Wonderland Vibes The Mystical Mushroom

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The world of WonderLand is full of erotic surprises and satisfying delights. Enjoy pinpoint stimulation with the Mystical Mushroom- a waterproof silicone 4 inch massager that will take you on an incredible adventure through the looking glass and beyond. With a plush pointed cap and 10 fantastic functions, this mushroom blooms especially to satisfy your growing desire. Take the fantasy with you.


Operates by a Lighted Led Push Button Control -
Hold Button For 2 Seconds To Power Off. Requires 1 x AA Battery to operate. It is recommended to Clean With Warm Water And Soap, Being Careful To Keep The Rubber Seal Intact And Mechanical Components Dry.


Measurements: 5.5 inch Totaly Length, 4 inch Insertable Length



Doc Johnson is a highly sort after company with their products available to buy worldwide. The materials they use are carefully chosen, the designs are well thought out to bring functionality to life which has seen them win countless awards. Their team of experts carefully craft new sex toys and adult lifestyle products almost on a daily basis. You will be able to find something within their range which suits your personal tastes and interest.

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Wonderland Vibes The Mystical Mushroom Date Added: Wednesday 17 February, 2016

by Anonymous

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland said ' it's not use going back to yesterday, because i was a different person then' It's an accurate and perceptive statement especially when you consider the implications of what is being said. I take it to mean that with each passing minute, we grow. We learn, and we consider new things. So why don't you learn how to take care of yourself, your desires and your body with the Mystical Mushroom by Doc Johnson. A beautiful, affordable and playful clitoral vibrator that has featured in the tv Series House of Lies. The episode titled 'Wonders of the World' (S2E08) has several characters Jeannie, Clyde and Doug travelling to the Doc Johnson manufacturing plant to discover the Business of Pleasure. The demonstrated the manufacturing procedures used by Doc Johnson in it's quest to deliver quality products at affordable prices

The Mystical Mushroom is a small primarily clitoral vibrator. It is made of a purple silicone and i had thought that it would be softer than what it is, but it is actually quite firm and rigid. The detailing on the silicone though is delightful and though it's authenticity as a mushroom is dubious at best. However, i will give them solid points for detail. The vibrator is a a little over a finger wide, and ends in a small mushroom shape situated at a 45 degree angle. It sounds complex, but it is actually perfectly situated for clitoral stimulation without putting too much pressure on the wrists. On the underside of the mushroom head are some detailed frills, perfectly useless for any practical sense of the design, but aesthetically amusing.

It takes one double a Battery, and whilst it's not the strongest of vibrators, i feel it still has some oomph to it. With the nose test, i can still feel it tingling my senses which is a pretty good indication of how well it'll feel elsewere. What's great with this is that with the cute little mushroom head/tip it has the potential to really get to the clit. With 10 functions being 3 speeds and 7 pulses there'll be a setting there that'll get you squirming.

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