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The Loveline Lowri is a must-have on your bedside table! Sweet seduction has never been so powerful, or so simple!

This handy, easy-to-carry vibrator is adjustable by means of the conveniently situated rotary knob. The vibrations are very powerful and whisper quiet at the same time, showerproof for some real fun in the bathroom and because of the multi-speed you will never get enough!

The size of this toy makes it the perfect toy as a buddy on the road, it will fit in every purse. The vibrator only needs 2 AAA batteries to give you the ultimate pleasure, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Because of its luxury design it is a must have for everyone and every store all over the world!

- Rotations per minute: 11500
- Speed modes: multi speed
- Noise level: 45Db
- Sizes:35 mm -150 mm
- Batteries: Includes - 2x AAA
- Material: TPE, ABS
- Showerproof: Yes
- Phthalate free: Yes

Dimensions: 7.09" x 1.65" x 2.36"



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Loveline Lowri Date Added: Thursday 28 January, 2016

by Anonymous

I used to dislike the loveline series. Until i opened it up and turned it on one day, and a customer came in and i said here, try this. And she loved it. I like the simplicity of the design, and the cool little pastel colours, my relationship with this product is very much like that song on the radio which you can't stand but over time you find yourself bopping along to it one day and singing slightly off key and you're like shit, i like it. The fact is, this little thing packs a punch for the two double a batteries that it holds and the effect is double since the motor is at the tip of this toy. There's a lot of toys out there that seem powerful (and they are) but then they put the motor at the base where you hold it and whilst it feels buzzy in your hands (which absorb a lot of the vibration), its not so buzzy at the tip. The material is a TPE rubber which is not as absorbant as rubber, and is mildly resistant to bacteria. It's not as good as silicone, but it is still a fairly body safe material to use. The only drawback to the finish of this material on the loveline Lowri is that it seems to be a bit grabby. When you run your fingers along the shaft it just feels grabby and i understand that this is annoying to some people. Simply an excuse to add some good quality lubricant to the sale! It's a simple multi speed volume control function vibrator. Turn it up - turn it down. It's pretty straight forward. What i like most about this toy is that it's small, cute and flexible! The head is incredibly flexible and therefore makes it super easy for first timers, or people that are a little unsure about a vibrator or intimidated about vibrators. It's cute and pastel! Further, because of the boxing it looks like an expensive present, making it a great viable option for people looking for cheap gifts. I picked the Lowri for it's sensual bumps on the head which would feel great with any kind of thrusting or twisting motion. As mentioned, don't forget lubricant as the material on this seems grabby.

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