Omnia Rabbit

Rabbit Vibrator

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Omnia Rabbit Vibrator

Passage du Désir, the first brand dedicated to the sustainable development of the couple.

Full of French passion with three powerful motors and an exquisite 30 degree rocking movement in the body Omnia can move and sway to create pleasure like never before. Passage du Désir has 7 different vibration patterns for both inside and out, as well as three different massage speeds, the possibilities of pleasure are endless.


  • High-tech vibrator, 3.7V lithium battery,
  • USB rechargeable
  • Stimulation points: vagina, clitoris, G-spot
  • 3 motors
  • 2*7 programs of vibrations
  • 3 massage speeds
  • 3 wave speeds
  • Battery life: 2 hours of use (1 hour of charge)
  • USB cable included


How to use Omnia:


  • Plug the cable in Omnia and charge it on your computer with the USB port, when charging the power light is will be on.
  • After about 3 hours when the power light turns off the charge is complete. We understand your impatience but keep in mind that to enhance the duration of any lithium battery powered device, you need to do a full charge cycle before using it. Never use Omnia whilst it is charging.
  • ON / OFF
    1. Press 3 seconds on the B button to switch Omnia on.
    2. Press 3 seconds on the B button to switch Omnia off.
  • Press the A button to choose the mode of vibration for the clitoris.
  • Press the B button to change the mode of vibration for the vagina. The massage feature is automatically switched on.

    Care instructions
    • Clean with water and soap or with an antibacterial toy cleanser
    • Omnia is splashproof, still avoid the swimming pool!
    • If you can stand to go 90 days or more without using your Omnia, do a full charge cycle before using your toy again.


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    Omnia Rabbit Date Added: Friday 08 July, 2016

    by Emily, Woden

    This luscious vibrator has 3 stimulation points vagina, g spot and clitoris with 3 motors so that each area gets catered to fairly. It reminds me so much of the amazing vibrator we all know and love the Lelo Ina wave because of the shape they look very similar just different handles and both made out of silicone so they have a lovely smooth feel. Now my favourite thing about Omnia is definitely the fact that it has 7 different vibration patterns in both the clitoral and g spot sides of the vibe and you can have them both doing different or the same vibrations which means there are so many patterns you could choose from. Now the bonus feature with this toy is that the g spot side moves up and down like the come here motion you would make with your finger so I can only imagine that would help the toy really hit all the right spots if you know what I mean! And even that feature has 3 speeds to choose from!

    Omnia has a 2 hour battery life after only charging via USB cord for 1 hour, that's one episode of orange is the new black then you and Omnia are ready to go! The only downside that I see with this vibe is that it's only splash proof not 100% waterproof so no bath/shower fun with this one.. Sad days. But don't let that stop you from trying it, Omnia is still super powerful and if I had to choose between it being waterproof or it having that super awesome moving feature, I'd choose the moving feature every single time.

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