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Yoru has the shape of a fish with a flexible mouth, made to enjoy pinching the part of the body you want to stimulate. The Iroha concept redefines women's pleasure, constituting a new step forward. The Soft Touch material, by which Iroha is characterised, combines a powerful motor and a new rhythmic pattern, in a totally new sealed design to use under water.


Pinch, tickle and play with Iroha Yoru to enjoy your body and a new way of intimacy. Includes redefined edges to intensify pleasure, and a smoother, softer and dust repelling coating.


When you are after the best selling sex toys in Japan and know making massive inroads into the Western Market Tenga is a company renowned for it’s innovation and promotion of safe sex toys.


Tenga has redefined pleasure for women with the new Iroha Plus line of personal massagers. The Iroha Plus’ defining Soft Touch material comes paired with a powerful motor and new rhythm patterns designed to deliver a wide variety of pleasurable experiences.


The unit is rechargeable and comes with a charging dock and USB charging cable. The Tori is also waterproof, and the unique shape allows it to access and stimulate various erogenous zones and is perfect to use with a partner or by yourself. Tease, squeeze and play with the easy-to-use Tori to experience new-found intimacy,


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Tenga Iroha + Yoru Massager Date Added: Sunday 10 April, 2016

by Anna, Redcliffe

Yuro's silicone is very different in comparison to other products on the market that are of the same nature (clitoral stimulators). It's silicone is very soft and smooth and often referred to as squishy. The great thing about that is that you can push it hard onto the clitoris without it physically hurting, by pushing it hard it will allow for a deeper and harder vibration to reach particularly the clitoris but also any spot that you plan on stimulating. This is one of Yuro's many positives, the fact that you can use it's shape on any part of the body, for example the mouth would be fantastic for stimulating the nipples and back of the head of the penis. Also using the flat side of the Yuro, is a great way of stimulating all of yours and you're partners erogenous zones. The flat side is also fantastic for the clitoris because it stimulates not only the clitoris but the outer region also including the labia.

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