Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail
Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail
Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail
Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail

Key Features:

  • Fits on most thong style harnesses
  • A puppy dog tail without the insertion
  • Slides on quickly and easily
  • Pure platinum silicone material - tail wags with realistic movement

Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail

Manufacturers: Oxballs

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Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail quickly and easily slips onto your favourite thong style harness, made from pure platinum silicone material

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Product Description

Oxballs Tailbone Slider Strap Pup-Tail

At OXBALLS, we recognize that like some dog breeds, there are all kinds of pups out there with different temperaments.

We love pup-tails and seeing them bouncin’ around a boy’s backside, but we also know that not all pups want to be “plugged” especially when heading out to a bar or puppy-pit.

That’s why we created TAILBONE, a puppy tail that’s designed to strap onto the buttstrap of a jock–harness or even a full-body harness…so you can get your tail on without any anal intrusion.

With TAILBONE you can still be TOP DOG while you bury your bone in some puppy butt, after all, Tops with tails are fuckin hot…or if you’re the kinda puppy who who just wants to play without having your puppy-pucker stretched, this strap-on tail is man’s best friend…

It’s also great for go-go boys or showin’ pup pride at fetish events that don’t allow for total nudity or visible insertables.

The shocking blue looks fuckin’ hot wigglin’ over a pair of tight bleachers or the acid yellow over a bubble ass in some bun-huggin’ trackies…put on a show at the next play party with our glow in the dark Nuke color...


Total Length of Base:  4.5”/ 11.4 cm

Smallest Circumference of Tail:  6”/ 15.2 cm

Largest Circumference of Tail:  9.25”/ 23.5 cm



There are numerous sex toy manufacturers in US, but very few are able to reach the pinnacle of success as Oxballs. The company is unique in the sense that it manufacturers sex toys for HIM, by men. Oxballs sex toy range efficiency its design language is something which many other companies. But despite of that, Oxballs has managed to keep its high-end quality repeatedly.

From dick armors, puppy play and piss troughs- their collection will simply leave you astounded. Oxballs sex toy range is exclusive in the very essence of the word. Plus the price tags affixed to it are also on cost-convenient terms- which make it all the more well for their vast number of clients.

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MPN: OX-049


Reviewed By: Leonie, Oh Zone Penrith On 01-07-2016 

I am reviewing the tailbone. I know absolutely nothing about puppy play so I thought I would look it up. I would like too firstly give you some information on what is puppy play. What is puppy play? Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological pup. It's not necessarily a sexual play, though it can be. For many it serves as a release of the animal part of them. It is not is bestiality: real animals are not involved. Why do puppy play? Because it's fun! More to the point it gives the pup an opportunity to shed off their human personality and take on the simple, carefree existence of a pup. Puppies like and get lots of attention. They also however receive some control from their Handler, while still expressing their animal instincts and desires. The Handler also revives benefit from puppy play. Pups are always happy to see you and play fetch with you. They serve as a companion and friend. The Handler has the opportunity to establish dominance through training, while still allowing the pup some freedom, especially when playing. What about humiliation? For many pups, puppy play is not about humiliation. This does not mean they may not also enjoy humiliation, or that humiliation play is bad, but it tends not to be a part of puppy play. In many ways puppy play is much like training a biological pup. You wouldn't hit, kick, or abuse a new puppy to train him. Instead a firm but gentle approach is taken to training and discipline. Positive reinforcement is key; 'good boy' is spoken much more often than 'naughty pup' in puppy play. What are the roles in puppy play? There is no authoritative list of the roles in puppy play, but the most common names and meanings are these: dogs are more interested in the dog persona: barking, being on all fours, the physical aspects of being a dog. They may be a more 'independent' pup. pups are more about the canine head space then the physical. They think like a dog would, and crave attention like a puppy does. alphas are the more aggressive, dominating pups. They will pose themselves as pack leaders, but will often also look after the pups in their pack. Handlers are anyone the takes care of a pup. The one holding the leash per se. Trainers train the pups to behave, do tricks. Trainer and Handlers may overlap. Masters are usually the same as in other BDSM roles, they own the pups, and may or may not take part in the other roles. biopup/biocanine – These terms refer to the biological animal (Canis lupus familiaris) to distinguish from the human animal. What is pup headspace? Headspace is hard to describe. It's the mental state you put on when you are doing puppy play. Dogs live in the moment, they do not think about the past or present. They act on instinct rather than rationality. Dogs are pack animals and seek attention from the other members of the pack. They look to the other dogs for leadership and guidance, and will assert their own if they do not find it. Maintaining headspace is about putting aside the human thoughts and desires and thinking instead about a pup's thoughts and desires. What is needed for puppy play? For most, puppy play is primarily a headspace. It is about a pup mentality, where your world consists mainly of what's within four feet of the ground. Puppy play is cheap and can be done with a minimum of gear. That said, there is some gear that helps maintain headspace. Collars – A collar may be the most important part of gear for a pup. Besides providing a place to put a leash and a tag, wearing a collar helps immensely in putting a pup into the proper headspace. Unowned pups should not wear tags. Kneepads – A more practical consideration than anything, a cheap pair of kneepads from home depot will help keep your pups knees from being chewed up and allow for longer play. Paws/Mitts – Paws help keep a pups hands restrained, preventing them from being used like a humans and also serving to protect hands during play. Hoods/Muzzles – A muzzle helps prevent a pup from using his human voice, and serves to make him look more dog like. Hoods look even more dog like (some are very realistic) and are usually less restrictive. Toys – Every pup needs some good chew toys to chase. The best toys are soft, human teeth are not dog teeth. Hard toys like bones and rawhide shouldn't be used. Rope toys are OK but should not be tugged on hard. Bowls – A large dog bowl is best. A human pup's snout isn't as long as a real pup's. Best way to measure is to stick your face in and see if it fits! How do I get started as a pup? Get on all fours and start barking! It is not always easy for a pup to get started with his puppy headspace. All pups are different, so what works for one may not work for others. The most useful thing may be to try and think like a dog thinks. Read puppy training guides, especially if you've not owned a dog, or haven't in a long time, it will help give you some insight into how a dog would react to a situation. When you see a ball, you want to chase it. When someone gives you a treat you wag your tail (wagging your butt is acceptable :-) ). Human speech doesn't mean much to you, except maybe “good boy/girl.” There are very little worries when you are a puppy. You crave attention and will seek it however you can get it! Remember though that pups don't always have to chase balls! There is a special bond that can be found between Handler & pup just by putting your head in his lap while he gives you ear scratchies. You do not necessarily have to be on all fours to be in pup headspace. Many pups maintain a sort of pup headspace even when they are at work, in the car, or at the store. It is about keeping a carefree, joyful mentality. And growling at the occasional squirrel. ;-) How do I get started as a Handler? For the most part, when you are handling your pup treat him how you would a biological puppy. Pet him, play with him, tell him he's a good boy. There is no thing greater than having the joy and love you give your pup reflected back to you from a wagging tail and a lick on the cheek. Remember though that you need to maintain dominance, by showing you are pack leader, or your pup will get out of control. Use positive reinforcement to train your pup. Giving attention to negative behavior will not work in your favor, because a pup only wants attention, and will see this as a game. Some of the best guides for training are regular old puppy training guides you get from the pet shop. Make sure your pup tries to use his puppy mentality and not his human (humans learn tricks too fast :-P ). Do keep in mind however that your human puppy is not the same as a biological one and cannot do all of the same things his counterpart can. Should I give my human pup dog food? NO!!!!! This question comes up a lot from those starting to get into puppy play. Despite what you may have heard, animal dog food is not fit for human consumption. Besides not meeting the dietary requirements of humans, there are many components such as bone meal and animal byproducts in dog food that simply aren't digestible by humans and could make you sick. There are plenty of human foods that can serve as a substitute dog food. Cookies, crackers, anything bite size your pup enjoys may be usable as treats. Cold canned beef stew is a perfect analog for wet dog food. Certain breakfast cereals look a lot like kibble (dry food). You can be creative and make your own food and treats. so this brings me to the oxballs tail with harness. I actually thought this product was a but plug designed as a puppy tail. However research shows it is designed to strap onto the butt strap of a jock–harness or even a full-body harness…so you can get your tail on without any anal intrusion. With TAILBONE you can still be top dog while you bury your bone in some puppy butt, or if you’re the kinda puppy who who just wants to play without having your anus stretched, this strap-on is for you. It’s also great for go-go boys or showing pup pride at fetish events that don’t allow for total nudity or visible insertables. Stats (Approximate): Total Length of Base: 4.5”/ 11.4 cm Smallest Circumference of Tail: 6”/ 15.2 cm Largest Circumference of Tail: 9.25”/ 23.5 cm Weight: 7.2 oz

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 11-27-2018 

Great for moshing when you don't want to wear an insertable

4 Stars 4 of 5 Stars!


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