Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments
Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments
Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments
Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments
Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments

Key Features:

  • Testicle and Ball crusher CBT toys
  • Perfect for Male punishment and pain lovers
  • Fully Adjustable Design
  • Made from surgical steel - body safe and durable
  • Attach your chosen testicle crushers securely and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments

Manufacturers: BDStyle

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Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments is Designed for intense pleasure and pain, this device empowers you to control the pressure for a unique experience.

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Product Description

Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments


Introducing the pinnacle of intense BDSM pleasure – the BDStyle Ball Crusher with Ball Weight Attachments. This exquisite device combines the thrill of testicle stretching with the daring sensation of ball crushing, ensuring an electrifying experience that aficionados of domination and submission will find irresistible.


Crafted with precision, this ball crusher is the embodiment of pleasure and pain, designed to push boundaries and test limits. The adjustable wingnuts provide you with full control over the pressure applied, allowing you to customize the intensity according to your desires. The O-Rings serve as secure anchors for attaching your preferred testicle crushers, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit that guarantees unending sensations.


As you explore the realms of BDSM, please exercise caution and ensure proper usage to avoid unintended discomfort or injuries. The BDStyle Ball Crusher with Ball Weight Attachments is a tool meant for the brave and the adventurous, those who are willing to embrace the exquisite agony that comes with it. This device stands as a symbol of submission and dominance, a key element for those who are committed to pushing their boundaries in the world of fetish play.


The journey to pleasure through pain takes a new route with this device, as it offers the perfect blend of erotic torment and rapturous release. The combination of ball crushing and weight attachments takes you on a rollercoaster of sensations, with each moment building towards an electrifying climax.


For those who relish the art of BDSM, the BDStyle Ball Crusher with Ball Weight Attachments is an essential addition to your collection. Elevate your experiences, explore the depths of your desires, and indulge in the electrifying world of domination and submission like never before. Embrace the dualities of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and embark on a journey that will leave you craving for more.


For those who seek the ultimate testicle stretching experience combined with tantalizing ball crushing, the BDStyle Ball Crusher with Ball Weight Attachments is the perfect S&M device. Designed to deliver intense pleasure and pain, this daring device promises to take your BDSM adventures to thrilling new heights.

Easily controlled by wingnuts, the ball crusher ensures the perfect amount of pressure to leave you breathless with desire. The O-Rings allow for seamless attachment of your preferred testicle crushers, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Please exercise caution when using this device to avoid any unintended injuries. This exquisite piece of equipment is made for erotic torture, making it a true S&M delight for those who crave the ultimate in domination and submission experiences.

For those who aren't afraid to hit where it hurts, the BDStyle Ball Crusher with Ball Weight Attachments is a must-have in your collection of sex toys.


BDStyle is a great range of Bondage Gear Online that encompasses all the fetishes you may have. From male or female chastity devices, penis cages, cock plugs or in fact any type of fetish sexual device you may imagine this company will deliver. Picked by some of the most ardent experts you will find quality products at a budget price. Want some leather gear or perhaps a faux leather hood or maybe a pvc harness the choice will amaze. So get your restraints and cuffs from the experts online.

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MPN: MW-X1019


Reviewed By: Des On 08-07-2023 

If you are into some testicle stretching whilst your balls are being crushed this S&M Device will be perfect for you. The crusher is easily controlled by some wingnuts whilst the O-Rings allow for easy attachment of your testicle crushers. Please be cautious when using this device so as to not cause injury..

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