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A massage can either be very relaxing or very stimulating. What the end result is depends entirely on the one being massaged and the masseuse. One of the tools used for creating the atmosphere during a massage is the massage oils. The scent in the air, the application of oil in a deep tissue massage all lend themselves to creating a sexually charged atmosphere.

How could it possibly get any better? How about a candle that offers all the benefits of massage oils along with the warmth of freshly melted oils being applied? With these massage candles from LELO Company, you can have the best of both world in the flickering candlelight with your love’s warmed soothing hands working out the stress of your day and gearing you up for some very stress relieving sex later that night.


Black Pepper & Pomegranate
Fresh, fruity and a little bit racy; turn up the heat with the green scent of pomegranate underscored by an aromatic base note of black pepper.


Snow Pear & Cedarwood
Light and crisp as a breeze off the surf; set yourself adrift on the playful waves of cedarwood accented with an enticing top note of snow pear.


Vanilla & Crème de Cacao
Rich, creamy, and silky smooth; indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable top note of vanilla that gives way to the intoxicating aroma of crème de cacao.


Lelo is one of the world’s most renowned luxury toy companies. Based in Stockholm, Sweden they are well known across the globe for their dedication to pleasure, quality and durability. Lelo sex toys and associated products are not just objects of pleasure –they are works of art. Creating a range of Women’s Vibrators, Men’s Adult toys, and accessories which include lubricant, sensual bondage toys, and massage oils – Lelo is the company for luxurious pleasure

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