Posture Collar & O Ring Gag Light

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Neck Bondage Posture Collar with Attached O Ring Gag


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A collar, when used to denote power exchange, is owned by the D-type that then places it upon the S-type. During the time it is worn the s-type does not own the collar, but instead is the custodian of the collar and works to maintain the integrity of the collar as a symbol of dominance and Bondage. Often no one but the d-type, to include the s-type, is permitted to remove the collar with exception to medical emergencies and security checkpoints, though this is not always the case.


The collar itself is a symbol of Bondage and indicates some level of D/s as specified in the negotiations. Most collars are used to indicate long term relationships but this is not always the case. Because of the highly personal nature of a collar it is not wise to touch the collar of another without explicit consent.

Collar Width 10cm

Length 39cm (15")

6 Adjustable Options



Please note:  We have two grades of Faux Leather and they are –

Beginners/Soft Bondage:  This Faux Leather is light weight and designed for soft bondage play.  It feels light to wear but is not suitable for hardcore/heavy bondage.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2mm.

Hardcore/Heavy Bondage:  This Faux Leather is thicker and stronger and designed for more experienced or hardcore bondage users. It is heavier to wear and more robust.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2.5mm.

 Choose the grade that is most appropriate to your use.


BDStyle is a company that lets the kinky out in every single individual Specialising in bondage toys made of leather and steel they have an expansive range and collection designed to supplement any kink or fetish that you might have. Ranging from restraints, to spreader bars, leather cuffs and even urethral stimulation toys. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle will have it for you at premium quality and an amazing price.

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