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SI Novelties

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An anal douche allows you to spring forth with confidence and security. It means that if you're preparing to embark in anal play during the day that you are going to be at the top of your game and prepared, this is a very simple cleaner.

Warning: Release valve slowly when releasing water pressure to bidet hose.


There are some adult shop online, who don’t need time to determine their quality and efficiency.


SI Novelties happen to be one such adult toy manufacture. Labeled as a new member in the list of elite erotic toy companies, the company has tasted plenty of success.


Its expertise lies in extreme erotic tools and its target is primarily Kink Culture caterers. From latex sheets to restrain kits to bondage toys- SI Novelties vibrators and erotic toys guarantees supreme quality in each one of them.


But along with quality in their adult toys they also provide variety to their exclusive line of customers. Your desired erotic toy, irrespective of the color, shape and dimension will be available.


One of the top SI Novelties adult toys named, ‘Cleanline’ interestingly keeps you dirt-free even when you get down and dirty. Plus there are different types of accessories obtainable here as well.

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