LA Pump Nipple Enhancement Cylinders | Sold as Pair
LA Pump Nipple Enhancement Cylinders | Sold as Pair

Key Features:

  • Must be used with an LA Pump System
  • To use together, or with a partner we advise also grabbing the T Connector
  • Easy to use Nipple Pumping Cylinders
  • High quality superior strength cylinders

LA Pump Nipple Enhancement Cylinders | Sold as Pair

Manufacturers: LA Pumps

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Guaranteed nipple growth with LA Pump Vacuum System Have the nipples you always wanted with LA Pump Nipple Rehab at Adult Shop Australia

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Product Description

LA Pump Nipple Enhancement Cylinders | Sold as Pair

You choose what your nipples are like with LA Pump Nipple Rehab. When following the instructions of these USA made nipple enhancement cylinders it is your choice how large you wish to pump your nipples and areola. With proper use the LA Vacuum Pumping System is an effective way to reverse unsightly inverted nipples that may have been caused from breast feeding.

An enlarged nipple will cause nipple sensations and when used in conjunction with the LA Hand or Gauged Pump will ensure constant pressure and growth. Enjoy watching your nipples grow with each use and your partner can experience his nipple sex desires by watching too. Turn your Nipple rejuvenation device into a sextoy and have lots of fun.


We suggest if you have a partner or wish to pump two nipples at a time that you purchase a buddy T-hose connector with another clinder to pump with the same amount of pressure. The nipple pump will work without the T-connector and is great should one nipple be larger than the other but we suggest this for ease of use if you wish to pump two nipples at the same time.

In this world of cheap Asian knock offs or even expensive brands manufacturing in third wold countries and compromising the quality of their products it is great to see a good old American made product that does not skimp on quality or design.  Diamond cut using the perspex that is used in jet aeroplanes these nipple cylinders are built to last and work.

Nipple cylinders come in a variety of sizes and to work out which vacuum cylinder is right for you measure out the size of your nipple and then add the amount of area you wish to envigorate that will cause it to enlarge. Nipple rehab cylinders can be used by both men and women and has been known to reverse inverted nipples without the need for surgery or medicines.

Use of the LA pump on women generally will cause dramatic enhancement to the areola and project the nipple outwards many times more than 2 centimeters. Your partner will love the look as nipple sex is a little talked about but very popular fetish almost putting the LA Pump into the category of sextoys.

Nipple pumps are for men too. Not only does using a nipple enlargement device increase sensitivity to the nipple it also creates a sexual mystique seeing hardened and erect nipples and enlarged aerola. It is also handy when going for some nipple piercing as the added mass makes it easier to pierce.

Generally most people start with the smaller cylinders and then move up in size. As the user gains pumping experience the area being enlarged gets bigger too. It is so much fun you may even choose to enlarge another body part or partake in clitoral rehab with LA Clit Cylinders.

These cylinders cannot be used without an LA Pump and cannot be used as a pair without the buddy T Connector. They are available here at adultsmart but are not included with the aerola cylinders.

LA Pump nipple cylinders are sold in pairs and if used as recommended will beautifully enlarge your nipples. The device can equally be used by men and women and will cause your nipples to become more sensitive and easier to sexually arouse. Sexually aroused nipples give pleasure and are a great foreplay to sex.

Each cylinder is handcrafted and made in the good old US of A so assurance is given that they are a premium product that will last for many years. LA Pumping Systems come highly recommended by doctors and clinics in the treatment of many disorders including rectifying inverted nipples.

For those that enjoy nipple piercings it is a great way to enlarge the area making it easier for the piercer to put his needle.

LA Pump Vacuum Enlargement Systems are made fo the finest quality materials and diamond cut.   They are made to last a many years and are effective in the treatment of many ailments and disorders.

The LA Nipple Cylinders are designed to get blood flowing on the areola and nipple causing the area to enlarge.  In many cases the use of the LA Pump is effective in reversing an inverted nipple without the need for surgery or medication.

The areola and nipple will become envigorated by the additional blood flow and with continued use effects may become more long-term.  A great nipple rehab tool.  An LA Vacuum pump is required to operate this device and a buddy T tube to treat both nipples simultaneously. Not Included.

Make your nipples truly beautiful with this LA Pump Vacuum Rejuvenation set of cylinders. Full and erect nipples are sexy and this system can be used by both the man and woman with equal success. Treat inverted nipples or just use to arouse them more as a prelim for sexual encounters. This can be your nipple sextoy.

When used as recommended it is easy to enlarge your nipples causing sensational stimulations.   High quality and high tech clear acrylic materials are diamond cut to make the cylinders – the same material jet planes use for their windows ensuring quality and long life for your adult product.

If you are a lover of nipple bondage then the LA Vacuum system could be right for you as you can engorge the nipple till it is close to bursting when using higher pressure levels but remember to always play it safe. Never go beyond your bodies limitations or your pain threshold.


LA pump is one of the most recognizable brands for male pumping in the world. They are renowned for quality, durability and for their broad versatility. They have an extensive range of attachments and add ons. Since their entry into penis pumping and penis devices, they have expanded their collection for pumping enthusiasts both male and female, and they carry a pumping cylinder for almost every single body part imaginable

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