Wet Stuff Strawberry Lubricant

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Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant

Gel Works

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Do you need some extra flavor to your love life? Wet Stuffs brand of strawberry flavored personal lubricant is just the thing you need to bring in that extra excitement. Wet Stuff is an all-natural, edible lubricant with a delightful strawberry taste. Made from glycerin, in addition to sugar-free, non-toxic additives, there is a low risk factor when it comes to harmful side effects.


Wet Stuff Strawberry flavored lubricant is a non-irritating formula that will allow you and your partner to sweeten your play time and help make your intimate moments more stimulating. Wet Stuff brand lubricants are easy to use, safe and can easily be washed away with warm water and a washcloth. Wet Stuff comes in many different size bottles that are convienent to store just about anywhere, and can be used at any time that you may want to liven up the bedroom. This product contains all natural ingredients.


Available in 55g Tottle, 100g Tube and 270g Pump



Wet Stuff is manufactured by Gel Works and All water based Gel Works products pass the BP Preservative Challenge Test for Topical Lotions. The preservatives used in the water based range use a hypo allergenic mix of four Parabens preservatives: methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl para hydroxy benzoate. This allows a much lower level of the total parabens mix to be used than what is used in most cosmetics while still giving excellent protection from "Golden Staph". This is the microbe that still kills a small number of women with "toxic shock". Parabens preservatives do have excellent resistance to "Golden Staph". Some people with mild Parabens allergies are still able to use Wet Stuff lubes due to the low level used. We have decided to continue using the Parabens preservatives as they give the best protection from "toxic shock". An allergic response stops quickly after the product is washed off. People with allergies can use silicon body glide products that do not have any preservatives.

ARTG Number : 94373.

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