleasure without compromise. Step into a realm where passion and affordability intertwine, creating an unparalleled experience that speaks to the heart of satisfaction.

Indulge in the exquisite offerings of Basic Essentials sex toys and witness a transformation in your intimate encounters. With California Exotics, satisfaction is not just a promise; it's a commitment to ensuring that your desires are met without compromise. Elevate your pleasure and discover a new standard in affordable yet gratifying sexual wellness. Try Basic Essentials now, and let your bedroom adventures reach new heights. Your satisfaction is our priority at California Exotics – because everyone deserves happiness in the bedroom.

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