Ouch Inflatable Silicone Twist

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The Inflatable Silicone Twist will give you the sexual pleasure that you have always dreamed of! Thanks to the soft silicone and ergonomic shape, it is easy to insert. By squeezing the inflatable ball, you will experience intense pleasure which will push you beyond your limits. With the push of a button, you can immediately decrease the pressure.


Color: Black

Dimensions: 5,90 x 13 x 24,50 cm

Function: Inflates , Butt plug

Texture: Smooth 

Gender Play: Unisex



Shots is one of the leading companies in the adult industry, with a huge inventory. Their warehouse is situated in Beneden Leeuwen, the Netherlands (Europe). Shots is delighted to share their future success stories with you. The in-house development department designs 3D concept toys and packaging that is unique and pretty. Through dialogue with their customers they have a clear understanding of how to satisfy the consumer.


Products Shots manufacture and design include Vive, Sono, Bottom Line, Le Désir, Touché, Shots Toys, S-line, Ouch!, Cuore Romantico, Funny Condoms, DeNamour, Goodfellas, RealRock, LoveLine, Shots Lubes & Liquids, Pharmquests, Boom and Bad Romance.




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Ouch Inflatable Silicone Twist Date Added: Friday 01 January, 2016

by Pauline, Oh Zone Penrith

Today I am reviewing the Inflatable Silicone Dong by OUCH.What do you think of when you think about inflatable dongs. The first time I seen one, my first thought was WHY, why would these exist, I so did not get it. But with a little help some time ago and some research I soon found out that these guys have more than one use, so to speak. Aside from the sexual pleasure that you get from the dong itself, it has been designed for easy insertion. Its made from silicone so it is safe to use, it is relatively small which makes it easier to insert and because its inflatable you can take as long as you like to blow it up to its maximum size, just ease your way into it. When I was first learning about anal sex I was told that preparation is the key to enjoying the experience, especially if you are new to it. If you prepare correctly by starting off small plug and stretching until you are ready to take a penis you will enjoy it much more and will not experience any pain or discomfort. One of the things I like and I think is a good selling point with the inflatable dongs is once you have moved up from your small plug, you can actually blow it up and stretch yourself and when you feel pain, just let it out again. If you repeat this process and of course moving the dong in and out, by the time you are ready to partake in anal sex, with a penetrating penis, you will be stretched enough to enjoy it and more importantly relaxed enough to know it will not hurt. Personally I think the inflatable dong is a great idea for an introduction into anal. I get asked quite a lot about anal from people wanting to take that next step and this is one of the toys I always recommend after the initial small plug.

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