R-1 Starter Set

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R-1 Starter Set

R-1 is the generic name for various products & attachments that can be used together with the R-1 controller. The high-technology R-1 controller maximizes their abilities for greater stimulation and opens up for ways new exciting play. The attachments which are sold separately make it possible for users to specifically choose what they want, and stay low on the expenses. Thanks to this we as developers can also reduce the cost and make even more attachments faster. This unique technology is only to be found at RENDS.

A simple remote controllerThe R-1 controller’s built-in IC chip automatically reads the characteristics of the plugged in attachment and starts moving just like you would want it to, and is of course adjustable.Advanced power-supplyBy implanting an advanced power supply circuit we managed to make the battery last longer.Auto-power-offEven if you forget to turn off the power, don’t worry, it will automatically turn itself off 4 minutes after no activity. And don’t worry about it draining battery when it’s turned off!Remaining battery indicatorWhen battery gets low R-1 controller detects it and warns you with a blinking light.The turbo functionThe turbo function was originally designed to prevent the motor from overheating, but instead it turned out to produce massive power which we felt was a waste not to do something with. The turbo function is the result of that – we promising massive power.

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