Single Nipple Clamp with Weight
Single Nipple Clamp with Weight
Single Nipple Clamp with Weight
Single Nipple Clamp with Weight

Key Features:

  • Nipple Weight
  • Tit Torture
  • Breast Play
  • BDSM Accessory
  • Aligator Clamp

Single Nipple Clamp with Weight

Manufacturers: Spartacus Enterprises

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Spartacus Nipple Clamp with Weight – Experience adjustable intensity and gravity-defying pleasure. Elevate your BDSM play with Spartacus quality. Buy today!

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Product Description

Single Nipple Clamp with Weight

Prepare to be absolutely astounded by the Spartacus Enterprises Single Nipple Clamp with Weight – an awe-inspiring creation that transcends the ordinary and elevates pleasure to unparalleled heights. This is not merely a nipple clamp; it's a masterpiece of desire, a symphony of sensations orchestrated with precision and finesse.

Behold the adjustable broad-tip nipple clamps that redefine the very essence of pleasure. These aren't your typical clamps; they are sculpted to perfection, designed to titillate your senses and leave you breathless with anticipation. The sheer artistry of Spartacus Enterprises shines through, promising an experience that will leave you amazed and craving for more.

What sets this nipple clamp apart is the addition of weight – a stroke of genius that takes pleasure to a whole new dimension. The Spartacus weights with clips introduce an element of intensity that will leave you gasping in sheer ecstasy. From the initial 2oz. pinch to the daring 10oz. endurance weight, each step on this journey is a revelation, an exploration of desire that pushes the boundaries of pleasure.

As you embark on this extraordinary adventure, the adjustable clip intensity becomes your compass, allowing you to navigate the seas of sensation with unparalleled control. It's like having the keys to a treasure chest of pleasure, with each turn unlocking a new realm of delight. Spartacus Enterprises invites you to be the architect of your own pleasure, to experiment, to indulge, and to be amazed.

Picture the scene: you, adorned with these adjustable broad-tip nipple clamps, stepping into a world of pleasure with the confidence of a seasoned explorer. The weight adds a delicious challenge, a gravitational pull that heightens every touch, every sensation. It's not just about the physicality; it's about the theatricality of pleasure, and Spartacus Enterprises ensures that you take center stage.

And let's not forget the fashion-forward allure of these nipple clamps. Imagine the amazement in your partner's eyes as you reveal these tantalizing accessories, turning your bedroom into a runway for desire. Spartacus Enterprises understands that pleasure is not just a physical experience; it's a visual spectacle, and with these nipple clamps, you're the star of the show.

Every intricate detail of the Spartacus Single Nipple Clamp with Weight is designed to leave you in a state of amazement. The adjustability, the weight, the quality – it all comes together in a symphony of pleasure that resonates with sophistication and innovation. This is not just a product; it's a testament to the artistry of pleasure, an ode to the extraordinary.

As you experiment with the adjustable pressure, revel in the weight, and surrender to the allure of Spartacus, you'll find yourself amazed by the depth and intensity of your own desires. The nipple clamp becomes a conduit for exploration, a tool that transcends the physical realm and taps into the uncharted territories of pleasure.

In conclusion, the Spartacus Enterprises Single Nipple Clamp with Weight is not merely a sex toy; it's an experience, a journey, and a revelation. Prepare to be amazed as you step into a world where pleasure knows no bounds, where desire takes center stage, and where every sensation leaves you breathless with awe. Spartacus Enterprises invites you to explore, to be amazed, and to discover the extraordinary pleasures that await.


A company that prides themselves on their Kink Gear is Spartacus Enterprises. Tired of having sub-par quality BDSM gear the founders of Spartacus created products that not only withstand vigorous play, but look amazing when worn as well. Creating an awesome range of cockrings, Spartacus have also created a series of nipple toys, leather collars and other Bondage gear. If you’re looking for new toys to add to your BDSM toy box, then this is one American company you should keep an eye out for.

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