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A 100% waterproof, whisper quiet, powerful vibrator with incremental speed control. Made from uUnscented, non-porous, hypoallergenic virtually seamless, Satin Finish™ Silicone. A discreet and compact personal massager that has a Lithium Ion battery rechargable via USB, complete charge in 2.5 hours. Security travel lock function and easy-to-clean. Auto on/off button with LED indicator light. Comes with One Year Warranty.



Jopen is an award winning, high end, adult lifestyle company who create their products with a large range of materials including premium silicone. They are well known for their affordably priced, curvaceous, ergonomically designed vibrators which deliver powerful vibrations. Jopen sex toys are available to be shipped worldwide.


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Lust by Jopen L2.5 Date Added: Saturday 06 February, 2016

by Brad, Bonnydoon

Now we are talking about a sick little vibe that is the ultimate toy to take with you to any possible location you can think of. With the introduction of the portable chargers for any device with a USB, you could take this baby to Antarctica and not have to worry about it running out of battery, or if you're a military woman? Why not keep it in you're rucksack so you can have some cheeky time before 0500 hours comes around. Like i mention before this amazing little toy comes with an easy to use USB for travel. Due to the amazing medical grade silicone, this toy is completely waterproof meaning you can take it in the bath and the shower with you! So not only is it a travel essential but also a bathing essential, for when you want to have a clean orgasm.
Now what else makes the Lust L 2.5 so good for it's size? well the fact that the motor is strong or the control system is very different to most toys! The control system on this vibe is similar to the Swan range. You have to hold the button down until you reach you're desired level, this allows you to easily switch off the toy just by taping it. Then hold it down if you want to move from one level to a higher level without shutting it off.

Now due to it's immense power the L 2.5 Jopen lasts half an hour on high and 3 hours on low. Realistically unless you have a really desensitized clitoris, you wont be needing it on high for 30 minutes to get you off, that's how good it is. Also talking about the shape now, the shape is fantastic for pin point stimulation for not only the clitoris but other parts of the body also.

This toy is actually a must have in everybody's toy collection, for it's strength, it's shape, it's size, the fact that is rechargeable and one of the best valued toys for its price,

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