The FemmeFunn Versa Bullet is a powerhouse of pleasure, delivering an electrifying experience that transcends the ordinary. As you delve into the world of Versa, you'll discover how its core pulses with sensations that intensify with each of its 7 powerful modes.

Versa is designed for versatility and satisfaction. Its one-button control ensures that you can effortlessly cycle through the 7 dynamic modes, customizing your experience to suit your desires. From gentle caresses to intense satisfaction, this thick remote-controlled vibrator has it all.

The wireless remote control feature adds a new dimension to your pleasure. Hand over the reins to a partner and let them guide your journey, or indulge in solo play with ease. Experiment with different modes and intensities, heightening your excitement with each passing moment.

Charging your Versa Bullet is a breeze, thanks to the magnetic charging feature. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries or dealing with cumbersome cables. Enjoy uninterrupted pleasure with the convenience of easy charging.

Discretion is paramount, and Versa delivers with its quiet operation. You can relish your intimate moments without drawing any unwanted attention. The discreet design ensures that your pleasure remains your little secret.

For those who love aquatic adventures, the Versa Bullet is 100% waterproof. Take it into the shower or explore in the bathtub – this versatile vibrator is ready for some wet and wild fun. Unleash your desires without limits and immerse yourself in the world of water play.

Ready to elevate your pleasure further? The Versa Bullet offers three unique sleeves that can be attached for a completely different experience. Each sleeve brings a new dimension of sensation, ensuring that your journey is always fresh and exciting.

Experience the transformative power of the FemmeFunn Versa Bullet. It's the thick remote-controlled vibrator that promises to electrify your senses and lead you to new heights of ecstasy. Take your pleasure to the next level with the Versa Bullet and explore a world of satisfaction like never before.


7 powerful vibration modes

One button

Remote controlled (wireless)

Magnetic charging



100% waterproof


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