Lelo Elise 2
Lelo Elise 2
Lelo Elise 2
Lelo Elise 2
Lelo Elise 2
Lelo Elise 2

Key Features:

  • Powerful vibrator that features 2 motors in the tip and base for even more intense and satisfying vibrations!
  • Sensually curved shape designed to give you direct G-spot stimulation
  • Curved base that can be used to stimulate your external sweet spots or as a handle for better control
  • Features 8 exciting vibration modes for customized pleasure!
  • Quiet, yet powerful, motors for discreet sex play

Lelo Elise 2

Manufacturers: Lelo

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Indulge in blissful sensations with Lelo Elise 2. Discover premium satisfaction with dual motors and 8 modes. Elevate your intimacy, anytime, anywhere.

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Product Description

Lelo Elise 2

Introducing the Lelo Elise 2 - Your Ultimate Luxury Adult Vibrator

He's gone away again. You've had a stressful day, and all you want is some intense pleasure to help you relieve just a little of that stress. But he's gone. No problem when you are the proud owner of the Elise 2 Vibrator by Lelo. Her soft silicone has enough firmness to part your folds and get where you want it, with just enough give to make insertion a breeze. Her five different modes will allow you to dictate the action and intensity of your experience. On a particularly hard day, you may not want to start off with the lowest setting.

These modes are powered not by one but by two different motors that keep the action going from two different locations deep in her inner workings. And if you didn't think it could get any better, Elise 2 is completely waterproofed. So that evening in the tub you brag about the next day can be as stimulating as when he is there.

Available Colors: Pink, Plum, Black

Meet Elise 2. She's the vibrator built to please even the hardest-to-please women. The first thing you will notice on meeting Elise 2 is her beautiful form. She's angled just right to reach those areas he never could. You know Elise 2 was designed with you in mind because she has two equally powerful motors: one at her base, the other at her tip where you want the power to be! She comes equipped with eight modes.

From the low and slow hum that is meant to get you hot and wet to the sensuous hyper-speed that may just have you biting your lip in ecstasy. And what's better than being able to climax yourself into a pleasant coma? Being able to do it in the bathtub or shower! Elise 2 is completely waterproof, and she enjoys a nice evening at home in the bath! So light the candles, pour the champagne, and enjoy!

Materials: ABS / body safe silicone

Finish:   matte

Size: 220 x 42 x 36 mm

Weight: 210 grams

Battery: Li-lon 900 mAh 3.7 V

Charging: 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA

User time: up to 2 hours

Standby: up to 90 days

Frequency: 100 Hz

Max noise level: <50dB

Interface: variable interface dial, 5 modes


In 2003 three Swedish designers came together in Stockholm with an idea. How could they transform the outlook of many towards the sex toy industry to allow it to become acceptable, more mainstream and remove the sometimes negative stigma attached. This is when the concept of Lelo Pleasure Objects came to fruition changing the landscape of sex toys by creating and designing luxurious sex toys that were unlike anything ever created before. Uncompromised design ensure refinement and quality never seen before and with the first 1 year guarantee and 5 year warranty on all their products. The popularity was amazing with over 18 million Lelo products sold worldwide so far it became the brand that people wanted to shop for. Endorsements by celebrities, main stream advertising and a cupboard full of awards has made it the benchmark for all its competitors who have all tried to replicate the success.

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Reviewed By: Patricia, Earlwood On 06-07-2015 

Elise 2 is a powerhouse. Its dual vibrators give rumbly vibrations, 8 unique modes, and an enormous varieties of vibrating strengths. The Elise 2 feels incredible vaginally and can give a touch of G-spot stimulation too, yet it can likewise be utilized remotely to give clitoral excitement. The extent in vibration quality, smooth silicone, and non-forceful shape could work for people that have had sex toys before who wouldn't be scared away by the size. LELO says this toy is completely waterproof, so you can scrub down in the shower this extravagance vibe is top quality and is a genuine delight to possess. The Elise 2 has a rigid structure that is completely secured in silicone with the exception of the silver band that isolates the pole from the handle. Silicone is body safe and non-permeable and won't harbor any destructive microbes. The silicone that LELO uses is exceptionally smooth and succulent, with only an indication of drag. It will coast over the skin when its dry and slip and slide when the silicone gets wet. Only use water-based and not silicone-based. Silicone lubes can possibly have a compound response with silicone toys with can bring about the silicone material perishing.The silver band that isolates the pole and handle makes a crease on each of its two edges. The creases are sealed up firmly and I have not had any issues with natural liquids or lubes getting in them. Elise 2 is a more conventional molded vibe with a tad bit of bend to the pole and a slight flare at the head of the toy. Elise is a sum of 9" long, with 5.25" of it being insertable. The biggest part of the pole swells to 4.5" around, then decreases down to 4" close to the base of the pole. Elise is controlled by four catches on a control cushion on the handle segment of the toy. There are a (+) and a (-) catch that control the power of the vibrations, and afterward there are here and there bolt catches that change the vibration designs. The ring around the control cushion will light when you push them, yet it doesn't stay always lit while Elise is being used. To turn the toy on, press the (+) catch and Elise will start up at the most minimal force of enduring vibration in both engines. You can utilize the (+) and (-) catches to flip the force of the vibrations there are 9 distinct levels. You can then press the down bolt to spin through the examples. Keep in mind that you can utilize the (+) and (-) to change the power for the majority of the modes with the exception of setting 8, which is the irregular mode. To turn the toy off simply press and hold the (-) catch, the force will rapidly lower and after that stop. Turning the toy off from the most elevated force takes around 3 seconds. Elise 2 is waterproof, which makes cleaning a breeze. I like to splash my toys with toy cleaner and after that flush them off in the sink. You can likewise utilize cleanser and water or toy wipes in the event that you lean towards them, and you can utilize a 10% detergent to water ratio to sterilize this toy.. The charging port for Elise is found right on the base of the handle and it’s completely open and revealed. I was extremely concerned at first that liquids or trash could get in there and cause an issue. LELO claims this toy is absolutely waterproof and different commentators have submerged Elise with no issues. The lit ring around the charging port will glimmer while the Elise is charging and afterward the light will become bright when the battery is full. I totally love toys that have dual motors in their shaft, and Elise 2 is one of the best I have found to date. I fell head over heels in love for my Lelo Gigi 2 and needed to get another LELO vibe and check whether it would be as magnificent. The Elise 2 is waterproof and more grounded, and it offers more methods of vibration; including the irregular mode, which is something I truly like having. I am not disappointed in my choice by any means – Elise is spectacular!

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!

Reviewed By: Anonymous, On 02-16-2019 

This is a game changer. Well made, well thought out, a lot of different & fun settings. Pretty powerful for a rechargeable.

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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