LiberatorBound Heavy Duty Collar with Ankle & Wrist Cuffs

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Toybox Trio, Ultimate Bondage Kit, Hard Core Fetish


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The heavy duty ankle and wrist cuffs are ideal for those that like to try and escape, or simply won't stay still for too long, you can easily become the liberator bound - depending on how the scene runs. These cuffs are a complete set and versatile enough that you can run whatever leads you want through them, making an almost endless list of combinations that you can tease your partner with.


BDStyle bondage is the affordable fetish company. When you’re looking for quality fetish pieces for your BDSM play sessions, then don’t look any further than BDStyle. They create an extraordinary range of quality leather and steel kink accessories. Whether it’s something as simple as restraints, or a blindfold, or whether you’re looking for something more specialized such as a female chastity belt, a male chastity cage, or urethral and medical fetish toys then BDStyle has you covered. Experience new ways of pleasure with BDStyle today

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