Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment
Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment
Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment

Key Features:

  • Customizable Pleasure: Five silicone tips for varied sensations.
  • Easy Hygiene: Interchangeable and easy-to-clean tips.
  • Body-Friendly Silicone: Luxurious feel against the skin.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for a secure fit with the Satisfyer Pro 2.
  • Enhanced Experience: Elevate Pro 2 encounters with desire-enhancing tips for unique sensations.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment

Manufacturers: EIS GmbH

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Customize your Pro 2 with the Silicone Head Attachment. Five tips, easy cleaning, body-friendly silicone. Elevate your intimate moments.

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Product Description

Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment

Transform your Satisfyer Pro 2 into a personalized pleasure powerhouse with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment. This carefully crafted accessory by EIS GmbH is designed to provide a versatile and enhanced experience, ensuring that your intimate moments are always fresh, exciting, and tailored to your desires.

Elevate Your Pro 2 Experience:

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment is more than just an accessory; it's a key to unlocking a new dimension of pleasure with your Pro 2. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this attachment adds an element of customization and variety to your intimate encounters, allowing you to explore different sensations and intensities.

Five Tips, Five Sensations:

This attachment kit introduces a total of five tips, each offering a unique sensation to cater to your mood and desires. The three regular replacement silicone tips maintain the classic feel of the Pro 2, providing a comforting touch that you know and love. The additional two desire-enhancing tips bring a new level of excitement, offering variations in pressure and stimulation for a more customized experience.

Easy Cleaning for Hygienic Pleasure:

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to intimate accessories, and the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment excels in this area. The silicone tips are not only easy to clean but also quick to interchange, ensuring a fresh and hygienic experience with every use. Effortlessly maintain the cleanliness of your attachment, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any concerns.

Luxurious Feel of Body-Friendly Silicone:

The material quality of intimate products is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment delivers on this front. Crafted from body-friendly silicone, each tip provides a luxurious and sensual touch against your skin. Immerse yourself in the exquisite feel of this high-quality material, enhancing the overall pleasure of your Pro 2 experience.

Seamless Compatibility with Pro 2:

Designed with seamless compatibility in mind, the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment effortlessly integrates with the Satisfyer Pro 2. This ensures that your attachment stays securely in place during use, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any interruptions. Elevate your solo play or shared moments with the Pro 2 and its thoughtfully designed silicone head attachment.

Experiment and Customize Your Pleasure:

The inclusion of desire-enhancing tips provides an opportunity for experimentation and customization. Explore the varying sensations offered by each tip to discover what resonates with your desires. Whether you seek gentle caresses or more intense pulsations, the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment empowers you to tailor your pleasure experience according to your unique preferences.

A Versatile Addition to Your Collection:

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment is more than an accessory; it's a versatile addition to your intimate collection. Enhance your Pro 2 with this carefully designed attachment kit, ensuring that each encounter is a journey into ecstasy. With customizable sensations at your fingertips, the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment offers a new dimension of pleasure for your intimate moments.

Experiment, Customize, and Elevate Your Pleasure with the Pro 2 Silicone Head Attachment!


EIS GmbH's Satisfyer collection, where cutting-edge technologies redefine satisfaction for the ultimate intimate experience. Our carefully curated range of innovative sex toys and vibrators is meticulously crafted to bring unmatched joy to your most intimate moments.

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Adultsmart invites you to join the pleasure revolution with EIS GmbH's Satisfyer. Our commitment to delivering sexual happiness is evident in the careful curation of our collection, where each item stands as a testament to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of ultimate satisfaction. Dive into a world where pleasure knows no bounds – explore our Satisfyer range now and elevate your intimate experiences to new heights.

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