Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy
Bendie Power Stud Curvy

Key Features:

  • 3 stimulating speeds
  • Multi-directional flexing and bending
  • G-spot curved for pinpoint stimulation
  • ABS and PU Cote cap with silver plating decor
  • Vibrator made from a phthalate-free PVC material

Bendie Power Stud Curvy

Manufacturers: California Exotics

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Experience the thrill of customizable pleasure with California Exotics' Bendie Curvy Dildo. Buy now for a journey into sensual bliss!

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Product Description

Bendie Power Stud Curvy

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing allure of the Bendie™ Power Stud™ - Curvy, a marvel of pleasure meticulously crafted by California Exotics. In a world where sensations meet sophistication, this extraordinary dildo stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of intimate pleasure. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to the realm of adult toys, the Bendie Power Stud Curvy will leave you awe-struck with its captivating features and unparalleled versatility.

Picture this: a sleek and sensuous silhouette available in the enchanting shades of black, purple, or pink. The Bendie Power Stud Curvy is not just a dildo; it's a work of art designed to elevate your sensory experience to heights you never imagined. As your eyes trace the contours of this tantalizing creation, the promise of a journey into ecstasy unfolds before you.

What sets this dildo apart is its ability to bend and flex effortlessly, like a dance of passion choreographed just for you. The multi-directional stimulation it offers is a symphony of pleasure, ensuring that every intimate encounter becomes a masterpiece. Imagine the thrill of being able to customize your pleasure with three stimulating speeds, effortlessly controlled by a user-friendly push-button interface. The Bendie Power Stud Curvy is not just a toy; it's a conductor of your desires, orchestrating an experience that resonates with your every whim.

As your fingertips graze the velvety surface of this marvel, you'll revel in the soft and sensual touch that defines the Bendie Power Stud Curvy. It's not just a dildo; it's a sensory indulgence, a tactile masterpiece that beckons you to explore the realms of pleasure. The ergonomic design ensures that it fits perfectly in your hand, giving you unparalleled control over your journey into ecstasy.

Safety is paramount, and California Exotics understands your need for a worry-free adventure. The Bendie Power Stud Curvy is crafted from phthalate-free PVC, ensuring that your pleasure is not only intense but also safe. Additional components, such as ABS and ABS with PU Cote cap, as well as ABS with silver plating decor, further contribute to the durability and reliability of this exceptional creation. Your amazement will only grow as you realize that the Bendie Power Stud Curvy is not just a momentary indulgence but a long-lasting companion in your pursuit of pleasure.

Let's talk about versatility. Whether you're indulging in solo exploration or inviting a partner to share in the experience, the Bendie Power Stud Curvy adapts effortlessly to your desires. It's not just a dildo; it's a co-conspirator in the art of intimacy, a tool that enhances connection and elevates passion to new heights. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and the Bendie Power Stud Curvy is here to bring your fantasies to life.

Picture the scene: you, bathed in soft, ambient light, the Bendie Power Stud Curvy in hand, ready to embark on a journey of sensual discovery. It's not just a dildo; it's a ticket to an otherworldly adventure where every curve and contour is designed for your pleasure. With each press of the button, you'll be amazed at the symphony of sensations that unfold, guiding you to peaks of ecstasy you never thought possible.

In conclusion, the Bendie™ Power Stud™ - Curvy is not just an adult toy; it's a masterpiece of pleasure, a testament to the artistry of California Exotics. Your amazement begins from the moment you lay eyes on it, and with every use, it evolves into an unforgettable odyssey of pleasure. Treat yourself to the extraordinary – the Bendie Power Stud Curvy awaits, ready to amaze and delight.


Studs Vibrators are designed to elevate your sensory experience to new heights. Welcome to the realm of heightened sensations crafted by California Exotics, where passion meets innovation. Immerse yourself in the cool and sensual delight of the California Exotics Silicone Studs Vibrator, an embodiment of cutting-edge design and exquisite pleasure.

Our Silicone Studs Vibrator is a testament to the pursuit of perfection, ensuring you experience pleasure at its zenith. Crafted from hygienically superior silicone, this vibrator not only promises a velvety touch but also prioritizes your well-being. The hypoallergenic and body-safe material ensures a worry-free exploration of your desires, inviting you to embark on a journey of unbridled sensuality.

The intricately designed stimulating studs add an extra layer of ecstasy, promising an intense and satisfying experience with every use. As you explore the contours of this finely tuned pleasure device, you'll discover a world of pleasure that goes beyond the ordinary.

California Exotics has seamlessly blended form and function, creating a vibrator that not only stimulates your senses but also exudes sophistication. Let the Silicone Studs Vibrator be your companion in unlocking the secrets of pleasure, providing you with moments of unparalleled bliss.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of adult pleasure products, our Studs Vibrators by California Exotics promise a journey of discovery, pleasure, and satisfaction. Elevate your intimate moments with the epitome of sophistication and pleasure – the California Exotics Silicone Studs Vibrator.

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Reviewed By: Emily, Windsor On 02-04-2018 

Nice to have the freedom to get a flexible vibrator to hit the right spots.

4 Stars 4 of 5 Stars!


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