Real Hip Olivia

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Realistic Masturbator


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The ultimate Real Hip Oliva is lifelike in every detail and with Anal Sex: S-line crease and fine lines has the highest level of performance among anal-masturbation design, offers even stronger tightening. Olivia is the best selling product with its perfect size for insertion.


G-spot: Stimulating structure that describe inside the aroused vagina. Narrower towards one end: The design offers greater satisfaction from deep inside

Re-tightening: You can feel the five-times stronger real anal tightening than vaginal contraction in the later tightening part.

The penis and head will feel even more excitement.



Kokos is the leading Korean sex toy manufacturer for the last 15 years supplying retailers and wholesalers throughout the world. You will have confidence in the quality due to the advancement of materials used in the products internal structures. A variety of internal structures can be expressed with a delicate touch thanks to the excellent proprietary material used. KOKOS‘ sex products unlike other products that have function will never achieve the same sensations and this is what sets them apart from other products that fail to meet the customer’s needs.



KOKOS‘products are equipped with the finest material and completed with colorful and artistic external design. KOKOS releases only a few products each year compared to its competitors as each product is lovingly and painstakingly developed to ensure the will feel as real as they can get. The company is devoted in making sure that any new products are thoroughly tested before released in the market for quality and functionality. Beautiful sculptures with subtle expression turning imagination into reality is what sets the Kokos’ brand apart.


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