Nipple Clover Clamp With Snap Hook

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Snap Hook Clover Clamp


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Also known as Japanese Clover Clamps or Butterfly Clamps these are one of the most intense of the nipple / BDSM clamps out there! These nasty little devils were originally used in Japanese/Asian fabric making and dying to pull the corners taut and stretch them with strings to allow the fabric to air dry after the dying process.  Obviously, they have to be strong and retain their grip, which makes them so deviously delightful for nipple, CBT, ball, penis or labia tormenting play!


They have a unique design with articulating joints that allow it to open when squeezed at the center finger guide area and then closes automatically when released. Because of this, we recommend slowly releasing the opening prior to closure. Testing them on the arm or fingers is a good idea, especially for the first time user!


These are definitely made for the those who desire strong pinching! They are so devious, that they can actually get tighter as they are pulled on or weights attached!


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