Tenga U.S. Soft Tube Cup Ultra Size

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Tenga U.S. Soft Tube Cup Ultra Size

The TENGA Ultra Super Size Soft Tube has all the same features as the standard edition but is built to accomodate with an above average male member.  It is larger x 1.5 than the standard edition for those with a larger penis. It's soft materialets you grip it harder for a tighter sensation. The Onacup is Japans number one male sex toy for a reason - satisfaction is guaranteed!


A round head at the end of the passage features 29 small nubs to stimulate the sensitive tip of the penis. Stroke, rub or press your way to climax. The 40 nubs within the passage are reversible, allowing smooth entry and a tight sucking sensation as you pull out. A great feature of the Soft Tube Onacup is the 'squeeze' function once you've ejaculated.


One of the most remarkable features of the Onacup is the lotion reservoir which helps keep the point of entry supple and wet - allowing easy entry for you! The air hole lets you control the pressure inside the Onacup. Cover the hole for increased suction or leave it uncovered for softer sensations - whatever you prefer. The Ultra Size Edition has a canal diameter of 0.75 inches unstretched and an internal length of 6.5 inches which is great for larger men.


Lubrication Ingredigents: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, paraben.



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*Please note that these products are designed for single use. Use condoms to extend usage.

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Tenga U.S. Soft Tube Cup Ultra Size Date Added: Friday 12 February, 2016

by Paul, Punchbowl

A single man's bestfriend, a friend that a man can always rely on, and Is always there to comfort, and provide a good time, easy going and does not complain about anything. A dog perhaps? Perhaps not. What else could keep a man happy other then a dog? How about Tenga USA Soft Cup. Yeap that's the one!!

The Tenga USA Soft Cup is the perfect example of a throw away masturbator that can equal the pleasure of a 1 night stand or is the fantastic way to introduce a threesome to you're partner obviously minus the emotions. The Tenga USA Soft Cup is multi use cup however I suggest only using it once. This will mean that it stays fresh and does not become dirty after a few uses. If you plan on recycling I would much rather you invest in a Tenga Flip hole. Now the USA Soft Cup comes with a nice ribbing sensation also the lubricant provides an added sensation with comfort.

The USA Tenga range is designed for those with larger penises (not going to brag) due to the Tenga generally designing it's products for those of the origin of the business being Japanese where science has determined that they generally have a smaller penis size. The USA Soft Cup is the perfect gift also for bucks, 18th's and 21st for single males or even for couples if you feel like providing with the goods to improve their sex life.

The Tenga USA Soft Cup is a fantastic piece of hardware for ultimate male stimulation and pleasure and I defiantly recommend it!

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