Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment
Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment

Key Features:

  • silicone attachment head 
  • popular powerhouse palm power wand massager
  • Featuring an ergonomic curve
  • 100% silicone head
  • Get flexible with your new attachment

Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment

Manufacturers: BMS Factory

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Elevate pleasure with BMS Factory's Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment. Designed for intense G-spot stimulation, easy attachment to PalmPower Extreme. Unleash ecstasy!

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Product Description

Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment

Unleash Sensational Pleasure with the Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment

Step into a realm of pleasure that defies expectations with the Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment by BMS Factory. If you believed your intimate moments were already at their peak, think again. This isn't just an accessory; it's a revolution in pleasure, a symphony of satisfaction orchestrated to elevate your PalmPower Extreme experience.

At the heart of this pleasure marvel is the PalmPower Extreme Curl, a silicone attachment head meticulously crafted to complement the powerhouse wand massager. Picture it as the magic wand of pleasure, intensifying every touch, every sensation, and every moment.

The design of the Curl is nothing short of genius. An ergonomic curve takes center stage, promising the ultimate G-spot massage. It's not just about pleasure; it's about precision, ensuring that every movement, every contour, is designed to unlock pleasure in its purest form. This isn't just an attachment; it's your ticket to a journey of self-discovery and ecstasy.

Attaching the Pleasure Cap to your PalmPower Extreme is a breeze. A simple three-step fold over, down, and position maneuver ensures a secure fit onto the original massage head. No complicated instructions, no fuss – just seamless integration for uninterrupted pleasure. Once in place, get ready for a pleasure revolution.

What sets this attachment apart is its ability to deliver phenomenal stimulation with extreme intensity. It's not just about elevating pleasure; it's about rewriting the rules of satisfaction. Buckle up as the Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap becomes the maestro of your pleasure orchestra, conducting waves of ecstasy that resonate through every inch of your being.

Flexibility is the name of the game. As the attachment sways effortlessly with every pivot of movement from the PalmPower Extreme, it becomes more than an accessory. It becomes an extension of your desires, adapting to your rhythm and intensity. This isn't just a Pleasure Cap; it's a dance partner in the symphony of pleasure, moving in harmony with your every whim.

Measuring at a perfect 18x12x5, this attachment is a compact powerhouse. Its size doesn't just make it easy to handle; it makes it a versatile companion for your pleasure escapades. Explore various angles, positions, and intensities as you immerse yourself in a pleasure experience tailored to your unique desires.

Key Features:

Made for Use with the PalmPower Extreme: This isn't a generic attachment; it's a specialized companion designed exclusively for the PalmPower Extreme. It's the missing piece that transforms your wand massager into a pleasure juggernaut.

Designed for G-spot Stimulation: The ergonomic curve isn't just for show; it's a masterstroke aimed at providing targeted and intense G-spot stimulation. Say goodbye to guesswork; the Curl knows exactly where to touch.

100% Silicone Material: Crafted from premium silicone, this attachment is a testament to BMS Factory's commitment to quality. Not only is it body-safe, but it also boasts a velvety-smooth texture for a luxurious feel.

Easy to Attach: No complex rituals here. A simple three-step process ensures a secure fit, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any interruptions.

Phthalate Free: Your well-being is non-negotiable. The Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment is phthalate-free, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience every time.

Always use a water-based, compatible lubricant with this product for maximum pleasure: Enhance your experience by using a water-based lubricant that complements the silicone material, providing a smooth and pleasurable glide.

As you embark on your journey with the Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment, remember that this isn't just a product; it's an invitation. An invitation to explore, to indulge, and to redefine your understanding of pleasure. It's a declaration that your satisfaction knows no bounds, and with the Pleasure Cap in your hands, the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, the Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment isn't just an accessory; it's a revolution in pleasure technology. It's the key to unlocking a universe of pleasure that awaits your exploration. Are you ready to take the plunge into a world where satisfaction knows no limits? The Palm Power Extreme Pleasure Cap Attachment is your ticket to that extraordinary journey. Buckle up and get ready for an adventure that transcends the ordinary, where pleasure knows no boundaries.


PalmPower by BMS Factory – a revolutionary wand massager that stands unrivaled in power, features, and maneuverability, surpassing all competitors. Recognized as the #1 selling wand massager in Europe, PalmPower is your gateway to a realm of unleashed ecstasy.

Experience the next level of satisfaction as PalmPower redefines the landscape of compact wand massagers. This vibrating sex wand par excellence sets the standard with its unparalleled design and performance, earning its status as the market leader. Elevate your intimate experiences with the extraordinary capabilities of PalmPower, designed to bring you to new heights of pleasure.

PalmPower isn't just a massager; it's a revolution in itself. Its robust power, innovative features, and ergonomic design combine to create an immersive experience that caters to your every desire. The wand's maneuverability ensures seamless navigation, allowing you to explore and indulge in pleasure without limits.

As the #1 choice for wand massagers in Europe, PalmPower has garnered a reputation for excellence. Its popularity is a testament to its ability to deliver intense and satisfying sensations, making it the go-to option for those who seek the best in pleasure technology.

Step into a world where PalmPower reigns supreme – a world where satisfaction knows no bounds. Unleash ecstasy with the unrivaled prowess of PalmPower by BMS Factory, and discover why it stands as the epitome of wand massagers. Elevate your pleasure; choose PalmPower.

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Reviewed By: Raven, Windsor On 11-28-2022 

Added attachment for the Palm Power Wand is a necessity

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