Dreamgirl Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King
Dreamgirl Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King

Key Features:

  • Tunic with cape
  • Sword with sheath
  • metallic brown and stretches for your comfort
  • The knit tunic is gold.
  • Travel back in time

Dreamgirl Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King

Manufacturers: Dream Girl Lingerie

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Transform into a seductive Warrior King with Dreamgirl's fantasy costume. Buy this unique outfit for men online – perfect for Halloween or a daring Valentine's Day.

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Product Description

Dreamgirl Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King

Command the Fantasy Realm: Dreamgirl Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King Costume

In the heart of ancient lands, where fantasy and desire intertwine, the Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King emerges from the creative forge of Dreamgirl. This metallic brown stretch knit tunic isn't just a costume; it's a majestic proclamation of strength, style, and seduction. As you step into this regal ensemble, you become the ruler of your own fantasy realm, commanding attention with every stride.

The metallic brown hue of the tunic is a canvas of opulence, catching the light with a regal sheen. But it's the intricate gold foil appliqued crest and trim details that elevate this costume to true royalty. This isn't just an outfit; it's an expression of power, adorned with symbols that speak of dominance and authority.

As you wear the metallic brown tunic, feel the weight of the crown that isn't physical but metaphorical – a crown that signifies your reign as the Warrior King. The attached cape billows behind you, adding a touch of drama that mirrors the grandeur of ancient rulers. With each movement, the cape becomes a visual symphony, a testament to your commanding presence.

Yet, every king needs a weapon, a symbol of authority that completes the regal ensemble. Fear not, for the Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King costume includes a sword with a case. Wield it with confidence, and as you do, you embody the power and might of a ruler who knows how to command both respect and desire. The sword becomes an extension of your fantasy persona, adding an authentic touch to your majestic appearance.


Legend has it that the King of Babe-A-Lonia had such fun satisfying his people one by one. With the Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King costume, you step into the footsteps of this legendary ruler, ready to command attention, admiration, and desire. It's more than a costume; it's an experience, a journey into a fantasy realm where you reign supreme.

The metallic allure, the regal crest, and the captivating cape make this costume a centerpiece of fantasy. Whether you're gearing up for a daring Valentine's Day celebration or making a grand entrance at a Halloween fancy dress party, the Babe-A-Lonian Warrior King costume ensures you stand out as the sovereign of style.

As you embody the character of the Warrior King, you transcend the boundaries of ordinary attire. This isn't just a costume for a specific occasion; it's an investment in the exploration of your fantasy persona. Wear it with pride, and let the metallic sheen, the regal crest, and the dramatic cape become extensions of your own regality.


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