Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager
Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager

Key Features:

  • 10 pulsation, vibration and escalation functions
  • 4 thrilling hours of vibration that recharges in 2 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Plush silicone
  • Clam shape design

Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Unleash delight wherever you go with the Marvelous Massager. Buy now for compact pleasure with 10 functions and rechargeable power.

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Product Description

Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager

This pint-sized wonder is not just a sex toy; it's your personal passport to pleasure, a discreet companion that's always ready to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Nestle it between your fingers, and let the journey begin!

Imagine a stimulator so discreet and petite that it could comfortably double as your secret pleasure sidekick. Well, say hello to the Marvelous Massager, a travel-sized delight crafted for on-the-go indulgence. It's the kind of toy that makes you wonder, "Why haven't I been carrying pleasure around in my purse all this time?"

Crafted from super-soft, phthalate-free, and unscented silicone, the Marvelous Massager is a tactile delight. Its contoured shape is like the ergonomic wizard of the pleasure realm, fitting snugly between your fingers for a seamless connection with your body. It's not just a toy; it's a sculpted masterpiece that knows its way around pleasure points like a well-traveled explorer.

Now, let's talk about the magic it holds within its compact frame. The Marvelous Massager is armed with 10 vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions. It's like having a pleasure symphony at your fingertips, ready to orchestrate an intimate masterpiece. The versatility of this little wonder is astounding, offering a range of sensations to suit every mood. Whether you're in the mood for a gentle hum or a pulsating rhythm, the Marvelous Massager is your conductor of pleasure.

Precision is the name of the game, and this compact arouser is the MVP. It zeros in on your secret sweet spots and erogenous zones with the finesse of a pleasure-seeking ninja. It's not just a massager; it's a precision tool for pleasure, a wizard's wand in the world of ecstasy.

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned pleasure enthusiasts, the Marvelous Massager is the democratizer of delight. It doesn't discriminate; it welcomes all to the realm of sensual exploration. Solo adventurers, couples in cahoots, this travel-sized delight is your ticket to uncharted territories of pleasure.

Now, picture this little marvel discreetly tucked inside your purse, ready to make an appearance whenever the mood strikes. It's the clandestine rendezvous you never knew you needed, the secret ingredient that turns a mundane day into a memorable escapade. With its petite size and unassuming appearance, the Marvelous Massager is your co-conspirator in pleasure, always ready to add a dash of excitement to your day.

Charging this pleasure trove is as easy as pie. In just 2.5 hours, it's recharged and ready to embark on another round of pleasure expedition. The convenience of a rechargeable battery not only makes it eco-friendly but also ensures that your pleasure is never put on hold due to battery mishaps.

Before and after your playtime rendezvous, cleanliness is key. The Marvelous Massager is low-maintenance – a quick cleanse with mild soapy water or a spritz of your favorite toy cleaner, and it's ready for its next adventure. It's the kind of toy that's easy to love, easy to clean, and always ready for an encore.

In conclusion, the California Exotics Mini Marvels Silicone Marvelous Massager is not just a toy; it's an experience waiting to happen. It's your playful confidante, your discreet accomplice in pleasure, and your partner in crime for turning the ordinary into extraordinary. So, why settle for mundane when you can add a touch of marvel to your day?


Mini Marvels - compact and discreet mini massagers crafted for the adventurous soul. These miniature wonders redefine on-the-go indulgence with their 10 intense functions, premium silicone construction, and a reliable travel lock. Created by California Exotics, these Mini Marvels ensure a thrilling experience no matter where your journey takes you.

Designed for those who crave excitement, these mini massagers feature premium silicone for a luxurious feel against your skin. The carefully selected materials guarantee a body-safe and enjoyable experience. The 10 intense functions offer a variety of sensations, allowing you to customize your pleasure and explore new heights of satisfaction.

Traveling with your Mini Marvels is a breeze, thanks to the secure travel lock. No more worries about accidental activations in your bag or during transport—simply lock it, toss it in your luggage, and enjoy peace of mind wherever you go. The travel lock ensures that your mini massager is ready for action only when you want it to be.

These pocket-sized pleasures are not only convenient but also versatile. Completely waterproof, they invite you to explore the realms of aquatic enjoyment. Whether in the shower, bath, or any other wet environment, the Mini Marvels promise an exhilarating journey, combining the bliss of water with the power of 10 intense functions.

California Exotics has crafted these Mini Marvels with a commitment to quality and innovation. The result is a collection of discreet mini massagers that deliver on-the-go satisfaction without compromising on performance. Elevate your experiences with these compact delights, blending portability, functionality, and premium materials for a truly indulgent adventure.

In summary, the Mini Marvels from California Exotics are more than just mini massagers—they are companions for the adventurous spirit. With their discreet design, premium silicone construction, versatile waterproof feature, and customizable functions, these mini marvels redefine on-the-go pleasure, ensuring that your journey is filled with excitement and satisfaction.

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MPN: SE-4409-20-3


Reviewed By: Teagan, Blakeview, South Australia On 05-15-2018 

Super interesting design. The mouth opening is actually where you slip in a finger. It directs the vibrations through the sex toy or the finger depending on how you choose to use it. Had a lot of fun with my boyfriend experimenting with the different erogenous zones. The vibrations are lighter, soothing and pleasuring. I would definitely recommend this to couples and solos.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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