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COCKSLING-2 is the absolute best cockring Oxballs has ever made made - It really is the best cock & ball toy you will ever use.


The Cock Sling 2 is like a standard cockring in the sense that it wraps around your cock, but that's only the beginning. The flexible ring that wraps around your shaft has the bonus of an anatomical "channel" that's supposed to allow you ejaculate or even pee while wearing it -- try that with your average cockring. Next, there's a part that wraps around your balls, cradling them and giving them a gentle tug.


Made of OxBall's Flex TPR, a synthetic material that allows it to stretch 3X its actual size, the Cock Sling is comfortable and soft, but built for hard and rough fucking action if the occasion rises (pun intended). It is safe to use lubes of all kinds with this material: water-based, oils or silicone.


 Cock & ball hole: 1 1/8”

  • Cock hole 1”
  • Ball hole: 1.25”
  • Length:  2”

In new vacu-sealed packaging.

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other.


When you want cock and ball sex toys made by men for men look no further than the iconic Oxballs Sex Toy Range. Preferred by those that are into quality sex toys made in the USA and not so worried about price – as they say you pay for what you get. Copied by many other brands OxBalls is always at the forefront to pioneer new and wonderful ways to enjoy sex. So if you are into puppyplay, piss troughs, cock armour – in fact anything related to CBT then check them out.

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Oxballs Cocksling-2 Date Added: Monday 01 June, 2015

by Gregory, Kirawee

It's difficult to clarify precisely what the Oxball Cock & Ball Sling is on account of it’s like a cock ring but not. I like to consider it like a little bit of protective layer for the penis and testicles, something you may put on your steed before taking it into a cock fight. The Oxball Cock & Ball Sling comes in very basic packaging but that is the only thing mundane about and Oxballs products that are made and designed by men for men. However it would be good, even though the packaging is plain, to have some sort of instructions of how to use them.

Dissimilar to most Oxballs items which are made of silicone, the Cock & Ball Sling is rather made of thermoplastic elastic (TPR), so you need to figure they have a justifiable reason for using it. The reason gets to be obvious when you understand exactly how stretchy this material is, substantially more so than any silicone that I've experienced. TPR is a sheltered material, however less profoundly respected than silicone on the grounds that it is somewhat permeable, yet considering this isn't an insertable toy I wouldn't stress a lot over that. The main drawback to the material is that it has a scent. You're most likely not going to invest a great deal of energy sniffing it considering where its used – however it is important to note so that you don’t use it and leave it lying around without cleaning it. If you don’t clean it the Cock & Ball Sling will become rank pretty quickly and that smell will probably never go away. Wash up after each use guys.

The development nature of the Cock & Ball Sling is pretty awesome - two of the openings in the Cock & Ball Sling component have a slight divot, intended to oblige the corpus spongiosum - the third erection chamber of the penis through which the urethra runs. This is expected to diminish weight on the urethra and permit ejaculation whilst the toy is being worn.

In the matter of putting on the Cock & Ball Sling it’s imperative to get it right from the start. I can't let you know what number of photographs I've searched on Google to make sure I did. The Cock & Ball Sling has three gaps: a wide calculated gap at the back which is intended to sit flush against the body, a rectangular opening at the front which the penis leaves, and a round gap at the base which the testicles hang through. When you have that sorted you can put it on. It doesn't make a difference truly that you attempt to do this when you're erect or limp as here is the place the stretchy material makes anything possible. The material truly does stretch fantastically;
To begin off basically pop your penis through the back opening and out of the front. With that dealt with you now need to get the balls into spot, keeping in mind I experienced no difficulty doing it the first run through. You have to extend the gap at the base and the gap at the back until you have a bit of material that resembles a strap, and afterward you essentially snare this strap over and under the balls to slide them into spot. This is simpler said than done, and one thing you need to make certain of is that you get enough scrotal skin through the base gap to permit the testicles to go through completely, generally when you let go of the material you may discover your testicles getting stuck in the opening and crushed. It's one of those times when it would be valuable to have an additional hand, so if you have a lover get them to help slip it on.

Wearing the Cock & Ball Sling is agreeable and a truly pleasurable ordeal. The material fits cozily around the penis and testicles and doesn't feel too tight by any means. It's similar to a consistent delicate and reaffirming touch around the entire zone. After you've put it on at first it can take a little conformity of free skin to get the fit exactly how you need it. The less pubic hair the better, as it can get found when you're attempting to slide a finger under one of the rings to extend it while you move things around. The intriguing thing about the Cock & Ball Sling is that when you first put it on it tends to draw the foreskin back and afterward hold the skin set up around the base of the pole, keeping the pole skin from being exceptionally portable or ready to slide back over the head once more.
Since the Cock & Ball Sling is basically a cock ring it works in the same way and serves to keep blood in the penis and make a more grounded erection, and in addition delicately pushing on the perineum. The different gap for the testicles holds them somewhat far from the body, as opposed to permitting them to wind up firmly tucked up under the penis as they ordinarily do before climax. This has the impact of making you somewhat more mindful of the balls, and the scrotum just about appears to be touchier to a light touch.
The Cock & Ball Sling is incredible for all types of sex, and during masturbation, however one thing to note is that because of the outline of it does cover the base inch of the pole you will loose that insertable length. Like any cock ring it’s fitting not to wear for more than 30mins at once so as to restore typical blood stream to the privates; The Cock & Ball Sling is anything but difficult to take off, however be mindful so as not to get any hairs caught.

Do not use silicone or oil based lubricants with it as it will perish the material. I really like the Cock & Ball Sling and would prescribe it to anybody. It's an awesome creation which truly feels incredible to wear.

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