TOUCHE King of Victory
TOUCHE King of Victory
TOUCHE King of Victory
TOUCHE King of Victory

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable ticklers for extra stimulation
  • 10 different vibrating speeds and extra climax function
  • Waterproof for bath and shower pleasure
  • Made from silicone, adapting to your body temperature fast
  • Ergonomic design for effortless insertion

TOUCHE King of Victory

Manufacturers: Shots Toys

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Bow to pleasure with TOUCHE King of Victory Vibrator! Ultra-sonic power, versatile elegance, and ergonomic sovereignty. Rule your desires. Buy now for royal ecstasy!

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Product Description

TOUCHE King of Victory

Behold the reign of pleasure, where the TOUCHE King of Victory Vibrator ascends as the sovereign of satisfaction, commanding attention and devotion in your intimate realm. This majestic ruler is not just a toy; it's an exalted experience, promising a regal performance that transcends the ordinary. Bow to the King of Victory and witness your desires transformed into an epic tale of ecstasy.

A Monarch's Overture: Step into the court of pleasure and witness the grand entrance of the King of Victory. Majestic in every detail, this vibrator is not just an instrument of pleasure; it's a declaration of sovereignty over your desires. The King invites you to join a symphony of ecstasy, where every touch, every vibration, is orchestrated for your pleasure.

The Royal Ensemble: Versatility is the hallmark of royalty, and the King of Victory boasts a regal ensemble with three different add-ons, each offering a unique facet of pleasure. Choose and change these accessories as you wish, customizing your experience to suit the evolving desires of your kingdom. This royal vibrator transcends boundaries, adeptly serving both vaginal and anal domains with grace and sophistication.

Sonic Waves of Power: The King of Victory doesn't merely vibrate; it commands with sonic waves of power. The ultra-sonic motor within this majestic companion is a testament to its regal lineage, delivering sensations that reverberate through your very core. With each touch, the King whispers promises of ecstasy, ensuring a performance that resonates with the authority befitting a sovereign of pleasure.

Ergonomic Royalty: As a benevolent ruler, the King of Victory understands the importance of ergonomic design. Its contours are crafted with precision, ensuring effortless insertion and a seamless connection with your body. Allow the ergonomic design to guide you into a realm where pleasure flows naturally, and every touch is a decree of satisfaction.

The Kingdom of Pleasure: Splash-proof and ready for adventure, the King of Victory extends its dominion into the shower, turning water into a canvas for the most luxurious pleasure. Immerse yourself in the regal delights of this vibrator as it reigns supreme amidst the soothing droplets. The kingdom of pleasure extends beyond the bedroom, inviting you to explore wet and wild territories.

Batteries Fit for a King: Powering the regal performance is a decree of 2x AAA batteries, ensuring that the King of Victory maintains its authority without interruption. No need to worry about sudden outages or interruptions in the royal spectacle. The batteries serve as loyal subjects, tirelessly fueling the monarch's pursuit of pleasure.

A Tapestry of Majesty: In the hands of the King of Victory, pleasure is not just a sensation; it's a tapestry woven with threads of desire and ecstasy. With each touch, the King paints strokes of delight, creating a masterpiece that speaks to the regal nature of your desires. Crown yourself with the pleasure that befits a ruler and let the King guide you through realms unexplored.

In summation, the TOUCHE King of Victory Vibrator is not just a sex toy; it's an opulent journey into the world of pleasure, a coronation of desires, and a symphony of ecstasy conducted by a sovereign of satisfaction. Allow the King to ascend to the throne in your intimate space, ruling over your desires with unwavering authority. It's time to embrace the regal pleasures that only the King of Victory can bestow upon you.


Shots Sextoys is an adult lifestyle company who aim to deliver inspirational product designs. The provide a large range of products including oral stimulators, vibrators, anal sex toys, BDSM gear, bondage wear and much more. Their brand names include Loveline, Real Rock, Touche Sex Products and De Namour Lingerie. Shots Sextoys are shipped privately to your front door worldwide.

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Reviewed By: Tim, Arlington On 01-28-2016 

The little pocket massagers are still a popular option for many couples today. Today, i want to look at the King of Victory by Touche. This is double the price of the doc johnson pocket vibrator, so i was eager to get my hands on it. Unlike something like the doc johnson the small little detachable heads on the KOV are a soft silicone. I'm sure ive mentioned this before in many reviews, but small silicone nodules can work fantastically well in accentuating vibrations. Because they're soft, they'll actually vibrate more than something hard and firm. The trade off on something like this though, is that it doesn't perform as well when pressed firmly against the body as the silicone (unable to move with the vibrations) can actually absorb the vibrations more so than a firm ABS plastic. But, as you'll see that's not for all toys. The KOV has three interchangeable heads. Firstly, the crown shaped one which would provide all round vibration to the clit or nipples or even the head of the penis. The second one is a delightfully spiked head and the last one a smooth oval head.I put the crown on and felt the vibrations and it was alright. This one you'll need to apply pressure with to get the full effect of the vibrations, once the middle part of the attachment is on what it needs to be. My favourite one is the little spikey one. This just feels awesome, whilst im not sure if the strength of the vibrations is acceptable for those that like a mild buzz with some ribbing it'll feel great. The third head is a solid silicone is probably the strongest because it is solid and you can therefore apply the most pressure with it. It use two triple a batteries and is very quiet, it doens't have multiple speeds or settings though, which is a bit upsetting.

3 Stars 3 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous On 04-19-2016 

I admit that this toy is total disappointment to me. First time that I saw the package with little vibrator and 3 caps in it, it seemed like a real good one. However, just after putting batteries in I changed my mind immediately. This toy is not for intermediate or advanced users undoubtedly. (in my opinion, not for anybody) It has the weakest vibrations and/or conduction of vibrations to the tip that I've ever seen. It operates with 2 AAA batteries and it is said that its battery life is pretty good in the reviews because of its weak vibrations, apparently. Of course, it is not the worst toy on the market, actually, there is no such "worst" term for adult fun cause each person has different tastes and each toy is designed to strike one's fancy for sure and our reviews do not refer universal truths as you can appreciate it. So, this toy is not handy for me because of my personal preferences. (more importantly, due to the fact that I don't have vagina but you know what I mean) After salving my conscience for my negative thoughts on the toy mentioned in the first paragraph, I can keep talking about the features of it. It is made of 100 % silky smooth silicone which is phthalate-free and non toxic. The toy has 3 different caps which are; tapered plain one, crown shaped one and lastly tapered one with bulges on it. The King of Victory is splash proof so don't go under water and be careful during cleaning. All in all, the toy can be used without strong vibrations for basic and simple fun. It is a good candidate to be a first step on your way going to the magical world of adult play.

3 Stars 3 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 08-01-2018 

Wife found a new best friend. She loves the adjustability of the motor. It is plenty powerful.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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