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Extremely easy to use, the pink metal Legcuffs from Ouch!! are slick and durable cuffs for that daring beginner who wants a comfortable fit and an easy way to get out without the comfort of extra padding or fur against their skin. They're great to pair with the Ouch! Beginner Wrist Cuffs in the same fun pink metal or used just by themselves to severely limit your captives movement with an extremely durable short metal chain that will stand up to its wearer pulling at it..


With these placed around each ankle they will be able to move, but just a bit, making these cuffs fit for restraint play or even if you are role playing a prisoner scenario. An easy and comfortable fit is obtained with a slide mechanism so all you have to do is open up these cuffs but them around the ankles and slide them shut.


Two keys are included but if you forget where you've got them in your moment of passion or simply want an easy way out there's a quick release mechanism. These versatile Ouch! Beginner Legcuffs allow for lots of creativity; tether them to a bedpost or hog-tie them up to some matching wrist cuffs

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