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When designing adult toys not many people think of the ergonomics of that toy, how iot flows against the body, how it flows with the body in the sense of providing the most sensual intimate pleasures that it can. This is a toy that challenges that idea and can provide sensual intimacy.

The concept inspired by Venus, the goddess of love. Made in vibrant colors such as pink,purple, and metallic red, selected to create a stylish, yet warm soft tone to this mastercrafted ergo designed rechargeable massager. The M1 Adoré is finished with a layer of silky velvet matt coating that is warm to the touch and to the user’s intimate parts forultimate comfort and feel.

Key Design Principles

The design of M1 Adoré is to portray a women‘s body contour, the interface dial isergonomically designed to fit in the palms of your hand and the LED interface is designto aid users in the dark. The ABS material gives a warm smooth texture to the users.





MyExtase is for simple pleasures. Premium vibrators that have been ergonomically designed to contour exactly to your body. Experience sensual pleasures with quality toys from MyExtase. Featuring a range of products with their own specific pleasure points in mind, you’ll find it hard to stay with just one!


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My Extase Adore Massager Date Added: Wednesday 18 November, 2015

by Amy, Caringbah

Today I am reviewing the Adore by Extase using the wevibe tango as a comparison as it is a cult favorite.

Its a small rechargeable vibe only a touch bigger than the super popular we vibe tango. At Adult Lifestyle Centre Caringbah it retails for 109.99 same price as the tango but online here it is just $80.

I love the satin matte pink ABS plastic exterior which means its non-porous and body safe.
It features a semi curved body and it wider at the bottom coming to smaller tip. I think due to the semi curved body it will fit snugly over some women's pubic bones. the wider bottom makes for an easier grip over a straight bullet. It has two button on the wider part of the body which do seem redundant as you hold either down to turn on/off and the speeds and pulses are on rotation. the second button does serve a purpose as the adore features a travel lock. buttons are easy to press when on the body with long nails I find the wevibe tango often difficult to turn on especially situated between its charging nodules. rechargeable is a big plus on any toy. The box includes the USB cord and wall mount which is great if you want to charge it on the way home from the store!its a decent vibe the tapered body to tip does help to pronounce its vibrations its a buzzy vibe as opposed to tangos rumbly vibes. The body doesn't vibrate all over unlike the tango meaning easier to grip and less hand cramps! This product can be used during coupled play or solo! women - can be used for stimulation of the clitoris and nipples men - the frenulum and perineum couples - extra stimulation during sex

of course the above are just general suggestions the size and nature of this toy means it can have many uses and the ability to float many a boat. The packaging is amazing! it appears minimal with a small blurb on the outside, contents of box, some branding and a picture of the product all done in a petite box perfect for gift wrapping in the festive season! take the upper lid off to reveal the toy either in matte pink purple or metallic red. on the side you will find a draw with the information booklet and charging items and a beautiful velvet pouch that is dove grey! not going the lie the bag interests me more that the product.. its a really sweet bag. This is literally the perfect first timers gift it gives off an air of luxury with all its minimal packaging and velvet bag

love it because:

its matte
7 functions
aesthetically pleasing
reasonably quiet
2 hours charging = 6 days of play!

neither here nor there because we can get another that is water proof and has a warranty. thats just my honest opinion but the tango often too strong for some people

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