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When you want to perform like a sexual Super Hero Pjur Delay spray is the fit for you.  It reduces hypersensitivity of the penis allowing you to perform longer and stronger.  Added bonus it is condom safe so be your lovers superman now.

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The pjur company does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products, period!! Quality drives the business and is the reason these top quality lubricants are regarded as the best worldwide. From the selection of ingredients to the efforts put into production pjur is always will be ahead of the rest. The pjur brand is known worldwide for its reliability, safety, and superior quality and why the "Made in Germany" is an assurance of quality. There I no other lubricant manufacturer around that goes through the rigorous quality management, testing striving to create a product that will enhance the well-being of its users.

ARTG Number : 169826.

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PJUR Superhero Performance Spray Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2016

by Anonymous

There are two different Pjur performance sprays for men, Superhero and Pjur Med Pro-Long. Both of them are topical sprays that are applied directly on the penis and whose main purpose is to delay ejaculation, allowing for a longer sexual performance. The main difference is that Superhero, in addition, boosts the quality of the erections. Pjur Med Pro-Long is mainly a desensitiser. It uses natural extracts derived from oakbark that combined with a mild anesthetic reduce oversensitivity. Superhero is both a delay and performance spray. It uses Ginkgo, a substance which, when absorbed through the skin invigorates and improves blood flow, resulting in a bigger and harder erection. The main difference (and added value) between Superhero and other delay products is that it doesn't use any form of 'numbing' substance, which makes difficult for many men to maintain an erection. One only needs to apply two or three sprays onto the penis prior to intercourse and the effect will spread evenly once it dries. When comparing both products, whereas Pjur Med Pro Long is more effective with severe cases of premature ejaculation, Superhero doesn't have a desensitising effect on both partners, and it is odorless and neutral in taste. When having sex without condoms, Pjur Med Pro-Long may reduce sensitivity on the person who receives penetration as well. On the other hand, although Pjur Med Pro-Long is safe when having oral sex, both the taste and the effect on the tongue and lips may be unpleasant. The good thing is that they are both suitable to use with condoms.

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