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The King of Victory; the emperor of erotic pleasure! You’ll come to love his majestic performance and honour him as the king of your toy box. Your royal friend who’s always there for you, to put you at your ease... Delivering vibrations through an ultra sonic motor. 3 different add-ons to choose and change as you want. Can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. Powered by 2x AAA batteries. Ergonomically designed for easy insertion. Splash-proof for use in the shower.



Shots Sextoys is an adult lifestyle company who aim to deliver inspirational product designs. The provide a large range of products including oral stimulators, vibrators, anal sex toys, BDSM gear, bondage wear and much more. Their brand names include Loveline, Real Rock, Touche Sex Products and De Namour Lingerie. Shots Sextoys are shipped privately to your front door worldwide.

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TOUCHE King of Victory Date Added: Tuesday 19 April, 2016

by Anonymous

I admit that this toy is total disappointment to me. First time that I saw the package with little vibrator and 3 caps in it, it seemed like a real good one. However, just after putting batteries in I changed my mind immediately. This toy is not for intermediate or advanced users undoubtedly. (in my opinion, not for anybody) It has the weakest vibrations and/or conduction of vibrations to the tip that I've ever seen. It operates with 2 AAA batteries and it is said that its battery life is pretty good in the reviews because of its weak vibrations, apparently. Of course, it is not the worst toy on the market, actually, there is no such "worst" term for adult fun cause each person has different tastes and each toy is designed to strike one's fancy for sure and our reviews do not refer universal truths as you can appreciate it. So, this toy is not handy for me because of my personal preferences. (more importantly, due to the fact that I don't have vagina but you know what I mean) After salving my conscience for my negative thoughts on the toy mentioned in the first paragraph, I can keep talking about the features of it. It is made of 100 % silky smooth silicone which is phthalate-free and non toxic. The toy has 3 different caps which are; tapered plain one, crown shaped one and lastly tapered one with bulges on it. The King of Victory is splash proof so don't go under water and be careful during cleaning. All in all, the toy can be used without strong vibrations for basic and simple fun. It is a good candidate to be a first step on your way going to the magical world of adult play.

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