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Introducing a luxurious twist on the ever-popular iVibe Rabbit only from Doc Johnson sex toys Australia. The Premium Silicone iVibe Rhythm Rabbit is a Rabbit with a lot of rhythm to its hop! The latest addition to the ever-popular family featuring rolling movements in place of rotating pearls for a rolling rhythm throughout the shaft that intensifies as you speed it up. The Mini iVibe Rhythm Rabbit features a silicone sleeve and 2 unique pleasure functions including multi-speed rolling disc rotation and multi-speed clitoral stimulation. You'll get high quality design, user friendly controls, and many options for customizing your experience to make this sex toy the perfect playmate. Waterproof, non-phthalate.




How can the many thousands of people that have purchased the classic IVibe after its amazing testimonial on the hit series sex and the city.  It can easily replace a man but is even more fun when playing with an intimate partner.  The new improved rhythm features rolling and rotating pearls to ensure you maximize your intimate pleasures.


Everyone loves to be spoilt! And being spoil by choice with one of the pioneering sex toys manufacturer is a really good thing. Doc Johnson Sex Toys have been making adult toys in the United States of America since 1976. With all the regulations and restrictions that the US imposes you are guaranteed a quality product that will be safe to use and be made safely. There are only a handful of companies that manufacture adult products in the USA and Doc is one of them so no cheap Charlie Asian products that break after one or two uses in this catalogue.


Believe it or not Doc Johnson has produced millions of pleasure products over the last 40 years all across the globe. Many of them becoming classic best-selling trademarked brands and items, brands include American Bombshell, American Pop, Canadian Essentials, iVibe Select, GLO, Kink, Lucid Dream, Mood, OptiMale, Oral Love, Platinum Premium, The D, TitanMen, Realistic Cock, Wonderland and Vac-U-Lock.

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Mini iVibe Rabbit Original Date Added: Thursday 14 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Last week
last week I reviewed the Ivibe Rabbit by Doc Johnson and I have not liked, today I am reviewing Mini version of that Rabbit. I don't know which one have been manufactured first but except for little differences, the Mini is almost the same as bigger one. As if IVibe Rabbit have been washed at 90 degree celcius in washing machine and shrunk then showed up as the Mini.

When it comes to the differences and similarities; the Mini is again battery operated but, this time, uses 4 AAA batteries. No change in battery performance, it is still a battery eater. It is really easy to grip and lighter compared to the other one. The material and design are basically the same, however I felt like this one is more powerful than the other just because of the dimensions of it, I believe, (4.5 inches in total length and having 1.5 inches of shaft) although it is operated with the same motor. It has 4 speeds for clitoral stimulation, 4 speeds for pleasure beads and 3 different functions. It is written on the box that it is waterproof but I doubt it due to its battery compartment so please think twice before taking the toy under water.

I admit that I like this version of the vibe more but there is one drawback of the toy which is the non-rotating tip. That was the feature that I liked most in the other vibe but ladies are deprived of having the fun provided by the rotational force for this time. All in all, if you are into IVibe Rabbit go for the Mini one.

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