California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring
California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring
California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring
California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring
California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring
California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring

Key Features:

  • Stretchy cock ring with steel beads
  • Enhance your pleasure and performance
  • Large size (3.8cm diameter)
  • Made from quality silicone and steel
  • Use with water-based lube only

California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Enhance your intimate moments with the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring. Unleash pleasure with this stretchy and comfortable ring featuring stainless steel.

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Product Description

California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring

Step into the whimsical world of pleasure with the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring, a delightfully cheeky accessory designed to add a touch of humor to your intimate escapades. This is not your average pleasure ring; it's a passport to a carnival of sensations, where laughter and pleasure intertwine for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Picture this: you, your partner, and the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring – the trio destined to turn your bedroom into a laughter-filled, pleasure-packed playground. Made with the perfect blend of silicone and stainless steel pleasure beads, this ring is not just about enhancing your intimate moments; it's about having a good time while doing it.

The silicone band, stretchy and snug, gives you the kind of support that's better than a best friend during a breakup – reliable and comforting. But wait, there's more! Introducing the steel pleasure beads – the life of the party. With every move, they dance and twirl, teasing and tantalizing in a way that says, "Let's turn up the volume on this pleasure playlist!"

Slip on the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring, and suddenly, your inner circus ringmaster emerges. The large ring, with a diameter of 1.5 inches (3.75 cm), takes center stage, commanding attention like the main act under the big top. And for those who dare to go extra-large (we see you, thrill-seekers!), the 2-inch (5 cm) diameter of the ring promises an encore performance that will leave everyone applauding.

But let's talk about stamina, shall we? This ring isn't just here for a good time; it's here for a long time. With increased stamina, you'll feel like the superhero of pleasure, ready to save the day and make every intimate encounter a blockbuster hit. The enhanced girth and sensitivity? Well, those are like the sidekicks, adding depth and dimension to your superhero persona.

As you and your partner embark on this pleasure-filled journey, the steel pleasure beads become your mischievous companions, whispering secrets of ecstasy and guiding you towards an orgasmic wonderland. It's not just a ring; it's an adventure – a laughter-infused, pleasure-packed rollercoaster ride where every twist and turn brings you closer to the ultimate climax.

Crafted with passion and a sprinkle of humor, the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring is more than just a sex toy; it's a comedy show for your intimate moments. It breaks the ice, tickles your fancy, and leaves you in stitches of pleasure. Who knew that enhancing your intimate life could be this much fun?

So, whether you're a pleasure-seeking comedian or a laughter-loving adventurer, the California Exotics Large Steel Beaded Silicone Ring is your ticket to the hottest show in town – your own bedroom extravaganza. Buckle up, grab your partner, and get ready to laugh, love, and linger in the pleasure paradise that awaits. Because, let's face it, pleasure is best when it comes with a side of laughter.


California Exotics is a renowned, award-winning brand with a rich history in the adult lifestyle industry, boasting over a quarter-century of experience since their establishment in 1994. This legacy of expertise and innovation ensures that every product they craft is of exceptional quality, designed to provide the utmost satisfaction for all individuals and couples seeking heightened pleasure and intimacy.

With a diverse catalog of well over 100 distinctive product ranges, California Exotics caters to a broad spectrum of desires, preferences, and needs. Among their offerings are the exciting Foreplay Frenzy, the elegant Crystal Chic, the versatile Bendies, the essential Basic Essentials, the seductive Entice, and the iconic Jack Rabbits. These collections showcase the brand's commitment to variety, ensuring that you'll easily discover a toy that aligns with your unique desires, whether you're seeking enhanced foreplay or indulging in a thrilling solo experience.

California Exotics prides itself on crafting sex toys that meet a broad array of needs, spanning from the curious beginner to the seasoned enthusiast. The brand's dedication to quality and innovation guarantees that each product is designed to provide you with pleasure and satisfaction, no matter your experience level.

Furthermore, California Exotics has a global reach, shipping its exceptional products worldwide. Regardless of your location, you can trust that their meticulously designed and rigorously tested toys are accessible to you, promising an exciting journey of sexual exploration and fulfillment. Discover the pleasure and excitement of California Exotics, a brand with a legacy of passion and pleasure, empowering individuals and couples worldwide to explore their deepest desires and fantasies.

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MPN: SE-1437-10-2


Reviewed By: Pedro, Wiley Park On 11-28-2022 

Better than normal silicone penile ring

5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars!


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