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Experience this high class male masturbator toy.  Made of pure silicone  and superior quality ABS and with an eccentric inbuilt 10 mode strong vibrator  .

Its built-in Li-Battery will last for up to 2 hours and comes with a 3 month replacement warranty. 


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Why not bring some Romant into your life the luxury sex toy brand that are gorgeously designed with body safe smooth body-safe silicone.  Romant vibrators will allow you to experience better love-making with the use of their exceptional sex aids.  With voice activated adult toys to Rabbit Vibrators even some high end pleasure rings.   Most products are rechargeable with strong and sturdy vibrating motors that are not going to leave you wanting for pleasure.

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Romant Storm Masturbator Date Added: Tuesday 22 March, 2016

by Anonymous

In the small realm of male sex toys we can find the Storm by Romant, one of the most luxurious and pleasurable and masturbation cups. Better than pussy, this advanced vibrating and rotating product does all the work that a man needs in a solo session. Without the need of pumping, stroking or squeezing, one just needs to push the button and enjoy the stimulation provided inside the cup through its 10 vibration modes.

What does it look like? It is actually a quiet elegant and discreet toy. I would think it is some kind of kitchen appliance like a thermos. This is a long cylindrical toy, noticeably narrower at one of the ends, with the opening at the wider end. When yo open it, the where the penis must be inserted, you find a silicone lining, which is safe pthalate free, with a rugged texture with dozens of tiny ticklers. These one wrap around the most sensitive areas of the penis and deliver vibrating, spine-tingling sensations.

The powerful motor brings 10 different modes to explore at various intensities.I can tell that intensities are strong. Rotations reach different angles up to 360 degrees. There is a transparent area in the outer case that allows one to see the rotating structure and it shines with colorful LED lights that change as one changes speeds. Many guys like seeing their penises being stimulated when masturbating or having sex with someone else.

The great advantage about vibrating/rotating masturbators against ordinary strokers is that you don't even need to move the toy up and down to experience a mind blowing sensation, and if you do so, the pleasure multiplies. The cleaning is easy, as the silicone piece can be extracted from the cylinder. By pulling the inside out, one just needs to wash it with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner to be able to use it again.

This toy uses a USB cable charger, which means that it can be recharged from any laptop or electronic device for two full hours of pleasure. Travelling and changing socket types won't be a problem.

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Romant Storm Masturbator Date Added: Friday 30 October, 2015

by Tim, Lennox Heads

Storm masturbator is definitely the best male masturbator I’ve ever used. I mean, I love sex toys for all the right reasons. My wife and I work and live in different cities and we only get to see each other on weekends and on public holidays. That is why sex toys have been part of our sex lives for a couple of years now, and we even use them when we are together where applicable. Sometimes we buy sex toys for each other as presents, and my wife is good with them. I remember she has bought me some of the best toys I’ve ever used and they have been out of the ordinary.

Then one evening she brought Storm Masturbator with her as a surprise for me. This high class masturbator toy must be every man’s dream masturbator. The pleasure it brings is unbeatable, and you get to experience the smoothness and its incredible sexual stimulation in the best way possible. It has been innovatively designed to maximize the pleasure you get with every use and experience. It is definitely better than all the other masturbators that I’ve used. You might confuse it with a really beautiful pussy; tight, soft, stretchy, warm, and well lubricated.

High Quality Material
Storm masturbator is made of pure silicon and super quality ABS, which explains the warmth, elasticity and the softness that makes this masturbators so perfect for its purpose. These materials provide the life-like soft touch that bring new orgasmic sensations. Let me admit that this vaginal simulator can be addictive, and its softness and texture optimizes the level of pleasure it generates for me. The orgasm is so mind-blowing you will want more and more of that excellence after you try it out for the first time.

Inbuilt 10-Mode Strong Vibrator
It features an eccentric inbuilt 10-mode strong vibrator that is responsible for the amazing orgasms I have been having with this masturbator. It has so much power that even if you are not in the mood, you’d still attain that explosive sexual climax any time. This vibration power is adjustable and you can set it to your preferred level. The reason why I like using Storm Masturbator at night is because the sleep I usually have after an experience with it is usually satisfactory. You come so explosively you will need some rest afterwards, and I like it like that.

Built-In Li-Battery
Storm masturbator has a built-in Li-battery that can last you for up to 2 hours, and it comes with a three month replacement warranty. This improves the efficiency of this ingeniously designed male masturbator since it is also easy to carry around. The battery allows you to have a good time wherever and whenever, even if there is no power source around. I find the 2 hours more than enough whenever I go out and maybe I want to have some good moments with my Storm Masturbator.

Variety of Colors
Storm vibrators come in a variety of beautiful colors from which you get to select what best suits your style and preference. When it comes to sex toys, my wife knows that I love it black. Black always work best for me, and that is exactly what she bought me. For those who love red, blue, or pink, you are not left behind. Select what best optimizes your enjoyment with this amazing product.

Easy To Use and Clean
You will be amazed by how easy this masturbator is to use and clean. You won’t need much learning to do regarding how to make the maximum use out of it. There are simple steps that you will have to follow with both the actual masturbation and the cleaning afterwards. Cleaning not only make your masturbator last longer, but it would also be disgusting if you don’t clean it up after use. That is why storm masturbator has been designed to make the cleaning process extra easy for you.

This masturbator is perfectly designed both on the inside and on the outside. It is both aesthetically appealing on the outside and an extra sensation is guaranteed for you by the inside. It is also fairly priced and you won’t strain your pocket to own this amazing piece of technology, and its abilities surpass its price by far.

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Very grateful that you have taken the time to review this great product. So glad it has been to your satisfaction

on 2015-11-09 12:46:41

Romant Storm Masturbator Date Added: Wednesday 06 August, 2014

by Anonymous

Got this baby at the Sydney Sexpo. Man this is the wildest ride I have ever used. My favourite mens sex toy used to be the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit but this beats that hands down. So much power and pretty easy to clean up afterwards.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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