Heavenly De-Light Costume
Heavenly De-Light Costume
Heavenly De-Light Costume

Key Features:

  • Fiber Optic Illumination: Embedded blue lights create a celestial glow, transforming you into a radiant angelic seductress.
  • Shimmer Microfiber Elegance: The deep plunging neckline and bell-shaped sleeves add grace to the celestial ensemble.
  • Complete Accessory Set: Includes gold rope belt, halo headband, golden bell necklace, sensual wings, and a light-up wand.
  • Hidden Pocket Control: Turn on/off the fiber optic lights at will, allowing you to control the luminosity of your celestial allure.
  • Inclusive Sizing: Available in the sexy plus size Dreamgirl style 5864X, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals of all shapes and sizes.

Heavenly De-Light Costume

Manufacturers: Dream Girl Lingerie

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Ignite your celestial allure! Buy the Heavenly De-Light Costume and command attention with its luminous charm and divine sensuality.

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Product Description

Heavenly De-Light Costume

Heavenly De-Light Costume: A Symphony of Angelic Seduction

In the realm where celestial beauty meets divine desire, the Dream Girl Lingerie Heavenly De-Light Costume stands as a radiant beacon of angelic allure. This isn't just a costume; it's a manifestation of celestial seduction sent from the heavens above, ready to illuminate the night with its ethereal glow.

A Celestial Overture:

Enveloped in a palette of delightfully pure white, the Heavenly De-Light Costume unveils a celestial symphony of elegance and sensuality. The angel babydoll, crafted from shimmer microfiber, caresses the curves with grace. The deep plunging neckline beckons with a touch of temptation, striking a harmonious balance between celestial modesty and celestial allure.

The 3/4 length bell-shaped sleeves add a whimsical touch, fluttering like the wings of a celestial being. It's an ensemble that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embody the grace and sensuality that defines the essence of celestial beauty.

Luminous Radiance:

What sets this costume apart is its ability to transcend the boundaries of earthly glamour. Embedded with blue fiber optic lights, it transforms into a luminous entity, casting a spell of enchantment wherever you go. The lights, delicately scattered across the costume, create a celestial glow that captivates onlookers and elevates your presence to that of a divine enchantress.

The hidden pocket feature allows you to control the radiance, giving you the power to switch on and off the lights at will. It's a celestial performance, and you are the luminary, guiding the way with your radiant allure.

Completing the Celestial Ensemble:

To complete your transformation into an angelic seductress, the Heavenly De-Light Costume includes carefully curated accessories that enhance the divine aesthetic.

The gold rope belt, cinching at the waist, adds a touch of celestial elegance. It not only accentuates your heavenly curves but also serves as a regal accessory that complements the luminosity of the costume.

A halo headband crowns you with celestial authority, making you the queen of the night. The golden bell necklace adds a melody of charm, resonating with the celestial beauty that defines the ensemble.

No celestial transformation is complete without wings, and the sensual wings included with this costume are designed to evoke desire. Lightweight and ethereal, they enhance the heavenly aesthetic, allowing you to embrace your divine persona with grace and style.

To guide your way through the celestial realm, a light-up wand with blue lights is included. This enchanting accessory not only adds a magical touch to your ensemble but also serves as a beacon of allure, drawing attention to your every movement.

Dance of the Celestial Seductress:

As you slip into the Heavenly De-Light Costume, you're not merely dressing up; you're stepping into a celestial dance—a dance that transcends the earthly boundaries of glamour and allure. The fiber optic lights create a mesmerizing aura, turning you into a celestial being that captivates and enchants.

The luminous glow follows your every move, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Whether you're on the dance floor, under the moonlight, or commanding attention at a celestial-themed event, the Heavenly De-Light Costume ensures you're the star of the cosmic show.

For Every Body, Every Fantasy:

Available in the sexy plus size Dreamgirl style 5864X, the Heavenly De-Light Costume celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Every woman, regardless of shape or size, deserves to bask in the celestial glow of enchantment. It's a costume designed to empower, allowing you to embrace your sensuality and create a celestial fantasy that is uniquely yours.

Unlocking the Portal to Sensual Elevation:

Order the Dream Girl Lingerie Heavenly De-Light Costume today and unlock the portal to a realm where earthly limitations dissolve, and celestial allure takes center stage. Let the fiber optic lights guide your way as you dance through the night, embodying the divine seductress within.


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