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Combining the unusual design of the Nexus Titus with the sensuous vibrations of our innovative stainless steel bullet, the Nexus Vibro is a world-renowned favourite. Boasting a curved, ribbed shaft and pebble-shaped head, this toy fits perfectly to the body’s inner contours and exerts delicious pressure in all the right places. With five individual vibration settings the sleek, luxurious Vibro is expertly primed to send you into a whole new dimension of pleasure.

 Made from phthalate-free polypropylene and stainless steel, is waterproof and includes a 1.5 volt LR1 battery. You can also choose from 6 vibration modes: low, high, slow pulse, fast pulse and escalating.

Shaft length: 10cm (3.94 ins)
Shaft circumference: 8.7cm (3.43ins)


Nexus was founded in 2005 upon the realization that the sex toy market as it was lacked quality products for men. We felt that where women had a vast array of products at their disposal, men were rather limited for choice, particularly when it came to the higher end of the market.  This was to change when Nexus launched the award winning Excel. Carefully engineered to fit the inner contours of the male body, the distinctive shape coupled with the patented stainless steel roller ball perineum massager proved to be a winning formula which set the foundation for the rest of the range.

The launch of the high-end Nexus Vibro in 2007 proved to be a turning point in both the history of Nexus and the novelty toy market as a whole. Packaged in a sleek, contemporary box and complemented by our innovative stainless steel bullet, the Vibro remains at the top of our bestseller lists and was the first product to prove at long last that there is a demand amongst men for luxury prostate products.

Nexus sex toys continues to build upon the success of the Vibro and now boasts a full range of vibrating and non-vibrating medical grade silicone and stainless steel toys, as well as an electro sex range which all adhere to the same fundamental concept behind Nexus: beautifully designed adult toys in quality materials with optimum functionality.


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Nexus VIBRO Date Added: Friday 08 April, 2016

by Lee, Bundaberg

This luxurious adult product is a vibrating prostate GSpot massager with which men can revitalise their sexual pleasure in their masturbation, foreplay or intercourse. What I really like about the Nexus Vibro is the quality of the materials, the arousing textures and the shaft's curves designed to reach the most sensitive areas of the male's backdoor.

The Nexus Vibro consists of a hollow base and shaft in which the vibrating bullet slides in. The shaft is hard, portentously ribbed and notably curved to deliver the vibration right at the bottom of the prostate. The bullet is made of stainless steel and features five vibration settings. The combination of intense vibrations and the textures reactive anal, rectal and gland nerves resulting in proper stimulation.

Men can adjust stimulation intensity to their needs and expectations thanks to the multi-functional and multi-speed technology. As we have seen previously, prostate massaging is not only pleasant, but also healthy. By fostering the blood flow in the area, sacs of bacteria and other types of waste are removed, which helps prevent prostatic inflammation and related diseases.

The toy is completely waterproof, which multiplies the possibilities of sex play in the bath, the shower, the spa, the beach, the lake, the river... It can also be used with any type of lubricant, easily washable after use.

I must say that the packaging claims to have a 'microchip technology' that I can't figure out what it is. I searched on the Internet, but nothing cleared up my doubts. According to the brand, it "possesses five powerful vibration settings controlled by custom made microchip that 'tunes in' to the male G-Spot" As far as I can tell, the only thing special about the bullet is that it is made of stainless steel. I haven't seen anything that would bring me to say that it has microchip superpowers. If you know more about it, I would appreciate some enlightenment.

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