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RockBox 2 Sex Toy

Is it accurate to say that you best be prepared for the ROCKBOX 2? Most likely the most intense vibrator on the planet, it has an astounding 3 x more power than a wand and a bone-shaking 5,000 RPM engine. A substantial sex apparatus for overwhelming vibrations, sensational joy, to take care of business without fail.

In the event that your regular vibrators abandon you wanting more power and delight, then the ROCKBOX 2 is the toy to satisfy your peak hungry craving. The madly solid engine resounds profoundly, shaking 5 times harder than your normal clothes washer twist cycle. Yowza!

6 force settings take you from 'Unfaltering on!' to 'OMG WTF!?!' with the flick of the pace dial, whilst a curiously large, ergonomically found force catch makes operation super-simple.

2 delight connections are supplied with your ROCKBOX 2 - one for him and one for her to guarantee everybody can appreciate awesome climaxes.

Be warned this is not a delicate and noiseless sex toy.  It goes off like a jackhammer!!!

For her: The 'Hot Chick' connection takes after a substantial, firm tongue that broadens straightforwardly outwards of the ROCKBOX 2 vibrator unit. Smooth and sparkle the tongue with your most loved lube and appreciate incredible oral reenactment under the charge of the notable engine. On the off chance that you discover the inclination excessively serious, have a go at utilizing your new joy apparatus over your garments... its generally as exciting that, too.

For him: The 'Expert Blaster' connection is dissimilar to any male sex toy you've ever seen. Intended to tease the underside of the penis, apply lashings of oil and enjoy waves of undulating delight as the profound edges transmit super-effective rates of vibration. Steadily build the pace setting and complete your climax by putting the ROCKBOX 2 over the tip of your penis for awesome climactic discharge. Excessively exceptional? This connection additionally feels astonishing over garments.

Key Features:
Mains controlled, uber-intense vibrator for men and ladies
5,000 RPM engine and 3 x more intense than a wand
6 Earth-shattering pace settings
'Hot Chick' connection for her: Firm, pointed tongue for extreme oral reproduction
'Expert Blaster' connection for him: Textured with 3 waves for unprecedented frenulum incitement
5 meter rope for adaptable play choices
Larger than usual force catch, pace dial and ergonomic handle for simple play
Slide "n" load component for fast connection swaps

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RockBox 2 Unisex Sex toy Date Added: Tuesday 31 March, 2015

by Bec, South Yarra

You have probably looked at the picture of the Rockbox 2 and thought we have started to use and review power tools instead of sex tous! The Rockbox 2 isn't your normal sex toy, however on the other hand, I figure I am not your normal type of person either. It takes a particularly capable vibrator to make it into my top picks drawer, so when I find a sex toy that runs off the mains and resembles a modern sander, I'm breaking into my happy pants and smilling.

It wasn't simply the guarantee of force that attracted me. The Rockbox accompanies highlights like the pin-point tip connection, which could give the kind of excitement lacking from numerous different mains controlled sex toys. This was one highlight I couldn't bear not to try -

The Rockbox 2 is a unisex vibrator, suitable for utilization on outside erogenous zones. The overwhelming asset of the Rockbox 2, with its 5000RPM engine, is "most likely the world's most intense vibrator", being "3x more effective than a wand".

Not at all like wand vibrators, the Rockbox 2 accompanies two tradable connections. The "female" rendition is pink and resembles a pointed tongue. This connection gives a more stick point for clitoral stimulations. The "male" rendition is dark and resembles a level, undulated cushion. This connection is intended to deliver a wide, yet invigorating sensation. Obviously, either connection can be utilized by any sex; it’s simply a question of figuring out which one delivers the most agreeable sensations for you.

Both connections are made out of TPE, which is by and large thought to be free from phthalates. The drawback is that it is more permeable that silicone, making it harder to disinfect. The extraordinary state of these connections additionally make it hard to use with a condom, so I suggest that should you impart the Rockbox 2 with others you make sure that they are safe. These waterproof connections cut on (and slide off) the primary unit effortlessly, which implies you can expel them from the (not waterproof) principle unit for cleaning.

The Rockbox 2 accompanies a staggeringly long mains cable. This beast measures 234 inches (very nearly 6 meters) long and is the longest cable I have seen on a sex toy yet. Unless you live in a gigantic manor and have no divider attachments in the room you need to jerk off in, you ought to have no issue coming to with this cable.

The Rockbox delivers seriously pleasant sensations for all genders, making it an extremely flexible sex toy. It took both myself and my lover to climax in record time, however you need to put a bit of effort in it to maximize your encounters with it. It is going to make your arms ache as it is quite heavy and the massive vibrations act as a burden and by and large feel truly hardcore to handle – lets face it is the most powerful sex vibrator on the planet and feels like it too. However in the event that it is sheer sensation you are after, then goody gumdrops will it convey in Spades to you.
The RockBox 2 is great when you want to come and come quick. It is not a dainty sex toy that you can have a drawn out masturbation session, yet it stays adjacent for times when I need a snappy yet effective peak. The Rockbox 2 without a doubt has a spot in our sex toy drawer and as a force seeker, it a gets five star rating from me.

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