Super Slyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 400ml

SuperSlyde, Over the Top, great for anal sex, doubles as massage oil, top selling lube

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Superslyde is an over the top lubricant that is the latest must have. Unbelievably slick and smooth this thin silicone based lubricant provides not only the ultimate protection, but also premium comfort. Silicone lubricant is a durable lubricant that doesn't dry out in the same way that water based lubricnt does. instead, silicone lubricant sits on the surface of the skin and slowly degrades through friction - this creates a barrier for protection and comfort.


Unlike other silicone lubricants, superslyde is extremely thin, and as such this barrier doesn't reduce the level of sensation and pleasure that you might experience when using superlsyde lubricant. Designed to fill a market in the void of premium quality lubricants, at an affordable price, superslyde not only fills that void but sets the bar for all other silicone lubricants.


If you're looknig for a comfortable and premium silicone lubricant, then look no further than superslyde.



  • Super slick and smooth
  • Unbelievably sensual
  • Ultra long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Latex safe



Superslyde is the best silicone personal lubricant on the market.  Winner of the prestigious Eros Fame award for Best Lotion or Potion in Australia for 2013 if beat off all the regular top shelf competitors.  In blind tests 9 out of 10 participants preferred Superslyde over other leading brands and 7 out of 10 said it would now be their lubricant of choice.

More and more adult retail outlets stock this fine lubricant.

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Super Slyde Personal Silicone Lubricant 400ml Date Added: Sunday 03 August, 2014

by Steven, Erskenville

I am quite fond of using lubricants and I am also quiet keen on checking out and trying new products every time they are available online or in the market. I must admit that Superslyde is the best lubricant I have ever come around and used. I had the pleasure of getting a free sample at the 2014 Sydney Sexpo yesterday and true to say it lived up to its marketing expectations.
The lubricant is silicone and extra smooth and very slick, long lasting, it doesn’t irritate the skin, hypoallergenic, safe for use with latex and it is also very simple to clean off. I am gay so it is important that a silicone lubricant is used as waterbased lubricants are not good for anal sex as they as absorbed in the anus whilst the silicone is not.
The Superslyde sample from sexpo is what brought my notice to this product and I can never be thankful enough and the staff at the booth were terffific explaining the whole Superslyde story. It is very different from any other ordinary lubricant and also on top of the already mentioned characteristics it is a product that assures safety and high quality. It is manufactured in Singapore and adheres strictly to conditions and the ladies told me it is the number one selling silicone lubricant in that Country.
I was actually amazed at the price being silicone and all and a small amount goes a long was, it actually is unlike some of the other lubes that are extremely overpriced and still give nothing close to what they promise. It is suitable for those with sensitive kinds of skin as well.
I was impressed by the fact that it does not leave you itching at all and it is easy to wash or wipe off. Most lubricants I have used previously are really thick and sticky and they leave your skin feeling clogged. I love the fact that whoever made the lube, Abra Lee, is also someone who had been in the same dilemma before of not finding the right lube and obviously from what the girls at the booth told me he was after something that was suited to both the GLTB and hetero communties. So he made Superslyde with his own experiences in mind and sure did the right job.
It doesn’t contain water and so it doesn’t dry off quickly or get absorbed. I even used it in the bath and it did not break up. Many lubricants that are water based are the complete opposite and they will only disappoint you. It is suitable for you if you prefer to have sex in a swimming pool, sauna, spa or shower,
It is suitable for gay couples, single people who prefer using sex toys and even those straight couples who prefer using lubricants from time to time. Good lubrication is essential in boosting sexual chemistry though many people often tend to overlook this factor. A good lubricant like Superslyde will only enhance and amplify your sexual experiences just like it did for me. I didn’t even have to use a lot of it since a little amount can carry you through and that was good value for my money. It is also suitable for massaging and it keeps the skin moisturized. It truly is sensual and unique in every possible way.
Its packaging is great and you can easily use it with one hand. I totally enjoyed the whole discovery process and the experience of using Superslyde and it definitely is a lube I would recommend far and wide and will use in the future. It is the perfect lube for those who value their sexual quality and satisfaction just like I do. Some things should just not be compromised no matter what!

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