Sensuelle Rechargeable Pleasure Panty

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Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Remote Control. NU toys for adults Sensuelle Pleasure Panty with Remote Control. This remote controlsex toy has been made with couples pleasure in mind. Sensual, playful and super hot - grab the remote and tease your lover all the way to completion. 


Nu Sensuelle sex toys have been designed by the Novel Creations team using innovative materials and progressive technologies. The team have travelled extensively around the globe in search of fun products to being to you! The adult toy range includes rechargeable vibrators uniquely designed to enhance your sexual experiences. Novel Creations is an award winning company with their brand having wond the XBIZ awards for the Nu Sensuelle Impulse Vibrator at Los Angeles and the StoreErotica Awards for product of the year the Nu Sensuelle Point Rechargeable 20 Function Bullet both in 2014. You will never be left wondering with these wonderful pleasure objects as they really pack a punch. Why not try one today?

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Sensuelle Rechargeable Pleasure Panty Date Added: Friday 18 November, 2016

by Anonymous

Although it is a good idea that the bullet cannot be turned on before the wearer activates it for safe play, not being able to see which mode is on as the holder of the control unit is a shame, in my opinion. Still, Sensuelle is the best!

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Sensuelle Rechargeable Pleasure Panty Date Added: Thursday 17 November, 2016

by Jade, Caringbah

There are several cute panty vibes on our shelves but i have a new fave because Nu Sensuelle have released their Pleasure Panty and it is gorgeous and functional and beautifully presented.
We have it in two colours - pink and purple, though the colour referred to is the bullet and remote, not the actual knickers, which are black and lacey.
Speaking of the panties, I think they are great and will suit most people. Although lacey, they don't have tons of frills and flounces, they're just made of nice black lace and the sides tie up and are made of plain black satiny ribbon so they will fit a large range of sizes. You can't go far wrong with black on most people so I think that's a good colour choice. The crotch piece has a soft cotton pocket to put the bullet in which will feel more comfortable against the delicate genital area than lace alone would.
Now about the vibrations - this is a typical Sensuelle toy and that means power, quality, comfort and waterproofiness (ok, i made that word up). It has 15 functions (which seems like a good number - 10 is great but feels pretty normal now, whereas 20 seems like overkill to me.)
It's made out of high grade body safe silicone, is rechargeable (comes with a charging cord for each the bullet and the remote) and is easy to use. Give both bullet and remote a good long charge before first use.
On the bottom of the bullet is the power on and off button, you'll need to press that (a long press of a second or two) before starting the vibrations with the remote. The power button will light up blue when it is turned on. Next press the + button on the remote and the bullet will begin vibrating. A small blue light will come on the remote when you press any of the controlling buttons so if the light doesn't come on then the remote probably needs more charging time. Subsequent presses of the + button will increase the power and the middle button (which has wavy lines on it) will change the function to other vibration patterns. Pressing the - button will decrease the intensity and a long press of the - button at any time will turn the vibrations off. To turn the whole toy off at the end of play however, also press the power button on the actual bullet again until the light turns off.
This toy is basically all the cool things about Sensuelle's regular rechargeable remote bullet but with the panties as well, only the remote is nicer, feels nicer, looks nicer, is rechargeable and easier to use and it doesn't cost heaps more so makes a better choice really. You can still use the bullet separately so it makes sense to get the panty vibe option rather than just the plain remote bullet, versatility is a big plus in a toy and I think Sensuelle have another winner here.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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